Abhigya’s destiny episode 55


Guyz finally now i can upload my ff , i went through all ff’s .And WOW they have a great story and completely different, i m amazed, and thanks to all of those who commented over my last episode….. well without wasting time lets get back to story!
Re view :2 weeks have Passed, abhi and pragya came more closer, they can’t live without their nok jhok, bulbul still isn’t talking to purab, aliya now used to live with kids, she had great bonding with avni, pragya used to notice it…..

full room is messed up , pragya says i don’t know when he (abhi) would learn to keep things on right place, abhi hugs pragya from behind, pragya says uff leave me i have so much work to do, abhi says i won’t , pragya says please with a sweet voice, abhi says fine, abhi leaves pragya, , pragya starts to clean up the room, abhi thinks how to ask her! pragya says why are u standing here, is there any problem, abhi says no, no problem, pragya goes to wardrobe to keep something and comes back,and again starts to clean the room, abhi says fuggy, pragya says yes,(still busy in work), abhi says i want a permission from you, pragya says permission? abhi says actually pragya, today it is birthday party of my friend so can i go, pragya laughs harder and says u need permission for this? abhi says actually in the party there would be american type girls, like u understand na, pragya says hmm, she wraps her arms around abhi’s shoulder and says I have full trust over my husband, he loves me, if anybody would look at my husband, then they would not be able to look at any other man, abhi laughs and says u know fuggy my friends were very afraid of their wives , as they said our wife won’t allow for this party, i said them my fuggy would allow me, they all laughed, and said lets see! and see fuggy u permitted me, pragya comes closer to him and says becoz i trust u mr ab… she stops saying abhi’s name, abhi says no fuggy u can’t do this, call me by my name, pragya says better luck next time and laughs, she leaves room, abhi says God plz Give fuggy a long lasting and happy life!

scene shifts to purab and bulbul: purab says bulbul, bulbul says yes! purab says it is a party tonight so can i ….. bulbul says as u wish and leaves the room……purab can’t bear bulbul’s ignorance anymore…….

scene shifts to Kids: All kids are sad, avni is smiling, aliya is feeling much sad , she has tears in her eyes but she can’t show it to anyone, so she said com’on kids be happy avni is going to her real mother father, don’t be sad, she will be leaving today, so will u see off her like this, no , com’on be happy,kids are still sad, avni comes to aliya and says aunty, no no dii, no aliya…. no what should i call u , u know whenever i call u aunty, di ,or aliya , it doesn’t suits , i don’t know why, everyone here calls u dii, but u know , i wish to call u maa, aliya is surprised, she can’t stop her tears and hugged avni,avni says but my mother and father are coming today na , i will miss u all, aliya consoles herself and kissed avni, surbhi comes and says avni ur mother father had came, avni hugs all the kids and says don’t be said varun bhaiya, roy bhaiya, i will come and meet u everyday, avni comes to aliya and wipes her tears, avni says still i m confused what to call u , but u will always be my favorite, aliya similes, avni leaves, aliya is much sad and thinks why am i feeling so much sad , its like she is my daughter, aliya no aliya she isn’t , aliya leaves from room, all kids notice it and roy says i think aliya dii is much sad!

Aliya is back home, pragya says aliya u here , what about avni? Aliya gets sad and says pragya her real mother father came and she left, pragya says oh but did u checked details if they are real? aliya says pragya plz ask it from surbhi, i m leaving to my room as i m tired, aliya leaves to room, pragya says so my doubt was right, aliya is mother of avni, but let DNA tests be proved, i will tell everyone then! Time passed, aliya was in her room, she imagined avni every where, she said plz avni go from here plz, she closes her eyes and then opens she find no one, aliya cries bitterly and says avni i miss u , i miss u , aliya remembers how she used to sing lullaby for avni, how she and avni used to do experiment over make up, how she and avni used to wear same clothes , how one time avni got injured and aliya got panicked, and scolded her, aliya sat on floor and cried bitterly, then some one keeps hand over aliya’s shoulder , aliya turned she was avni, but soon disappeared as it was aliya’s imagination, aliya got up and sat on bed, there was pillow on her side, she imagined it as avni, she took pillow into her arms and says so avni u are here, avni says how can i leave u , (guyz this is just an imagination , aliya is actually thinking pillow to be avni) aliya hugs pillow thinking that she is hugging avni, aliya kisses pillow, avni (imagination) asks can u sing a lullaby for me ? Aliya says why not….. Aliya starts to sing ….

Chandaniya chup jaana re
oh stars hide away

Chan bhar ko luk jaana re
stop for a while

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
Let the sleep come

Bitiya meri so jaaye
and my daughter be asleep

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
Let the sleep come

Bitiya meri so jaaye
and my daughter be asleep

she takes the pillow imagining avni, and keeps it over her lap and caress her hairs…….

Leke godh mein sulaaun
I will make here sleep in my lap

Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
and sing lullaby for her entire night

Main lori lori
I will sing lullaby

ho main lori lori
I will sing lullaby

Lori lori lori

Palkan mein sapna saje
Let the eyes dream

Dheeme dheeme haule haule
quietly and slowly

Pawan basanti doley – 2
Let the spring breeze flow gently – 2

Leke godh mein sulaaun
I will make here sleep in my lap

Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
and sing lullaby for her entire night

Main lori lori
I will sing lullaby
Aliya takes pillow again thinking of avni and stands up, she now moves pillow in to and fro motion just as a mother does to make her baby sleep. aliya continues
Meri muniya rani bane
I sweet girl become a queen

Mehlon ka raja miley
Let her meet a palace king

Dekhe khushiyon mele
Let her see the fair of happiness

Dard kabhi na jhele – 2
and be away from pain and grief – 2

Leke godh mein sulaaun
I will make here sleep in my lap

Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
and sing lullaby for her entire night

Main lori lori
I will sing lullaby.

Lullaby ends she hugs pillow , and after sometime she comes back to her sense and sees that she was hugging pillow, aliya says why am i missing u so much avni, even u are not my daughter then why, aliya cries bitterly and after sometime she slept hugging pillow, pragya sees it and says hope tomorrow DNA tests would prove everything, pragya leaves……

its late night, abhi and purab are still not back, so pragya and bulbul are waiting for them, all family members had already slept, bulbul and pragya re sitting on couch, pragya says its so late , its 12:00 they must come back, bulbul says yea, abhi comes who remembered us(kisi ne humein yaad kiya) , purab comes and says i thing our lovely wives, pragya and bulbul were shocked bcoz they both were drunk and 2 girls were holding them, like supporting them, bulbul and pragya got angry, pragya says what the hell, u are drunk, bulbul says purab who is this girl, purab looks by his side ,where girl wan’t standing and says bulbul which girl, bulbul says oh God see on right side, purab sees and says o this girl, abhi says bulbul , don’t ask about these girls, these girls are very bad, girl says excuse me, pragya says who is she? abhi says pragya u know these girls were asking us can we stay a night with them, purab says and we said them ok, bulbul gets angry, pragya says what! abhi says fuggy , these girls were asking us so we said one condition if our wives will be with us, pragya holds her head and says u both are fully drunk, purab says but these girls weren’t agreeing so we took them to u, abhi says now we will give them punishment, purab says right , they were to share hi–five but they missed it as they were drunk, abhi says purab bring rope, pragya say what are u doing? abhi says shhhhh don’t talk, Girls say sorry leave us, abhi says aisay kaisay leave us, stay here for two mins, girls start to run and they went out of mm, purab brings rope, abhi says u are of no work those girls ran away, purab says oooooooo! abhi says close ur mouth or else mosquito will enter! purab says very bad joke, bulbul says purab why are u drunk, purab says why am i drunk, why? abhi do u know why am i drunk, abhi says mmmmm bcoz i m drunk, they both laugh and were to share hi five but they missed it as they were drunk, bulbul says i will never talk to u and turns, purab gets sad, abhi whispers to him something, purab says nice idea, pragya says what are u going to do now> abhi says we are going to make bulbul jealous,the music of gehrua song plays, bulbul turns to see, and what she sees is abhi and purab standing like a couple, purab acts as a boy, abhi as a girl, pragya says shit!

Purab sings :/
dhoop se nikal ke
chhanv se phisal ke
hum mile jahaan par
lamha tham gaya

coming out like the sunshine,
or slipping like the shadow,
wherever we met,
the moment stopped there..
Abhi and purab were dancing so abhi sang in girly voice
aasmaan pighal ke sheeshe mein
dhal ke jam gaya to tera chehra ban gaya
when the sky melted got moulded into glass
, and solidified, it became your face.. –

they were about to kiss eachother, pragya turned off music, and they stopped, they said cheeeee! purab says definitely bulbul would have got jealous, bulbul says di i m going to my room, purab holds bulbul by arm , and says 2 weeks and u are not talking to me , i m feeling like a lifeless body, my heart is not beating, abhi keeps his arm over purab’s shoulder and says if ur heart is not beating then how are u alive, ha na fuggy, pragya says O God! pragya takes abhi aside, purab says sorry na bulbul, i can’t live without u , plzz sorry, plzz, i love u, i won’t do it again, Abhi becomes emotional and claps, pragya says O God ! he became emotional! abhi says wow what a love, wow my brother, wow, u love her so much, ur love story is great than of romeo juliet,( Oh guyz i remember a ff of this name wow na lol sorry to disturb u 😛 its just bcoz i m loving that ff 😛 hhaha lets get back ……to story ……… purab cries like a child and sits on floor, he says no no no! she is not forgiving me, purab cries harder, bulbul sits on floor and places hand over purab’s mouth and says okay baba i forgave u, purab says really. bulbul says yes, purab hugs bulbul, pragya says bulbul take purab to room, rabul leftt, pragya was angry over abhi, abhi holds her and says pragya i m hungry, pragya says wow from past 1 hour u are eating my brain and u are saying u are hungry, abhi kisses pragya on cheek and says now fine, pragya smiles and says i don’t know when will u change? abhi says never, coz my fuugy loves me in this way………. pragya took abhi to room!

its next day! Abhi has headache , pragya brings him a lime water, abhi says don’t tell me i was drunk yesterday! pragya says yes u were even u came at home with a girl, abhi says pragya believe me i don’t know how it happened pragya believe me, pragya kisses him on cheek , she blushes and leaves from room! abhi similes, and says she is best! she never misunderstands me, I love her for this………/

Scene shifts to Rabul’s room: purab gets up and has headache, he says what is this, its paining so much, bulbul brings him a lime water, purab holds bulbul and says bul… Bulbul says purab i m sorry , i was so rude to u na! purab says so u forgave me , bulbul says yes something like that, Purab hugs bulbul tightly……..

Pragya gathers everyone in hall, dadi says yes pragya? Aliya comes and says pragya u called me? Pragya says aliya whom are u missing today, Aliya says pragya what type of question is it? pragya says no tell me na, aliya says i m missing avni! Pragya are u missing ur daughter? aliya says pragya , my daughter i even don’t know how she looks, where is she, with whom she is? Pragya says if i say she is at ur back , Aliya says nice joke pragya, A sound comes Maaa, Aliya turns and she is non other then avni, aliya says avni, avni rushes to aliya and says i missed u maa! Aliya says i m not ur mom, ur mom and dad came yesterday na! avni says no maa, they weren’t my real parents, pragya dii took me here hai na pragya di, Abhi says someone plz make me understand what’s happening here? pragya says from last 2 weeks i noticed a special bonding between avni and aliya , so i thought may be avni is alia’s daughter bcoz, nikhil said na Aliya won’t even realize about her daughter even when she is near to aliya, so i took DNA test, and here is Result, pragya handover papers to abhi, the DNA test was positive, Aliya was overwhelmed, abhi hugs aliya, and says so this cute lil avni is actually naina, Aliya hugs pragya and says Thank uu pragya, i don’t know how ur heart is too big, Thankssss u found me a lost treasure of mine, aliya hugs avni, and avni hugs pragya…….. Screen freezed…

Pre recap: Pragya feels dizzy, kunal holds her, ……….. Kunal says Yes i have a plan……. THE END OF ABHI AND PRAGYA’S LOVE STORY, and laughs evilly…..

Guyz i don’t know how was episode, i tried to make it longer!
—Shriti thanks for comenting over my last episode , and sorry i can’t give u continuous updates, its just bcoz i was busy, Sorry!
—-Shree :thanks for comenting over my last episode….. I will surely try to give back to back epi’s
— Sindhu: thanks for comenting over my last episode…… From today on wards, i will give u continuous updates 😉
—–Sugan: thanks for comenting over my last episode… i m glad u liked abhigya’s nokjhok
—–Vaishali : thanks for comenting over my last episode….haha yea , u predicted right avni was aliya’s daughter, Thanksssss
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—-Durga: thanks for comenting over my last episode, u never miss to comment on my any of episode, thank you so so so much.for that!
—–Sakshi:thanks for comenting over my last episode….. No rabul’s love isn’t fake, its just a side story line, my main story line is for abhigya 😉 i won’t try to show rabul’s ;ove fake.
——Nasima: thanks for comenting over my last episode…… No i m not ending my ff , i just was joking to u all 😛
—-Nivethitha : thanks for comenting over my last episode…. I love ur praghafic comments, Thanks…..
—Hani : thanks for comenting over my last episode……. i m glad u liked it 😉
—Reshma pardeep: thanks for comenting over my last episode…….haha nhi nhi ff end kar ne ky baat ab m nhi karoongy wo knife dekh kr dar gayee 😛 hahaha , thanks…
—–Surbhi :Kya kahoon 😛 thanks for comenting over my last episode……. tera comment dekh kr to koi bhi smile hee kar de just as kutty smiled
——Abhigay: thanks for comenting over my last episode
——Vigan: thanks for comenting over my last episode. Sorry i made u all wait , but from today i will update my ff 😉
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——Syya: thanks for comenting over my last episode…
——Tina: Thankss tina… Thankuu so much
——- 🙂 : thanks for comenting over my last episode
guyz if i didn’t took ur name and u read my last episode that’s probably bcoz u didn’t commented, so if u read it then thanksss….. Thanks to all silent readers out there ……… Byeeee guyz would meet u soon do comment ……

guyz a last thing i wanna tell u all : My Actual name is ANZEELA , Somiya is my nickname , My grandfather calls me as somiya ….. But My actual name is Anzeela 😉 , its nothing like that i just wanted to share with u all this thing , u know i missed u all , so i m doing that much bak bak and chak chak 😛 haha

Credit to: Somiya

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