Abhigya’s coffee with Aastha (Epilogue)

Hi frnds. thnq so much for ur cmnts. guyz this is my last part i dont know when i’ll come back with other ff or os so plzzzzzz cmnt me i want to know how many of u r reading mine. plz cmnt me bcos in my third shot 15 cmnts only. may be u r all r busy try to cmnt in ur busy schedule. negative cmnts tomatoes n eggs also welcomed.

Aas : wow u both got married successfully in mid thunder n strom. Superb…. Story ho gai kya?
Pra : omg (andha kodumaya yean kekura )..Y r u asking this…actually big twist in the story only will come after this.
Aas: what r u saying?
Pra : yes u thought it’s over na? But …….she narrates the balance FLASH BACK

Bul : guys ur marriage is successfully done. N ur lucky charm brings happiness in ur life. U won ur project. U got lots of profit than our expectation.
Abhi : yes…..
Pu : in this happy mood will I book the honey moon ticket?
Abhi : no.. I have 1 job…that is still balance I’ve to settle this.
Pra : what is that?
Come with me after that automatically u come to know that. They both goes to a small city which is near by Mumbai. They reaches a home which has a name plate at entrance as Mehra Mansion.

Abhigya stands near door. Tanu sees them n shouts at them.
Tanu : u both? Y u came ? abhi never mind her.
He waited a min n hoped some1 will come out frm home. But no1 came out.
Abhi : Aliya……aliya…….
Tanu wonders how he know aliya’s name. aliya comes out. Will u take aarti?
Aaliya nods yes. N takes aarti. N puts kalash for graha pravesh. Pragya was shocked to see tanu there.
Abhi : pragya what r u thinking..do graha pravesh…then she dips her foot in serdoor water n makes footprint on floor.
Tanu : aliya what r u doing? These all rituals for bahu..
Aliya : don’t advise me I know what I’m doing.
Abhi : aliya I think she cant understand anything plz introduce me to her…wait wait I’ll introduce myself.
Abhi : hello Mrs. Tanu shree Rishabh mehra…I’m the leading business man Mr. Abhishek mehra, the biggest enemy of Rishabh mehra.
Still pranu is confusion.
Aliya : I think she is in confusion. I’ll clear it. Bhabi this my elder cousin brother abhi. N this is “iss gar ki BADI BAHU” pragya.

Just then janki , damini (tanu’s mom in serial but here she is playing mom in law. She’s mom of rishabh) and rishabh enters the house. (rishabh role is played by rk frm madubala)
Ris: whats happening here? After these many yrs y he came here?
Abhi : hello chote bhai…. U r looking sad…..ohhh ur business in heavy loss na….
Dam : r u came here to insult him?
Abhi points intex fingers n nods stay away.
Abhi : u alwaya says na never u use the things which thrown by me. But u r using a imp thing thrown by me..
Ris : kya bakwas?
Abhi : see this pic….rish n dam both shocked aliya n janki also shocked.
Ris : tanu ….what is this?
Tanu : voh……
Abhi this pic taken when we were in deep love but now we broke up. Now am very tired I cant argue with u all any more. Come darlings. He holds prag’s hand n goes to his room.
In room.
Pra : just leave my hand…..
Abhi : now y r u shouting?
Pra : u….how cheap? What is the necessity to show that pics. Suddenly she hears slapping sound. She runs out.. tanu is slapped by rishabh n his mother.
Pra : see they r torturing her. I loved u bcos u r good…but I was wrong u r selfish..arrogant…etc…
Abhi : I know what I’m doing stay out of this matter. He goes frm there. Pragya cries…..

Aliya : bhabi plz don’t cry. My bhai is really good. But his enmity makes him to do like this.
Jan : haan beta…we accept that what ever he is doing that’s wrong but he is revenging for his past.
Pra : what r u saying?
Again FB interrupted by Aastha

Aas : what revenge? She stares abhi with fear…..
Prag continues the story…..

Jan : abhi’s aunty, abhi’s dad’s sis.
Aliya : jan’s daughter.
Dam : jan n abhi’s dad’s cousin(atha ponnu)
Jan : abhi’s mother is Jyotsana. Very sweet abhi’s dad’s 1st love but she is not our caste so my mom I mean abhi’s dadi opposed them. At the same time my cousin I mean rishabh’s maa loves my bro..i mean abhi’s dad. my bhai n jyotsana bhabi both loved truly so they eloped n get married led their life happily. After 1 n half year they were returned with abhi, 3months baby.
Jan : dadi not ready to accept bhabi n abhi. But they pretended like accepted n planned for damini n prem’s marriage. Suicide drama worked superbly n prem bhaiya married damini.
Pra : what suicide drama? For that how he can marry her?
Jan : actually their duplicate dr. said they cant rescue her so she said her last wish that she want to marry prem bhai. After many force he accepted.
Yrs started to passed then abhi is 6 years old n rishabh is 4 yrs old. Dadi never accepted jyo bhabi finally they decided to through out. They all planned against jyo n put a very cheap blame on her.do u know what is that …she is in relationship with servant. Prem bhaiya not ready to accept this but dadi arouses society ppl n thrown her out of mm.
Say which son can tolerates this. So he hates dam n dadi very much. They both went away frm here. B4 5 yrs bhabi died in accident till then we r unable to find them. We saw accident news in paper n find abhi. We asked them to come with us. But he is not ready to come frm that house where he lived with his mom. Frm starting me n bhabi very close that’s y he talking only with me n aliya. He never came to dadi’s death too.

Pra : he never told abt this to me. Its ok no prob I’ll reunite this family.
Aliya :That is not so easy.This damini aunty did domestic violence on jyo aunty. frm childhood abhi saw that . that is printed in his heart so he cant accept them easily.
Pra : with out hard work we cant get anything. Hardwork is my strength. She smiles…but I’ve doubt..y he is hating rishabh?
Aliya : rishabh bhaiya is sweet . abhi bhaiya hates him bcos only he is damini aunty’s son. But after that they became enemies via business.
Pra : ohh ok. But papa kaha hai?
Jan : he went us for his business trip.
Pra : I’ll handle this matter. But I’ve doubt abhi will talk to papa or not?
aliya : he talks to papa but not so close.
Pra : ok..then she goes to tanu who is cring.

Pra : tanu I know what he done with u is wrong but what he can do. He loved his mom a lot but she is no more then he loved u but u also leaved him that all frustrations drives him
mad so plz forgive him. I promise u soon u n rishabh become 1. Keep smiling.
Then prag goes to damini. Pra : sasu maa! Will u accept abhi as ur son?
Dam : I want prem, jyo is disturbance for me so I threw out. Abhi is not a matter to me. I’ve any objection in his stay here. But 1 condition he wont make prob in my rishabh’s life.
Pra : that’s sooo nice news .
Dam : don’t be hpy abhi never accept me n my son.
Pra : u don’t wry abt it. I know how to handle it. Can u do one faver?
Damini gives a stern look.
Pra : its to clear stones in ur son’s way. Damini accepts. Pra tells smthng but that showed in mute.

In after noon abhi comes to home but no 1 in home. Then suddenly he hears some noise frm upstairs n goes there. He was dazed to see that. Damini slipped in bathroom there is heavy bleeding. He don’t know what to do. He calls ambulance. While damini sees his tensed face in 1 eye then closes eye b4 abhi see this. (s she is acting)
He waits for 2 mins but he lose patience n rushes to hospital. His care towards hre clearly shown in his face. They took her into icu. He waits out. In icu room,
Tanu n aliya : see him. U did lot bad deeds towards him but when he came to know that u r in prob with out hesitation he helped u.
Jan : yes.. that is jyo’s brought up. How selfless. Try to accept him. Its just a request other wise ur wish.
Dam thinks for sometime n repents for her misdeeds. She comes out.
Abhi felt hpy to see her in normal. Abhi : r u alri8? U have careful na. u went then who will take care for ur son. Try to be responsible.
Aliya : bhaiya chill….
Abhi : abhi I’m alri8. Actually muhje kuch nai ho go. I just acted…
Abhi : what?
Dam explains everything. She repents for her misdeeds n apologizes to abhi. Abhi too accepts. They both hugs.

Abhi : where is the so called story writer n director?
Tanu : she went to market ……then u came to home n rushed to hospital. I n aliya gave running cmntry to her whats happening here. She must reach here now don’t know y she didn’t came.
They stepped few steps in hospital n they saw Rishabh there in front of operation theatre.

Dam : hey ris…what r u doing here? He didn’t responed. Tanu shakes him n asked what happened?
Ris : voh…voh….
Aliya : bhaiya bolo na voh ..voh..kethe ..samajme nai aariye..
A FB shown
Prag went to rishabh’s office.
She pleads to ris to forget abt past n try to mingle with abhi. But ris refused.
Pra : I wont leave u till u accept.
Ris : that’s ur wish. I wont accept. That’s final. He gets in car. She runs behind car…suddenly a lorry hit her. She is floating in blood. He came out n rushed her to hospital. Dr. said she is in critical stage. They said they want to do operation. He signed in papers as brother.
FB ends.

He kneels down in abhi’s leg.
Ris : bcos of me now she is in this state. Plz forgive me… plzzzzzz he cries. Abhi stands there like a statue. Ris shakes him.
Abhi : no..that cant happen. She wont leave me. She promised me….Rishabh n Abhi hugs.
Ris : don’t wry BHAI. Nothing will happen to her. She is pure soul. All is well.
Dr. said now she is out of danger. She will come to conscious in few mins.
Finally pragya came to mm. whole family is near with her. Abhi tells to ris, actually tanu is good, she never crossed her limit in any time. Plz forgive her.
Ris : bro don’t wry. I don’t want her past in present she loves me a lot that’s enough to me. Then Mr.Prem mehra comes to home n surprised to see all together. They explains what happened in these days. He thanked pragya.

Prem mehra : now every one is settled except my pretty aliya. So here is her secret love sahil. (sahil frm swaragini.) (in serial aliya is –ve like that in swaragini sahil is –ve so I put them as pair. But in real I just hate sahil)

Then we four couples….FLASH BACK STOPPED BY AASTHA.
Aas : four couples? Who? Who?
Abhi : really she is munthiri kottai.
Aas makes a pout face,
Pra : abhigya, rabul, risnu and saya.
Aas : ohh..u all….
Abhi : we all went to our very romantic HONEY MOON.
Aas : wow …then?
Abhi : then what ? my sweet girl playing in her stomach..
Pra : no girl…its boy..
Abhi : girl
Pra : boy..
Girl boy girl boy girl boy…………………………………….

Aas : didi u r conceive….wow u didn’t told this to me first.
Pragya eyes sees floor in shy.
Abhi : we told u only 1st till now we didn’t told to our family. Yesterday only we checked.
Aliya : how could u bhaiya? U hided this much happiness frm me.
Bul : pragya I wont talk to u ..
Abhi : hey sahil, purab convince them ya.
Puhil : y we? We too wont talk to u..
sarla ; shup ra vo..kitni achi bath…mere laado ku mitai lekar aavo.
Pra : maa…they both hugs.

Aastha : didi I’m really happy. I spent a lot time with u. u too treated me as ur own. I love u di..
Abhigya : I love u too. By the way 1 selfie?
Aastha :sure
Abhigya n Aastha holds coffee cup in their hands n takes a cute selfie.

guys how is it? plz cmnt me.

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