Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other- Rewind (epi-16)


Hi guys Maya here again! Just finished my exam and updating this on my way to home! One more to go and then I am done with this sem!??. Sadly my holiday is short just 19 days??. Ok now we go into the nxt episode!

In Mehra mansion….
Dadi revealed the truth to Abhi. Abhi’s dad was actually suffering from a terminal illness and that’s why he shifted his career from being a musician to a part time music lecturer. Only Dadi, Abhi’s mum know this truth. They hide this from all their relatives as Abhi’s dad didn’t want to get the sympathy of his relatives and especially his fans and coulleagues from the industry. To hide this truth Abhi’s dad had somehow made others believe that he had stepped down from his successful career due to family commitments.

Abhi was in tears hearing that how much pain that his father had endured and even his mom was a pillar of support to him. Dadi also mentioned that he found that he had been contracted with terminal illness after Abhi was born. Feeling scared that if he continued with his busy career, there will be not sufficient time to spent with Abhi. He knew that his time was short and can’t be with Abhi when he grows up. Keeping all these in mind, he was very satisfied to have a change in his job which allowed him to spent quality time with Abhi.

Abhi ‘ How long was he suffering like this?’ Dadi ‘ 3 years Abhi and at that time the doctors had said the chances are very little and there was no cure for it’. Abhi got emotional and asked Dadi why she never reveal all this to her before. Dadi said that it was his parents who had asked her not to tell the truth and make their child upset. Your mum was also very depressed after your dad’s demise but fate was cruel that she was killed in an accident if not u wouldn’t have thought that love and marriage will hinder one’s growth. May be i think i never shower enough love and care on u to believe that love and care would make ur life better in all ways. Abhi ‘ No Dadi dont ever think like that! I am sorry that i have misunderstood u but now i realise how mum was a great support to dad and in the same way i hope Pragya can do that. I didnt expect dad to go through so much of pain but since if he can endure that level of pain and I am his son and I will definitely that face any fears from now onwards with the same level of courage and determination’

Dadi ‘ Abhi I am very happy that u have realised this and so u are ready to marry Pragya?’ Abhi ‘ Haan Dadi but before that i need to clear the misunderstanding btw us’ Dadi ‘ I know u will do that soon Abhi. And faster bring Pragya as the Bahu of this hse!’ With that now Abhi was planning to fulfill Pragya’s challenge.

Abhi decided not to tell anyone about his decision as he was still quite angry that Pragya, Purab and his best friend Meethu were all in one team and planned against him during the promo shoot. So now he want to plan against them and taunt them a little before reciprocating his love to Pragya. Abhi in his mind, after all I am a rockstar and no need a team to do what i want. Its going to be a One man show!!! that none of them will expect.

Purab and Pragya are surprised by Abhi’s strange behavior!!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Superb maya eagerly waiting for next episode

  2. ha ha ha…one man show….supeb….nice.

  3. Just to inform u guys! Alrdy updated the nxt one after writing this one but i think it will be later uploaded in late tonight if my assumption is correct. I realise that telly updates take around 6hrs to upload the ff. An exception is the previous update where it took less than 6 hrs as yesterday i was
    like insomniac so i typed that ard 2 am and
    i thought they will upload at 8 am so i checked at that time while on my way to sch then i realise it was alrdy uploaded.

  4. Awesome Maya???❤❤❤????????
    One man show???

  5. awesome maya….

  6. Its Awesome………. loved it…………

  7. Nice yaar… Awesome n superb really @last abhi s ready to marry pragya thn I’m too excited to know wat abhi s going to do which vl make others to surprised n shocked… I’m eagerly waiting a lottttttttt

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  13. its quite intrstng..

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