Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-42)


Hi friends! We shall just straightly go into the story…

Dadi and Purab are very eager to find out whether everything is fine between Abhigya. But both of them really do not have the idea of how to find that out!!

Pragya was about to enter Dadi’s room and that’s when she heard Dadi’s conversation with Purab in phone. Pragya was holding onto a tray of food and tablets so she had difficulty in opening the door so she ended up listening to Dadi’s conversation with Purab…

Dadi ” Purab how can we find out without asking them? I really want to know whether everything is fine between them! That’s why we plan yesterday to reach them at the house!”

Abhi saw Pragya holding the tray but was not gg inside the room instead she was leaning against the door in sideways. Abhi was about to talk and Pragya signalled to be quiet and whispered softly to listen to Dadi’s conversation.

Both Abhigya realised that Purab had made the plan of getting them to the house yesterday in order to make them closer and Dadi was also behind all this! Pragya saw Robin passing by and asked him to place the tray inside Dadi’s room and both Abhigya left to their room.

In their room…
Abhi ” Pragya! I can’t believe that Dadi would plan to do such a thing! And some more with Purab!” Pragya ” Me too! But they are so sweet and always want us to be together at all times!” Abhi ” Ya i know that! But I can’t tolerate what Purab did to us yesterday! U know what? Until now my legs are aching due to running here and there to find Dadi…He could have planned something else right?” Pragya giggled and told ” You are getting old right? That’s y u can’t even run properly! And that’s y now u have pain in ur legs! I also ran with u to find Dadi but I don’t feel any pain!” Abhi ” I am getting old? No way but I don’t want to argue with u about this thing but I now want to play with Purab! So you have to help me!” Pragya asked what is he trying to tell and he said about his plan…Pragya initially said I can’t do like that! Purab is more like my Bhai and I can’t make him confused… After a lot of persuasion by Abhi, Pragya finally agreed to his plan…Pragya thought to herself Abhi is just crazy and with him I am also turning crazy…

Abhigya went to the dining area but acted as if they were very sad as Purab was there to have breakfast with them….Dadi and Purab noticed that and were also very sad about it… After their meals, Abhi ” Pragya I am gg first and do you want to drop you at college?” Pragya ” Ok sure give me a moment!” Purab thought of following them in order to check whether they are still having any misunderstanding…Purab ” Abhi I shall also come with you!” Abhi with a smile ” Ok Purab wait for Pragya to come also!” Abhigya sat at the back seat of the car and Purab sat the front seat and was looking at them through the rear mirror..

Abhi ” Hey Pragya can u move inside a bit! U are taking so much of space! U have become so fat better don’t eat too much if not u will become like a pumpkin! Ah ya that would be a nice name Pumpkin Pragya!!” Pragya ” What pumpkin? U have become so fat! See for yourself u are the one taking more than half of the space and u are telling me fat? Abhigya continued to argue with each other and Purab tried to interfere but Abhi said to him u don’t get involved btw Husband and wife’s issues! Purab had to bear their silly argument until they reached the college!!! Once the car stopped in front of the college, Abhigya stopped their argument and Pragya came out from the car followed by Abhi…Purab saw that and thought are they even gg to argue outside the college? No way I have to stop them! So he also stepped out of the car but what he saw shocked him!

Abhi held Pragya’s hand and said ” I will miss you! Come back home faster after your work!” Pragya just smiled and walked in front and after a short distance she turned back and gave a flying kiss to Abhi… Abhi gestured as if he was trying to catch the kiss and placed on his chest and he too gave a flying kiss to her. For that she too did the same way as Abhi did! Seeing all this Purab got confused….just a while ago they were fighting like kids in front of him and then now they are behaving like lovebirds!! He was pinched his hand to see was he dreaming or seeing the reality….It pained so he is not dreaming! So are they acting in front of others or they are really just like this!! Thinking about all this only made Purab to be perplexed in all ways!! Abhi saw Purab’s confused face and smile inwardly and thought, Purab this is just the begining my friend there is lot more that I want to play with u!! Abhi signalled to Purab to get into the car and they left to the studio…

Pragya called Purab to come and see what Abhi had done!!

Hope you all like this episode! And haan Pavi still you have problem in your ff submission is it? Ok guys I really hope u all enjoy today’s one as I wrote it in a rush….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. awesome akka….purab reaction of that flying kiss….waiting for ur next epi….

    1. Tks for ur wait sunaina!?

  2. Very funny maya!! Abhi is sooo cute and playfull

    1. Haha I know right!! More fun will be in the nxt epi!!???

  3. Abhigya.........


    1. Tks Abhigya ?

  4. Episode loaded with fun 🙂 … Nice ….

    1. More fun loaded in the nxt one too ??

  5. Super suga

    1. Tks rithu ??

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome…..

    1. Tks Reshma ?

  7. Awesome yaar really soooo cute abhigya thn sooooo sad purab how can thy play a prank lk tz ohhhh sooo sweet of them really it’s funny n soooo cute

    1. Haha ya me too sad for Purab but its all for fun so just enjoy and have fun!!???

  8. Haha !that was so cute episode, all long i had a wide smile over my face! Amazing!

    1. Glad that I made u have a wide smile all long this epi!??? It really means a lot to me as u are also taking ur precious time to read my ff??

  9. Haha very funny episode ka especially that flying kiss scene and purab’s reaction haha that was very funny??????? superb episode ka…!

    1. In thalaivar style ‘magizchi’???? na unnka style la follow pannren…

      1. Haha oh Magizchi Nivethitha that naan unna magizchiya aakunathaku???

  10. wait a minute let me laugh hahahahahahahahahahahahahhah
    suga u know all the time I was imagining purabs face and seriously this episode was damn cool yr I laughed a lot and yeah abhigya really rocked today

    1. Glad that I made u laugh a lot in ur busy schedule too!!????…More fun to come in nxt epi too!!??

  11. yaar really vry crazy abhi nd his crazy wife lol tht purab confusion over abhigya flying kiss is sooo funny njoyed a lot

    1. Haha ya both are crazy!??…glad that u enjoyed it a lot!!??

  12. sana (abhigya)

    Awesome suga waiting for ur next episode

    1. Thanks for ur wait sana!??

  13. Oh suga i think u like the wrd “pump” thts y u’re usng this wrd in both ur ff wait wait do u had any pet name in ur childhd like this?! Haha just jokng yaar don’t take it serious k n haan to say abt tdays epi “NO WRDS”girl actualy it was tht much cute n haha abis plan to make purab confusd was awesome dr u rockd it n suga LOVE U A LOOOOO………T my dr frnd u r the one who could feel my trouble haan suga as i am upd frm my phone na i could not use dif browsr but i will try dr so thnks a lot dr 4 considerng me as ur frnd i really feel touchd by ur wrds dr thnks a lot dr as u mean a lot to me sry i am just lost of wrds by ur concern dr

    1. Haha nothing like that! After u have mentioned only i have realised tat use the word pump in both of my ffs! ??… oh nothing to be serious abt it!! Haan I was just wondering y ur ff still havent came out! Hmm may be the best thing tat u can do for now is just email them.. and I think surely they will update it but make sure u indicate its under kumkum bhagya ff and ur name to credits n then attach the picture that u want to have! U know right their email address it is: [email protected] gmail.com…evalvu onnum feel panna theva illa…ennamo naan romba periya vishayam panna mathiri…and haan neeyum ennaku neraya advice ellam paani irrukule so in that way i can understand u… and ya just email them don try anything else and they are quite fast at responding to ur emails…trust me as i have experienced it many times ??

    2. Haha nothing like that Pavi!! I just realised that i use pump in both of ffs after u have told… and nothing to be serious abt… Hmm and I think u just email them for now! Since u have tried so many times i think its better to just email them…and haan evalvo onnum feel panna theva illa as neeyum ennaku neraya advice panni irukula so athanala i can understand u as a frnd…??

      1. Ok sorry for the double comments ah!

      2. Hey how many times i’ve told u hereaft no sry no thnks k na frnd n i feel good aft reading ur com haan naan mail panna try panraen da

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