Abhigya- story of opposite attracts each other (epi-36)


Glad that u a lot of u all liked the previous update…Some new names was seen in the comments which means my silent readers had commented which as usual makes me happy! I have also replied to u all and once again n tks! Ok let’s get into the story…

Abhi noticed that Pragya had called her many times from her missed calls. He called her and she picked up the call. Abhi ” Pragya! What is this u give me so many missed call?? 20 missed calls!!!” Pragya ” I was so desperate to talk to u after listening to ur audio file! You know I was so happy after listening to whatever u have said but y u never told all this when u were here!” Abhi ” I know that u would be happy after hearing to what I said but I was scared as usual to tell what I feel… what if u think that i am overrracting again? Thats y i decided to tell u that way!” Pragya” U know what u are very unpredictable! Whatever u have told me is the best thing that I have heard and I just want to see u now!!” Abhi ” So my lucky charm wants to see me now ah? Come on skype then u can see me!” Pragya ” Ok now can right?” Abhi ” So much of impatience? Wait I am outside now let me call u again to inform u the timing when we can meet thr skype!” Pragya in a low tone ” Ok fine!” Abhi ” Don be upset my sweet heart! Will be back there soon and u can see me for hours!” Pragya grinned widely to his reply and with that they continued to talk for a while.

Abhi had successfully completed the concert and all praises were given to him for his performance. Now finally he was happy that he would be able to meet Pragya again…

Pragya reached the airport to receive Abhi…Waiting for his arrival and keep on looking out for him was very irritating for her but still she just want to meet him! Pragya finally saw Abhi and also someone beside him. He was talking to her with full of laughter. Pragya wondered who was she? And why Abhi seems to be very jovial with her?

Abhi approached towards Pragya and gave her a tight hug and said ” Missed u so much sweetheart!” Pragya ” Arrey u shouldn’t do like this in public places! What will others think when they see u hugging me?” Abhi ” Oh no! U have started again!! U are my wife and i have the rights to do what i want at anywhere and ya i want to introduce u to someone and it is Tanu” Pragya was upset that he was all the while talking to Tanu… Tanu ” Hi Pragya! Abhi have been only talking about u! And its a pleasure to meet u! Ok we shall catch up again later as my family is waiting there to pick me up!”

Abhi waved bye to her as for Pragya was fuming with anger on seeing Abhi being jovial with Tanu! But she never really showed it off in her face. Abhi and Pragya left from there in their car.

Pragya was keep on thinking, what would they have been talking all the while? Did he just met her during flight or they met in US itself? And I thought he don’t like her but the way he behaved its more like he was very friendly with her!! Is she still single? Oh No i got so many questions but how to ask him all this?? Why? when i want to be close to him then this Tanu have to come in between them !!!

Abhi notice the difference in Pragya which only makes him laugh!!

very soon a twist will be coming….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Wow…superb….
    But don’t create misunderstandings bw abhigya becoz of tanu…

    1. Thanks sana! Haha no I won’t!

  2. I know its kind of short but this was suppose to be uploaded yesterday itself ???… i will upload one more today but the timing of when will it come I am not sure!!??

  3. upload soon ya……waiting….

  4. Hey dr superb pragya felng jelous abt tanu was awesome semma epi da,suga i submited my article but i don’t get any reply either it is accepted or not pls say na wht could i do?

    1. U can go under contact us section on top of the page and fill the details accordingly. Drop a message there asking them whether they recieved ur submission? I think may be they upload ur ff in wrong ff section just like mine they uploaded it under tashan ee ishq. They will email u if I they got receive ur ff or not…

      1. intha mathiri enaku oru vathi nadakala!!

      2. Neraya vathi nadanthiruku ??

  5. Awesome episode suga dii really nice pragya feeling jealous and her desperate feeling were awesome

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Awesome As usual……..

  7. Haha loved pragya’s jealousy, truly amazing ???? Can’t wait for next one Suga, desperation of pragya! It was so much cuteee!

  8. Superb yaar awesome really pragya’s jealousy s toooooo cute…

  9. Awesome

  10. akshaya kannan

    It’s awesome yaar
    If you can comment my love of two poles and revenge for love

  11. dr as usual u nailed it tht jealousy portion is too nyc ohhhh nooo cant bear tanu anymore bcoz of real kkb

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