Abhigya and Rabul FF : Battle of good and evil Part 4


Abhi meets his daasi before leaving
Dassi : take care of yourself
Abhi : You have to promise me that you will take care and be healthy till my and Aliya’s marriage
Daasi : I will dance in both of your marriage now you will find a nice girl for your
Abhi and Pragya collides again in bus and sits together
Pragya : I don’t know why I still meet you
Abhi : why are you still angry at me
Pragya : You wanted to kill me
Abhi : I was trying to help you
Pragya : I told you not to follow me
Abhi : But if I did not reach in time then you would have been killed
Later Pragya in her sleep puts her head on Abhi’s shoulder. Both reaches Mumbai in few hours
Abhi : So we are back to our destination
Pragya : Just pray we never come across each other
Both leaves in opposite direction. Pragya goes to her office and meet her friend
Anjali : This is fantastic unbelievable , no wonder Boss sent you for this task
Pragya : I know now those girls can live peacefully
While Bulbul designs a best show stopper dress for a model but Tashu decides to teach her a lesson for her arrogance by changing the dress of the model by a ordinary dress.
Tashu : Now just wait and watch Ms Perfection how I will break your arrogance

Arora house
Pragya : Ma where are you
Sarla : you are back?
Pragya : where is Bulbul
Sarla : she is at work, tell me how was your journey
Pragya : Great, boss will see it later

Mehra house
Abhi : dadi, I am back
Aliya : Hey bro, how was your vacation
Abhi : Don’t ask it was a great experience

Arora house
Bulbul : Did you really meet Abhi?
Pragya : Now stop praising him for no reason
Sarla : But if you see he saved you
Servant : Madam a girl came to meet you
Pragya : Who is it?
Servant : someone name Ritu
Pragya : Call her inside
The girl comes inside the house with a bad condition
Bulbul : Ritu? after such a long time?
Ritu emotionally hugs Bulbul
Bulbul :Hey what happened ? why are you crying
Ritu tells them how she was exploited by her boss and her fianc broke up with her since they could not afford dowry
Pragya : What dowry ? don’t they know it is against law
Ritu : they know but they threatened us that if don’t give fulfill their demand then they will break the alliance,
Pragya : But you can get more better choice than this family
Ritu : I cannot back up from this marriage because the whole society will taunt my parents, they only lived till today so they can see me married one day happily (says cryingly)
Bulbul : Di then show that family what is humiliation
Pragya ; But are you sure you want to get marry with this guy
Ritu ; I love him a lot Di, I know he will support me when time comes
Pragya : Well its your choice, seems like I have to teach law to your in laws
Purab : that Bulbul will design your dress
Tashu : she will design when she will have a job
Purab : what do you mean
Tashu : that girl is too self proud on her work, now she will know for messing me
Purab : but why are you getting personal, we have nothing to do with her
Tashu : Purab, for me every insult is personal
Sufi ; Hey bulbul, I hope everything is fine, we have a fashion show tonight
Bulbul : Don’t worry I will manage everything
Tashu thinks Bulbul will be distracted to the other work and will not have time to check the dress. While Tashu drive speedily on road in rage when the cops stop her.
Police : Hello madam you are going on full speed
Tashu : Look I am in hurry, please let me go
Police : No way, hey take her to side and make her pay fine
Tashu : Excuse me you don’t know who I am
Police : Constable call boss

A young and dashing police officer comes at the spot none other than Sameer Diwan
Sameer : whats going on here
Constable : Sir, this girl was driving recklessly and is not paying the fine
Sameer : Oh, look Miss I don’t like to argue with people specially girls like you
Tashu : I was in hurry
Sameer : that does not mean you can drive however you want and harm anybody, I know how to deal people like you
Tashu ; You don’t know I can rusticate you from your job
Sameer : Hello no matter how high contacts you have my reputation is more than your high society got it
Tashu get angry and leaves after paying the fine
Constable : Sir I wonder how people get scare from you
Sameer : You know I never tolerate people breaking law
Ritu invites Arora family to her wedding. As Mehra family is also invited to the wedding from the groom’s family. Later in the evening Bulbul is getting ready for the fashion show and checks everything. Tashu gets excited when the show starts. She waits for the model who is supposed to be a show stopper but her excitement changes into angry when she sees the model is not wearing the dress she changed but is wearing the one she ruined.
Tashu : How could this happen? I planned with so much careful
Bulbul : But being overconfident and more careful can sometime be harmful
Tashu : You? so you managed to escaped this time
Bulbul : I never fail to judge people on first meeting, you thought I am that careless that I would not check my work
Tashu gets irritated by hearing it
Bulbul : You are a model but you are a fool, you left that cloth at the same place, if you would take it with I might had problem designing it new but you made it so easy for me, I just had to stitch it

Tashu : This time you escaped but not every time destiny will save you
Bulbul : More than destiny I trust on my work and myself so come up with something big instead of childish like this , by the way I like more challenges so I will not mind competing with you
Later at night Bulbul’s car get stops working. She tries calling driver but she does not get network
Purab who is passing by offers her the lift
Bulbul : I don’t need your help
Purab : there is no transportation and it is not safe for you around here
Bulbul takes his help after lot of hesitant. Both silently sits in the car
Purab : By the way I am Purab Khanna
Bulbul : Bulbul Arora, thanks for the lift
Purab : I am sorry I know what Tashu did but you know she is kind of egoistic
Bulbul : I don’t care, I wonder how can anybody love a girl like her
Purab : She is my fiancee
Bulbul : Oh thats great then
Purab : why is it great then
Bulbul : I get to know people very soon so she seems insecure, you will never be able to flirt with any girl (laughs) if you did then god spare that poor girl
Purab laughs on it
Purab : I don’t have dare to do that
Bulbul : Well all the best then, take a left turn from here
Purab drops Bulbul at her house. Pragya sees them together from window. Before leaving Purab glares on Bulbul when she goes inside and recalls her words.
Pragya : who did you come with
Bulbul : Nothing di, he just came to drop me

Next day Pragya goes to her office when her boss meet her.
Maya : Well done
Pragya : thank you ma’am
Maya : Now i have something very important
Pragya : what is it?
Later in the evening both families goes Ritu’s marriage ceremony.
Pragya : Hey you look so beautiful
Ritu : thank you di
Bulbul : why are you looking sad
Ritu : nothing I just hope everything goes properly
Pragya : don’t worry no fear when I am with you
Ritu’ s parents : Rajnath and Siya
Varun (Ritu’s fiancee) : Thakur and Nilu
Rajnath : Look Mr Thakur,everything is fine
Thakur : It will be fine when guest will praise it
Nilu indirectly insults Siya when she gives the guest’s expensive gifts to her servants
Ritu also calls Sameer for her wedding
Abhi clashes on Pragya again during the wedding
Pragya: You
Abhi : Oh hi, I did not destiny is very happy with us
Pragya : it might be happy with you
Abhi stops her in midway
Pragya : let me go
Abhi : are you still angry? okay I am sorry
Pragya : its okay, what are you doing her by the way
Abhi : obviously its my friend’s wedding
Later Ritu hears Thakur threatening her father because of some lack of money and decides to take a big step.
The ritual starts for the wedding. Priest calls the bride
Ritu : Priest stop the wedding mantras right now and chant the sad mantras
Siya : have you gone crazy
Ritu : I did not but if I marry your son then I will make your family crazy
Rajnath : what is wrong with you dear
Ritu : now it is the limit dad, this man cannot insult us like this
Thakur : what do you think if you break this marriage then we will not get another family
Pragya : Uncle ji, you will definitely get another family but only when you be in that position
Varun : Hey you mind your language, Ritu why are you interfering in this matter
Ritu : Because I am concerned more about my family
Pragya : Somebody said is love make you blind but money and greediness make you selfish
Sarla : Pragya, what are you saying
Pragya ; One minute mom, they are fond of taking dowry na, I am full filing their wish
Sameer : but how
Pragya : Sam, seems like these people do not read newspaper, so they don’t know that dowry is against law
Thakur : they gave it by their own
Sameer : I don’t like to praise myself but can’t help it, those who tamper with law I always teach them in such a way they never forget
Ritu : Varun, tell your parents that you always told me, we will live separately
Siya : what is she saying is truth?
Varun stays mum and Ritu slaps him hardly
Ritu : You cheater, you don’t deserve my love
Thakur : Enough, we will also see how you will get married
Pragya : Uncle ji, there is a saying what you sow you reap, you don’t know girls family have more power
Siya : what are you saying
Ritu : She means that if you try you ruin anybody then you will be more ruined than anybody else, this all clothes and decoration are by my father’s, now if you stay here even for a minute then I will throw you all out by removing all your clothes
Thakur : This is the manners you gave your daughter
Bulbul : Uncle you learn some manner from her actually so you never get cheated in life from anybody
Rajnath : I am proud of my daughter today, she proved she is my daughter
Everybody kicks the groom’s family out of the house.
Abhi : Wow, you should be a lawyer instead of a journalist
Pragya : thank you your compliment but I know I am in a right profession
Mehra house
Dadi : I must say this girl is brave
Abhi : It is nothing you should have seen her in Vadhavpur, she was fighting with goons
Alia : Really?
Dadi : whatever it is, after so many year I am so happy that somebody is standing for norms of this society

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