Tere Bin 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya comes back to cabin and asks Nandini where is Dr. Sinha. Nandini says she does not know. Vijaya says he is not in his cabin, she will call him. Nandini says it is okay, she will come some other day. Vijaya says contract papers are ready, she can read them and sign. Nandini asks if she will not take Dr. Sinha’s permission. Vijaya says no. Nandini signs papers without reading and leaves. Akshay stops her in parking lot and says he wants to explain why he could not meet her. She says he betrayed her and did not even try to meet her in 8 years, now he wants to talk to her now. He says he will apologize her repeatedly. She says even if he apologizes 1000 time, she will not forgive him. She leaves in her car.

Akshay goes back to his cabin and thinks Nandini is right.

Nandini goes back to her house and goes into flashback where Akshay confesses that he used to see her everyday and prayed god that she should be only his girlfriend. She says even she used to come to the same coffee shop daily to see him. He says he wants kiss as he is happy. She asks what if he is angry. He says double kiss. She comes out of flashback. Her current boyfriend calls her and their conversation starts. Driver asks boyfriend if Nandini is his gharwali or baharwali. He says he does not know.

Akshay and Vijaya reach home. Neeti says Akshay she did her exam well today and tomorrow is English, she has studied well, so if he can take her out for icecream. He agrees and asks her to wear her shoes. She goes. Vijaya says she does not Neeti falling ill during exams, so he should not take her. Neeti comes and Akshay says he will get her icecream. Vijaya says no. Neeti sadly goes back.

Nandini prepares rotis in her home and goes into flashback where she and Akshay enjoy rotis in dhaba. Dhaba lady blesses them and say their jodi is pretty. Akshay says he is asking her to marry him since many days, but she is not agreeing. Nandini says who wants to marry her. Dhaba lady says she should not speak like this during evening. Conversation continues. Nandini comes out of flashback and sees roti burning.

While having dinner, Vijaya tells Akshay that she signed 1 year contract with Nandini. Akshay scolds her what she knows about Nandini that she is getting so fond of her and praising her. Vijaya asks if he is shouting as she stopped him from taking Neeti out. Akshay says he needs answer. Vijaya says Nandini says is well qualified and experienced, she felt she is right fro their nursing home. Akshay calms down.

Precap: Nandini wakes up calling Akshay. Vijaya says she will call Nandini and cancel contract. Akshay says no need for that, he does not want her to feel guilty in front of Nandini.

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