Abhigya and ishveer life episode 27


Hi guy. this is Monesha, i hope you didn’t forget me. My exam is not over but today I am free so i am updating this episode. I really really missed you all dear choti, di and friends.


I am missing many ff plz if you have time post it
Now coming to the story,
Episode starts with Rabhi completed there training Pragya is in fourth year, Ishani joined in journalists college after studying 3 year in her college. Sakshi was 3 months pregnant, Karan was taking care her as a princess, Kalpi was checking Sakshi. In tomorrow evening Rabhi going to come.

In Delhi,
pragya driving scooty and Ishani is sitting back. Ishani broke the silence
Ishani- hey where are you going now
Pragya- small correction we are going
Ishani- this is so important now
Pragya- yes of cource this is very important
Ishani was irritated by Pragya and says
Ishani- ok tell me where we are going
Pragya- we are going to arrange the party
Ishani- you can say na idiot
Pragya- if I say this then you will start your lecture so only
Ishani beats Pragya lightly and says
Ishani- i selected the place for party
Pragya- i know you will say that home is best for everything.
Ishani- no no in outer side
Pragya put a sudden break and asked with a shock whattttt?????
Ishani- ouch idiot yes I arranged it
Pragya-wow wow you are awesome.
She started the scooty and ask Ishani
Pragya- now where we should go
Ishani says the route, Pragya drives fastly

Finally they both reached that place
It was open space with lot of glass chairs and design table. Each table carries flowers glass.
Pragya- wow wow wow what a place Ishani you are so sweet
Ishani smiles and ask did you like this place
Pragya- like???? I love this place
Ishani smiles
Pragya and Ishani caught one person to arrange the party. It was fully decorated.
They both came to mehra mansion
Ragini came to ishgya
Ragini- where you both went
Pragya and Ishani narrates everything to ragini
Raman and Ishita also came
Again they narrates everything
They both called rv and abhi
Again they narrates everything
Before Rabhi could say something, they cutted the call
Pragya and Ishani went to Kakshi house
Again they narrates everything
Sakshi- butttt….

Ishani- no but… or that… we arranged everything
Kakshi smiles
They went to hospital to meet Kalpi and again they narrates everything.
Finally they both came to the house
They went to dinning table, all the one gathered and started to eat
For their surprise Ishgya didn’t talk
Raman- hey chatterboxs why you both are silent.
Pragya and Ishani nodded as nothing
Ishita- don’t say lie i know about you both
Ishani- our mouth is paining, from morning onwards we are saying about this party
All the one started to laugh
Pragya- oh hello this is not that much fun
Raman- arey this are not fun this are happy laugh, bcoz we all are escaped from you both.
Again all started to laugh
Pragya and Ishani got irked they both ate and went to sleep
Pragya- Ishani, my mouth is paining
Ishani- my mouth too paining
Pragya- now what we can do
Ishani- now sleep then it will be alright
They both slept

In morning,
Pragya and Ishani went to the party place and checks everything They help to arrange the place.
Ishita calls Ishgya, they both came to house
Ishita gave a black saree for both
Ishita and pragya wore that saree
It was a saree with white stone
They both wore a simple thin white crystal chain with long white stead. They both were different in design. They both were looking very very very beautiful.
Ishgya makes ishita to wear beautiful red saree. She also looks very beautiful
Sakshi got ready with green saree, Karan was mesmerized by her beauty and helps to wear the jewellery.
In evening 7.00
All reached the party
Ishgya went to stage
Ishani- ladies and gentlemen man
Pragya- welcome to this party
Ishani- this party is for Sakshi di’s child
Pragya- so enjoy the party we are going to cut the cake at 8.00
There were dancing and singing
Ishani was talking with guest, Pragya was waiting for Rabhi’s entry.
Some one close her eyes, Pragya smiles. She turns and hugs him, his hands also hugs her
Pragya lift her head and was shocked to see Uv
Uv smiles, Pragya try to move but Uv holds her hand and pulled her towards him Pragya got angry
Pragya- how dare you
Uv- suhhhhhh… you know you are so beautiful today Pragya, really I was stunned by your beauty.
Pragya try to release her from him
Uv-arey what are you doing, why you are going away from me.
Pragya- don’t make to talk otherwise you Will pay for this
saying this she pushed him and went
Suddenly some one hugs her from back
Screen shifts to Ishani
Ishani completed her talking with guest

She is coming to see pragya
Suddenly some one came and lifts her
Ishani was shocked but surprised to see Rv
She just hugs him, rv twirled Ishani
He makes Ishani to stand in her leg
She hugs him tight he too hugs her
They broke the hug. He cupped her face
Rv moves closer to Ishani and gave a lip lock
Screen shifts to Pragya
Suddenly she turns to him and was surprised to see abhi.
She just hugs him without wasting a single second.
Uv came by following Pragya
Abhi pinned Pragya to wall. Abhi holds Pragya waist tightly.
She stands in her toes by his press and clutched his shirt. He gave a lip kiss to Pragya
Uv came there and was shocked to see their lip lock.
Both pairs broke their kisses
Ishani hugs Rv and pragya hugs Abhi
Screen freezes by dividing ishveer and abhigya

PRECAP- Pragya was sitting alone, rv saw Pragya and he came and sits with pragya suddenly Pragya hugs him and started to cry

I was read each and every ff. Aditi roy, thanks for continuing the forbidden love. Really i am so happy. And all ur ff was nice, all the ff writer really each and every scenes was awesome. Suha di and saranya di again sorry for not commenting in your ff. Thank you so much SA for ur lovely comment in your ff.

Thank for all ur sweet comments in promo and thanks for wishing me. With your wish i wrote all the exam well and confirm with your wish I will complete my exam. Thank you so much guys, love u a lotttttt

Credit to: Monesha

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    1. I too missed you soooooo much akka. But in next birth you are going to suffer a lot if I have a exam bcoz i will ask many doubt in class also i will ask many doubt so be ready to teach me akka. Missingggggggg you so much akka. Really you escaped from me by not saying thank you. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Akka Ummmmmaaaaaaa

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