Abhigya and ishveer life episode 25


Hi guys thank you so much for ur lovely comment. I am dedicating this episode to each and every readers of my ff. Imagine your name is here. Now coming to the story,
Episode starts with abhi, rv, Ishani and pragya’s face. All went to college, day passed

It was evening
Abhi picked up pragya and rv picked up Ishani
All gathered in hall
Pragya- i think rain is going to come
Ishani- yes I am also feeling that same
Abhi thought something, suddenly he asked
Abhi- one minute Pragya for whom you brought that tablet
Pragya- to you and bhai….
Rv, abhi and Ishani was shocked and ask whattttt?????
Pragya(thinks)- omg what i told
Pragya-nothing nothing i mean….
Before she could complete abhi came and turns pragya’s ear.
Pragya- Ahhhhh…. leave me it is paining
Abhi- then tell me the truth
Pragya- i brought it for you both but I just want to make you to afraid of this. I will not do what i done to uv and his father.
Abhi left Pragya ear
Rv- arey choti you tried to kill us right
Pragya- bhai I told that it is just to show you and make you both to afraid of this
Ishani- omg she is really crazy, i don’t know what will happen to people after you became lawyer.
Pragya gave a innocent smile
Abhi- anyway thank you Ishani for taught to turn ear. Really it is her weak point
Rv- really then come i will also try that
Pragya- no.. this is my ear not something
All the one laughed
Raman, ishita, Ruhi and adhi came
Adhi- chachu we can go for park
Abhi- babhi you all go bhabhi
Ishita- but….
Rv- di we will manage
Raman- ok bye

They all went to the park.
Pragya- omg I didn’t complete my work
She rushed to go to do that works
At the same time rain came, Ishani went to wet
Rv too followed her to stop her
Abhi- Pragya you don’t like rain
Pragya- my soul is that but I am having work.
Abhi became sad and ask when you want to submit that.
Pragya- next week. I think today i will complete
Saying this she sat in the table and started to do the work.
Abhi to himself then ok, he gave a witty smile
Pragya- omg I think i will complete this in one hour hurrey…
Abhi smiles and came to pragya
Screen shifts to ishveer
Ishani ran to wet in rain but Rv pulled her
Rv- if you got sick then I can’t see that come
Ishani- arey leave me I want to go
Rv make her to stand more close and came close
Ishani pushed him and started to wet in rain
Rv smiles and came to her.

Screen shifts to abhigya
Abhi came to her he cares her hand and hold her fingers with pencil and he placed his face on her shoulder
Pragya- hey what are you doing go away
Abhi- why should I do that
Pragya- why should u??? Idiot get up
Abhi got up and pulled Pragya from chair and lifts her
Pragya- Abhi what are you doing leave me
Abhi didn’t hear that he went to terrace
Screen shifts to ishveer
Ishani was happy for rain drops touching her
Rv came and pulled Ishani towards him
Ishani was shocked by his activity but she blushed
Rv noticed that and kissed her in forehead.
Ishani try to relieve from his grip but he tightened his grip
Ishani looked shocked, rv smiles

Screen shifts to abhigya
Abhi and pragya came to terrace they both fully wet, Pragya hesitate but she enjoyed the rain
He slowly left Pragya down she started to move but abhi caught her duppata
Pragya- leave me Abhi
Abhi pulled her duppata slowly and he took that fully. Pragya got shy she tried to move.
But Abhi put duppata around her waist and pulled her. Pragya back hit Abhi’s chest. He gave a back hug to her
Screen shifts to ishveer
Ishani- Rv leave me
But suddenly Rv turns Ishani and gave a back hug to her
Ishani got shyness.
Rv placed his face on her neck
Ishani closed her eyes
Suddenly he neel and shows his hand
Ishani smiles and kept his hand on his
He stood up and smiles and pulled her towards him. She hit his chest. She wrapped his hand around her waist. Her hand lies on his shoulder.
They both were more close.
They started to dance in rain
Screen shifts to abhigya
Pragya slowly pulled her duppata and put around her neck
Abhi smiles and turns pragya to face him.
She looks shyly
Abhi smiles and kissed in her cheeks
Pragya smiled and again turns to leave
But he stopped and kissed in her neck
Pragya shocked and started to shiver
Screen shifts to ishveer
Each and every steps he gave love
Finally they completed dance
Rv moves to kiss her but Ishani ran
Rv smiles seeing Ishani
Screen shifts to abhigya
He came close but Pragya pushed Abhi and went. Abhi smiles
Suddenly bell rank
Pragya and Ishani came and opened the door
Ishani, Raman, Ruhi and adhi came
Ishani was shocked to see all the one wet
Ishani- what happened?
All- nothing we played in rain
Raman- go and change your clothes always doing as child go
All the one nodded with pout
Raman and Ishani smiles
Screen freezes on ishra’s face

Guys i know you all will angry at me for late update. Sorry i didn’t finish this at morning so only I couldn’t. Now I am posting this at 6.30 i don’t know when it will update but again sorry for my late
Take care,

Credit to: Monesha

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    welll dizz was all the way sooooo lovely sooo cute romance sooo awesome dr lvd it a lttttt keeep rockinggggg darlu lv uuu

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    Nice episode dhi i really liked it

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  7. Nice episode yaar… Thn ahhhhh OK u done wat I sd soooo I won’t punish u r give punishment to my choti hereafter coz i hv full confident tat my choti won’t do any mistakes in future too n thn if I find tat mistk also I vl forgive u even though till I don’t HV any clue wat u did bt I vl forgive u after all u r my cute little Pyari choti hey na… Soooo no punishment only love love love…. Love u chellam with loads n loads of hugs n kisses… Ummaaaaaaa???love u???take care tata…

    1. Oh my pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari pyaari Akka. Thank you so much akka. Thank you so much for forgave me. Really I am so happy to see that you forgave. Confirm that I will not break your trust in future. If you gave me a punishment also I will accept that. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤ lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Hi Monesha superb episode dear it was just fantastic I loved it waiting for the next episode ?

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  9. lovely ishveer

    Very very lovely epi dear enjoyed it a lot and no need to be sorry always be happy

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  10. princess from where did u get these ideas to ur lil mind.. today’s epi was awsm.ishveer love was best today.keep rocking lil princess.cant wait to read next epi.dont froget to reply for my prevs mg.i am waiting sweety.. keep smiling.. i love u more than my self.. & i want to tell u one thing.. u r really clever @ writting ffs.plot is perfect as well as the comb of characters..continue writting only when u r free. dont froget to consentrate on studies too. as ur di i have to mention them to u na.itz my duty to help my lil princess to guied her in these lil lil things..i am waiting read next epi . i am really happy for u sweet heart.. love u princess.. billions of kisses and huggs with love to my lil princess♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Thank you so much di. Yaa i am updating my ff when I was free. Thank you so much di for caring me. I replied you my dear sweet di. Sorry di actually I can’t update today bcoz i had lot of works but I am going to write now. Di don’t worry about anything i will always be there for you. Love you di. Love you a lotttttt. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Maya

    Wow it was so awesome! I wish i can write like this????? from now onwards i will try to comment as regular as possible! Ur style of writing is very very very mesmerizing?????????? Love u for that Mone!

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    Love it monesha…..your rocking…..semma romantic……

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    hey my sweet heart loved it keep it amazing loved it how r u and i am duva

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  16. Fantastic episode.romance of Abhigya n ishveer was mind blowing.loved it.update the nxt part very soon dr.

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