Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka jumps in the well. He lands atop a net. Two soldiers are walking. One guides the other to be very careful while stepping forward. Don’t keep your feet anywhere else. One soldier is unable to do so. He falls down deeper in the well. Ashoka observes them. He very carefully tiptoes to the other side.

Siamak is walking hurriedly in the corridor followed by Bindu and Mahamatya. Mahamatya shouts after Bindu to stop. Don’t be angry. I will personally speak to Siamak. Charu steps in between saying I have to talk to you. Bindu tries to dismiss her but she complains that he has time for Dharma but not for her. He asks her why she takes every convo in the same direction.

Mahamatya alerts Siamak in the meantime.

Bindu tells Charu to say what she wants. She speaks well of Chanda. I like her for Sushim. Bindu says last round is still not over. I will consider your wish and Sushim’s like before making my decision. I will make sure the decision is taken after considering what’s right for everyone and Magadh. He walks away.

Mahamatya dons a cloth over his head. he acts to be an old man who takes the clothes of late Rajmata (as per Siamak). I will donate them like you said. They will bring peace to the soul of late Rajmata. He rushes away before Bindu can see his face. Bindu walks up to Siamak. I said I wont do shraad of a traitor. Siamak says you are right but you don’t know how a son feels about losing his father. I cannot see you in this condition. I got scared. I don’t want to lose you. I was scared you might not like it. I apologize to you for what happened with Vit. Bindu advises him to be good to his younger brother. Siamak agrees to take care in future.

Ashoka notices a man playing with a potli. Ashoka realises that it belongs to him. The guy (Virat) says it is Kalyug. Someone else does the work while someone else enjoys. He steps down from the light. Ashoka finally sees his face as he empties the potli full of gold coins. It is true, right? We are so many yet we get such fewer amounts of coins for us? You Rajvanshi’s have so much money with you! You are my guest as you have come to my place now. I will give you the respect a guest deserves. You Rajvanshi’s never give respect to anyone. He claps. His soldiers steps forward. Virat tells Ashoka not to worry. It is not my habit to give poison to my guest or stab someone in the back. It is the work of you Rajvanshi’s. Ashoka says you know a lot about my family. Virat shares that he has heard a lot about him. You are more than what I have heard about you. You don’t even know the prize of the lives of the soldiers who protect you. Ashoka calls him a coward who hides away in a well. Virat points out that it isn’t called hiding. We don’t like the kind of places where you Rajvanshi’s live. People are cheated there. We will soon free society from such a kind of stuff. Ashoka says our thoughts are alike. Only our outlook is different. Virat says our method is different as well. I feel your time has come. Soldiers surround Ashoka. Virat steps forward. Do you know why none of your soldier could find out this secret place? No one could go back from here alive. Your time has come. Think of your loved ones for the last time. Ashoka thinks of Vit, his parents and of Kaurvaki.

Devi tells Kaurvaki that Chanda has already begun practising for the dance. She dances so brilliantly. Kaurvaki does not know how to dance. Devi says do you only know how to sword fight. It is the last chance to get Ashoka. How will you get him? Kaurvaki says I will get him because of love. Rani Dharma also said that day that love is like salt in food. It is the main ingredient. Dharma agrees with her. I have decided that all the princesses will perform a skit with princes. Vit says we will do Shakuntalam play. Ashoka will be Dushyant while Kaurvaki will be Shakuntala. Kaurvaki asks her how they will make sure that both of them get the lead roles. Dharma tells her to leave it on her. I know how to do it. Everyone smiles.

Virat asks Ashoka if he is done remembering his family and love. I want to take your body back to Magadh to show them what happens to any Rajvanshi. Ashoka calls it his aggression. I haven’t come here to fight with you. I have only come to take Nirankush with me. Virat tells Ashoka he can take Nirankush with him if he fights with the eagle and succeeds. If you fail in doing so then you will become the lunch of my eagle and his friends. Ashoka accepts the challenge. All the soldiers step back.

Ashoka and Virat’s eagle have a fight. The eagle keeps attacking Ashoka. It snatches Ashoka’s necklace from around his neck. Ashoka throws a torch at the eagle that lets go of the necklace. Ashoka catches it before it can touch the ground. Ashoka kills the eagle with a stone. Virat and his chief look tensed. Virat’s soldiers try to surround Ashoka but Virat tells them to let Ashoka go. I am not Rajvanshi who will back out on his promise. I allow Ashoka to meet Nirankush. I am sure though that he will not be of any help to you. Ashoka goes to meet Nirankush. Virat sadly looks at his eagle.

Virat’s chief tells Ashoka that they found Nirankush in a really bad state. He wont live for long. He leaves. Ashoka asks Nirankush to tell him Gondna’s truth. Nirankush cries. He speaks in gestures. Ashoka notices that his tongue has been cut. It is only one person who can stoop this low to hide his secret. Flashback shows Nirankush meeting Sushim and Rajmata. He requests them to save him from Ashoka. They willingly agree to protect him. Sushim says I will send you to Virat. Nirankush worries for his life. What if he kills me? Helena denies. you will be a bait for Ashoka to reach Virat. Virat will kill Ashoka then. Nirankush says what if Ashoka finds me. They assure him they will make sure he isn’t able to say anything about them to anyone. Sushim holds him from behind while Helena cuts his tongue. Flashback ends.

Ashoka gives water to Nirankush. NIrankush is panicky when Ashoka speaks of taking him to palace with him. Is Gondna in palace? Nirankush nods. Ashoka takes everyone’s name one by one. NIrankush shakes his head hearing Sushim, Siamak, Charus name. Ashoka keeps thinking. It is a woman who lives in the palace. Who is it? Nirankush begins to write in the dirt. Ashoka encourages him to write the name. Nirankush writes the first initial – H.

Precap: Helena says if I kill Ashoka and Bindu then? We will do it tomorrow when Bindu and Dharma will be dreaming about their kids’ happy life. They will die there only. Sushim agrees to make sure that the plan is ready by tonight itself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. So virat is a maoist…….
    Happy they are not dragging the story nowadays…..

  2. ashoka samrat

    thanx a lot pooja di. u r so fast. we enjoy ur updates very much.

  3. ashoka samrat

    thanx a lot pooja di. u r so fast. we all enjoy ur updates a lot.

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    1. hw cn we f6rget u asoka samrat?we stil remember u.

    2. plz end this virat story today is boring nw & brng helenas true face to everyone.i thnk director wil drag helenas epi atleast nxt frdy

    3. @ Joyothi Sharia Law Is Born Frm Word Of Muhamad & Quran.U Ask Wht I Knw Abt Law.Theft Is Punish By Amputatin The Right Hand,critizng Of Quran & Muhamamd Is Punish By Death,.Muslim Who Becme Non Muslim Punish By Dead,if Non Muslim Mary Muslim Is Punisble By Dead,i Thnk U Knw Beter Than Me Becuz Ur Livng In Oman,if U Wana Knw More Abt Ths Law Read Heaven On Earth A Journey Through Sharia Law By Sadakat Kadri & Islamic Law By Wael B.Hallaq.

  5. Today’s Epi was little slow bt ok…when did kvk ever take part in such swayamvar type ka thing….ye director kuch bhi bta rha h….bring the reality dude…why so much fiction….dnt spoil ashok samrat history…when will the director come back on reality….thnx for the updates pooja

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    Sum one kill this old lady Helena n foolish egoistic jealous lady Charu.. They’re worst ????????

  9. Thx for the update Pooja.

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    What would b the reaction of Asoka’s soul upon watching the fool created to his story ‼⁉‼⁉⁉‼

  11. I Thnk Nw Ashoka Wil Get Clue That Helena Is Alive.Both Helena & Sushima Nt Have Heart,they Punish People Like Shariya Law In Midle East.So Cruel

  12. nice episod the scenes should be like this some intresting…anyway thanx pooja for quik updates the words u usd in btwn were funny like potli…

  13. Thx pooja, nice epi. . hardly waiting for the end

  14. Your swift updates is really appreciable. At last some relief from dragging that love story,

  15. helena death should be ” rajam “

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    Thanks pooja di for the nice update. There is no need of all the diverse storyline like virat, falling in the well, fights with the abnormal eagle , endless affairs’ of ashoka/kowrvaki,…..

  17. kaurawaki …….sar dard h

    1. Kvk to jaa rahi tho, but devi dharma ne use wapas bulakar aur bhi boring bana diya.. irritating to see her stupid face

  18. hame dhiraj rakhana hoga vo kya he na ki kvk ka bhut importence he ashoka ke dil me esliye itna dikha rha he lekin ab bhut hua are yar 5 shadiya karni baki he ab to kar do unki shadi…

  19. Director is really taking pain to explain minute to minute story of Ashoka very intelligently though may not be very convincingly. CAS will create a record of longest running serial.

  20. Director should end both Helena track and Swayamvar track. I don’t think in book about emperor Ashok, there is mention who was his favorite wife. And if emperor Ashok had a favorite wife I don’t think it was Kaurvaki. I think Asandhimitra was his favorite queen. Because she was his chief concort.

    1. true, dont know how long will swayamvar last.. Its been month since swayamvar is in progress. Even Ramayana/mahabharat did not have such long swayamvar with still selection tests

    2. Yes you are right and fisrt time in history, in CAS two boys are having swayamvar! The don’t know that Prince don’t have swayamvar they take part in it

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