Abhigya and ishveer life episode 23


Sorry sorry sorry sorryyyyyyyy really sorry for my late update it is due to my WiFi modem. I try to update Sunday itself bcoz WiFi modem came Sunday only but telly update didn’t took my article. I think all are angry at me. I am sorry. I miss you all dears. Now coming to the story,
Episode starts with all the one happy faces.
Abhi- rv come here one minute.
Rv went to abhi and asked what?
Abhi and Rv discussed something but voice was muted.
Finally they finished their talking and came to them.
Rv- we all are going for restaurant
Pragya- wow really you are awesome bhai
Abhi- hello idea was mine but you are praising your bhai.
Ishani- it is so important right
Abhi- of course it is important wait.. wait.. if you have the brain only you know that that means you have no brain right.
Ishani opened her mouth with full of anger
Rv- you are correct Abhi She had no brain
Pragya- how dare you both of you
Abhi- don’t worry you also don’t have brain
Pragya- Ishani what you will do to me when you are angry at me that you do to my bhai
Ishani smiled but Rv was confused
Ishani came to Rv and turns Rv ears.
Rv started to shout in pain. Pragya smiled

She took one stick and started beat Abhi by saying.
Pragya- this is my style Abhi
Rv and abhi shouts in pain.
Karan and Sakshi was shocked as well as surprised by their behavior
Finally they left Rabhi and ask them to say sorry
Abhi- why should we ask
Pragya took stick, Ishani came to hold rv’s ear
Rv panicked and says- no no idiot ask sorry da
Pragya- hello bhai you also
Rv murmurs something
Ishani- what??? In a angry tone
Rv- nothing nothing i didn’t say anything
Pragya- then ask sorry
Rabhi ask sorry with a pout
Sakshi- finally your fight got over
All the one smiled
Karan- ok we both are going to home
Rv- who told you both are going to home
Sakshi and Karan looks confusingly
Abhi- you both are coming with us
Pragya and Ishani shouts woooowww super
Karan and Sakshi was shocked to hear
Karan- but…. Rv cut off him by saying
Rv- sir we booked table for you also
Sakshi- oh.. then ok we are coming
Abhi called someone and says book 6 tables
Kakshi was shocked and ask you told you booked the table.
Rv- it was not true if we doesn’t say we booked you both confirm not come so only
Kakshi smiled and says Abhi and Rv you both are smart.
Rabhi says thank you
All went to car ishveer sat in front, Sakshi sat in middle and abhigya sat in last

Ishani- Rv how long it will take
Rv- only 15 minutes
Pragya- 15 minutes why there is no hotel near
Abhi- not like that if you came there then you comes to know why we both selected this restaurant.
Pragya- then ok, mam can i ask you something
Sakshi- sure but one condition.
Pragya-what condition mam
Sakshi- you should not call us mam and sir. Call me as di
Pragya face glowed and says ok man i mean ok di, if you don’t mind can u tell you both are arranged marriage or love marriage
Ishani- idiot, this is your question have you gone mad idiot
Sakshi- no no not like that I will not take it as wrong, Pragya we both are love marriage.
Pragya- wow who proposed first
Karan- of course I am the one who proposed first bcoz she is very silent
Rv- but this both are chatterbox
Abhi- yes if they both opened their mouth then we have to close their mouth by some instruments
Pragya and Ishani beat Abhi and Rv at the same time. They both shout in same time
Pragya- you continue jiju
Ishani- jiju??? In confuse
Pragya- huh.. if mam is my di then her husband is my jiju, now you tell me jiju how you proposed di
Karan- in college in front of students, teacher, and principal too
Rabhi in shock- principal?????
Karan- yes bcoz principal is my uncle we can say he is a joker always smiling face
Ishani- what di told to you
Pragya- someone scold me for this but they alone asking.
Ishani- shut up pragya, you say jiju what happened next
Karan- i neel in front of her and i proposed her all the one encouraged me finally she too accepted.
Pragya- wow di accepted it was awesome
Sakshi blushed
Pragya- see someone is blushing
All the one smiled
Abhi- when you both got married
Karan- before five days
Rv- omg newly married couples then we can enjoy more

They reached the restaurant
It was decorated with flowers and lights. It is not like ordinary restaurant. The entry was like heaven entry
All went inside the restaurant
The chairs are not inside the four walls it is in outer. There is a stage too. We can see the moon light. All the one sat in their seat
Pragya- really it was awesome I love this place
All the one smiled. Someone came to stage and welcomed all.
Person- before eating all the pair want to dance it is compulsory.
Abhigya, ishveer and kakshi went to stage
Tum hi ho plays our cute pairs danced romantically. Finally they all end up the dance with hug. All ate food
Ishani- wait a second I will come back soon
Ishani went to ask rest room
She heard some familiar voice.
She went near to him
Boy- dad i am Ankush son so don’t worry I will handle them
Ishani was shocked to hear he is Anguish and sitting person is his son.
She walked front casually bcoz to see his son face . She succeed in seeing his face and was shocked to see the person face
Ishani to herself ask- Uv???? That means he is son so only he is trying to separate Abhi and Rv????
She covered her face with duppata
Uv- don’t worry dad i will separate them but dad Pragya is not coming to college.
Ishani- omg he is talking about pragya
Anguish- you are talking casually or you want to see pragya
Uv- no dad nothing like that
Ishani- omg what is happening here i want to talk to Rabhi and pragya about this
Uv saw Ishani but he can’t identify her
Uv- hey girl what you want
Ishani jerked and saw who is that girl by turning back side
Uv- you only come
Ishani was shocked
Screen freezes on Ishani shocking face

Guys plz forgive me I told the reason also so plz don’t angry on me i missed you all dears

Credit to: Monesha

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