Abhigya- My hero episode 6

Hi guys this is Monesha. Actually i thought to upload this on new year but unfortunately tu gave leave so I couldn’t so let’s go to the story,


This episode was dedicating to my best best close friends santhiya, sneka and mathuranjani

Back to the story,

Episode start with professor coming to class. Every one wished. Time passed, finally class over. Bulbul says thank god class got over. ok guys we can go for movie today. Pragya says i can’t come you all go. Abhi says hey what’s wrong with you. You have to enjoy the life for some times. Pragya says that day went abhi. Purab says pragya we will talk to tanu and your aunty. Pragya says pls guys understand my situation. Saying this she went from that place. Abhi asked guys what is going on here. I couldn’t get it. Purab says nothing movie cancelled we can go. At that time vijay came and called alia. Alia asked what happened? Vijay says come with me i have to introduce you to my parents. Bulbul says go Alia. Alia asked why? You want to enjoy with your purab. Bulbul says just shut up. Vijay take my sister pls. Before alia could say something vijay dragged her. Purab says ok come on abhi we can go. Abhi says ni you both go i am having some important work. Bulbul says then ok bye abhi. Purab and bulbul went from that place. Abhi took his car and drives to Pragya’s house. Here pragya came inside. She was about to step upwards but tanu called her.

Pragya turned to see tanu. Tanu says your works are waiting. Pragya says i know that. Tanu says but today i want you to buy all the things in this list. Pragya says okay. Tanu gave her a list. Pragya took that and went out. When pragya went out abhi entered the house. Tanu saw him and got excitement. Tanu says Abhi… Come come… Come inside. Abhi came inside. Tanu says wait i will come within a minute. Abhi nodded. She went inside the kitchen. Tanu says to herself omg… Abhi came now what to do. I should impress him. For that… yes I should cook. She started to cook. Here He went upwards and went to pragya’s room. He opened and shouts surprise…. But he couldn’t find her. Abhi went inside and thinks where is that idiot pragya. She will come to her home only right then where is she? At that time his yes fall on diary. Abhi came near to that diary and took it. Abhi says diary?? Whose will be this? Come on abhi it is Pragya’s home then it will be her diary. Now shall I open this? No… No… This will be her personal diary then how can I open this? Ok i can do like this if i saw my name then i will read that only. He opened her diary and says i am sorry pragya. He searched his name and found at one place. He read it. In diary, i never thought he will be this much attitude. I just hate that abhi. I have to prove him who is Pragya. How dare he came to my room and shouts at me. I am not going to leave him. Abhi was shocked as well as boiled inside. Abhi thinks how dare she how can she thought like this. Wait i am going to ask about this and I will give punishment.

He came down and again saw his name. Abhi again read it. In diary, actually i was wrong about him. He is really sweet. When I shared my feelings to him i felt i was free bird. I never shared everything with anyone in short time but I shared to him in very short time. I really Amazed myself. I think he will be my best friend forever. Abhi smiled and says very cute. He turned again some pages and found his name again. He started to read. In diary, today my feeling towards him was different. I compared purab and abhi. When I was with him my heart beat was rising. I don’t know what feeling is this. I lost myself when I am with him. Abhi thinks even i lost myself when I am with her that too on that day when she was in saree omg i was completely lose my since and i went to near her and touched her. I think she wrote that too. I want to check that now. He turned page and saw his name again. In diary, omg i can’t imagine that thing now also. Still i am confused that it is dream or real. I was totally closed no i don’t want to imagine again that. Abhi turned page and he again saw his name. In diary, today i realised my feelings towards him. It everything indicate that i am in love with him. Now i was really happy about this. Abhi was shocked to see this. Abhi thinks it means she loves me? But how can she do this? I am also having same feelings but I didn’t felt that i love her but how could she? I think i should be in distance with her. He kept that diary and went from the home. Abhi thinks now my only friend in this house means it is tanu only. I am not going to talk with pragya. With that thought he left from the house.

Tanu came out and shouts its ready but she couldn’t find him. Tanu wonder where is this abhi went? Here abhi was keep on thinking about pragya. How can she do like this? She is also like other girls. I am not even going to talk with her. He drives his car very speed.
Screen freezes on Abhi’s angry face.

PRECAP- Abhi was about to enter but he stopped when he hears tanu voice tanu shouts you are like my slave pragya got it don’t ever dare to cross your limit. By saying this she squeezed her hand. Pragya was in pain filled with tears trying her best to remove her hand. Abhi was shocked to see all this.

I know you all will scold me because this episode is boring that too after new year. I am here to give promo now

Abhi pulled pragya out of the car in rain. He knelt and says i love you pragya. I am really sorry for making you to wait and for avoiding you. Pragya took her hand from his and says i never loved you. Abhi was shocked and stood up. Screen shift to another scenes. Abhi pulled pragya close and says i know for what you are saying this. You are mine pragya. Now you will see my game that will unite us. Pragya looks him with shock.

Why pragya said that she didn’t love? What makes abhi to realise his love? What will be his game? I hope you all will guess. Let’s see.

Actually i will always give promo separately but what to do your sister become very lazy so only ?????. Pls forgive me

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  10. Roli

    Wishing you a very happy new year choti ?????????
    Today only I read this story…. It’s really awesome…. Loved it dear… And this episode is not yet all boring… You are simply awesome????
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    1. Prabhi

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      1. Roli

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  15. Prabhi

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    Well the ff’s are amazing and I love it ? love ❤️

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