Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 16

Feeling excited after reading ur comments thanks for ur support and guys couldn’t upload episode tmrw n monday apologies for that no more bak baks let’s get into the story..
As Abhi confessed all his feelings Pragya was still in shock.Abhi shooks her n says,Chashmish!!Pragya says,Haa..Abhishek..Abhi asks,Now let’s go down..Pragya remains expression less she thinks,Wht happened just now is I’m dreaming or Wht..he confessed then he said come let’s go down..he really doesn’t want my answer or Wht n he looks at him confusingly.Abhi understood her confusion n says,Chashmish I ll never ask u to answer for this..I just confessed Wht I felt it doesn’t mean u also wanna reciprocate the same.Pragya thinks,How a man could b like this..he confessed me n he doesn’t urging me for the answer actually he didn’t need any answer from me..Is this a kind of prank or Wht n she finally opened her mouth n asks,Abhishek u r playing prank on me ryt?Abhi laughs.Pragya was again confused n says,Abhishek pls stop this yaar..stop laughing I’m really feeling nervous y u r doing like this..Abhi says,K..I’m Sry.

.Wht I confessed is not a prank it’s deep inside from my heart can’t u feel it..Pragya says,I could..but..Abhi says,I don’t need ur answer now take ur own time I ll wait till my life time n smiles.Pragya nods n says,Let’s go down.Abhi says,Chashmish one more thing.Pragya asks,Wht..Abhi says,I tried alot to put my nervousness aside n confessed my feelings u know sure I ll feel Restless till I got an answer from u..take ur own time but pls don’t take much time pls..he pouted.Pragya couldn’t help he smiled n says,Abhishek I don’t expected u ll propose me.Abhi says,It’s not proposal it’s confession Chashmish.They started to move down..Pragya asks,Whts the difference.Abhi says,Thr is a different Chashmish..Proposal is proposing..confession is confessing..Pragya glared at him.

Abhi smiles.Pragya says,Abhishek tell me r u serious?Abhi says,Damn serious..Pragya says,But u should never curse me if I rejected ur proposal.Abhi raised his brows n says,Confession.Pragya says,K..if I said no for ur confession.Abhi says,Thr is no yes or no for confession my sweet heart.Pragya says,Whatever Abhishek don’t get over excited actually Love is not my cup of tea..don’t expect positive answers from me.Abhi just stopped n thinks,No..Abhi..trust ur love..U had seen love in her eyes..thr should b no chance of no.Pragya asks,See..Abhishek love ll always give pain..Abhi says,I love pain Pragya..it doesn’t matters..Pragya says,I’m leaving now..Abhishek but promise me u hav to b my best friend forever n ever..whatever it may b.Abhi says,Sorry I can’t promise that..don’t mistake me..here ur frnd is waiting for u..I think u r indirectly saying the answers for my confession to avoid hurting me n I think I got the answer for my confession..U may go now..Pragya says,Abhishek it’s not like that..Abhi says,K..I could understand take care..bye..Pragya couldn’t tolerate his sudden avoidance monosyllabic expressions she thinks,Y his avoidance is affecting me..he is just frnd ryt..

or more than that..he is confusing me..no Pragya he is not confused..u r the one confusing u n him..n looks into his eyes n says,Bye Abhishek..Abhi says,But Chashmish I’m saying this again..U r the one..u ll b the one..now..forever n ever..I wanna make love to u all the time..That’s it nothing more..And hereafter I won’t ask u for the answer by saying this a drop of tear rolled from his eyes.Pragya feels bad n says,Abhishek..Pls don’t do like this..Abhi says,Sorry..Pragya..anyways..I ll b ur bestie..forever here is my promise..n gives a friendly hug which made Pragya to shiver at the moment.Pragya manages n says,Thanks Abhishek..
Pragya thinks,Why I’m feeling nervous when he hugged me..it was do formal na nothing intense but it made to shiver.Pragya n Abhi came down Finally.Tanu asks,Oh..madam..now it’s not dim uh..Pragya says,Sry..Tanu says,It’s K..PraNu waves bye.Nikkil n Purab gives a hug n says,Thanks for coming.Pragya could feel the difference btwn their hugs n Abhi’s hug.Abhi stood thr with a innocent smile n waves his hand.Pragya too smiles n they started to move from thr.PraNu was on the way to hostel.Pragya was thinking abt Abhi’s words..she thinks,How cool he is..he proposed me no..no..confessed me just like that..

now Wht should I say to him..He clearly told he didn’t need any answers for now..but any how he needs my answer and it’s too loyal..Wht should I ll say to him..Is that love..I can’t imagine that if I fall in love..but I’m loved by someone whose love is not like Maa’s or Bulbul’s..wait Wht abt Maa..Wht she ll think if I’m here loving a man..how ll I introduce Abhishek to Maa..Maa he is my boy friend..oh..god it ll b worst thing in the world..if I did that sure I ll fall from Maa’s eyes..let it b Wht abt u Pragya..U r thinking abt introducing him to Maa..so it means u love him..no..no..how can I love him when thr is this much of complications r thr..but I couldn’t face Abhishek..I ll feel guilty whenever I’m seeing his face..Abhishek…why u confessed ur love..it’s killing me..I was good what v r before 1hr..within an hour priorities changed..I really like him..I’m possessive abt him that’s y I behaved Restless frustruated last night when he was speaking with Tanu..but is that love or Wht..In love alone a person ll feel possessiveness..no even a kid ll feel possessive when her mom taking some other child in her hand..wait wait..kid n mom’s love is different..mine n Abhishek’s love is different..no..no..not love relationship..Actually Bulbul my very own sister was chatting with Purab..I didn’t feel jealous but y on Abhishek especially when he was speaking to Tanu..my bestie n she is engaged too..So Pragya u love him thats y u felt jealous or Wht..Oh..God..See thats y I’m staying out of this love n all..such a complicated matter LOVE..??Tanu asks,Pragya if ur deep thoughts r over come let’s get down v reached..Exactly within an hour they reached hostel..Suddenly,Pragya’s phone beeped it was Abhi.Pragya swiped n reads the text..

Abhi:Hey..hope u both reached hostel safe.
Pragya:Ya..Abhishek just now..thanks.
Abhi:Fine..have good sleep sure u both ll b exhausted n thanks for today..
Pragya:Actually I hav to thank u for this day for Tanu.
Abhi:Ya..but I personally thanking u for this day..for ME..
Pragya:Fine Abhishek..No thanks btwn frnds.
Abhi:That’s my Chashmish K..hav a good sleep..tc
Pragya: Good nyt Abhishek?

Pragya took a deep breath n says,He is so sweet n genuine..Pragya u r thinking abt urself..do u think u r perfect for him..not at all..u can’t b like Abhishek..he is caring..loving..charming..but u r boring..chatter box..Chee..u r too bad..she cursed herself.
They reached the room,Tanu asks,y u r behaving weird.Pragya thinks,Tanu could help her n drags her n makes her sit in bed n says,Tanu listen to me carefully just look into my eyes..Tanu confused n asks,Ur eyes r chashma.Pragya irked n asks,Y can’t see my eyes properly through my chashma.Tanu says,No..actually no one could see spectaled eyes properly.Pragya says,But he saw clearly in my eyes,said in a monotone.Tanu asks,Who..Wht u r saying tell me clearly..Pragya says,K..now assume u r me n me is him.Tanu irked asks,Who is that he n him n all..Pragya says,Abhishek.Tanu asks,Wht he saw in ur eyes..ur love for him uh?Pragya shocked n asks,How u know..I mean u all know this..Abhishek told u na.Tanu smiles n says,Relax..

I could see ur love for him in ur eyes when u r gazing at him.Pragya says,No Tanu..it’s not love..I like him thats it.Tanu says,K..then it’s upto u..if u refused then Meetu ll marry Abhi..then ur wish by saying this she laid down in bed n says,Good night Pragya.Pragya says,Tanu u r wrong..he is so genuine towards his feelings he won’t marry Meetu.Tanu laughs n says,Go n sleep.Pragya nods n laid on bed she couldn’t sleep..same thinking is roaming over her mind.On other side,Abhi thinks,Nothing to expect from her I’m just blank no idea..but I hope it ll never spoil our frndship..he tries to sleep..

I know this is small episode but next episode ll b long forgive me my drs….

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  1. Wow superb da. Nice proposal, I mean confession love it and love u?. And y 2 days waiting for their next meeting yaar.

  2. wow..very nice sri….but i cant wait.that wat was the pragya ansr..sri if u hav time pls update nxt part soon…..

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  4. Abhigya........

    Superb episode…

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  7. Reshma Pradeep

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  15. Superb yaar really abhi s sooooo genuine I thk he s the best man bt wat happen to pragya u just end’s today’s episode also lk sterday I mean no ans 4m pragya thn v hv 2 wait 4 2 days I thk by Tuesday only v vl get ur nxt episode yaar not fair plzzzzz update asap tz only I can say…bt really today’s episode s amazing especially abhi chanceless I love him a lotttttttttttt

  16. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

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  19. Very very emotional proposing ha confessing its really a good feeling. They both are made for each other forever and for their whole seven lives its world true.you are making them as a passionate pair.loving your episode very much.here our old abhi back with some cute and nautiness added its good to see him with fuggi.

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  23. Pls update next episode ??

    1. I uploaded yesterday itself I don’t know y they r not posting it yet!!

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