Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika as Sahil’s wife

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Nani and Aarya come to the hall. Ved was excited to wear the new kurta Vaidika got for him. He runs outside to show his dress to everyone. Sahil also came to the hall. They hear Vaidika walk out in blue saree. Vaidika heads to start the pooja of Diwali. Sahil says they need to do something before that. He says Radha Krishna witnessed their story, but not the world. He wants to name their new life through this mangal sooter and sindoor. He promises to protect her each day and walk beside her. He asks if she will marry him. If her heart agrees upon this relation then forget about everything in life, and only think about herself. Aarya and Nani compels Vaidika to agree. Aarya says only a mother and wife could do what she has done for Ved’s life. Nani says it was Bari Amma who kept them away for

years, else they could have married five years ago. Vaidika was thinking about Bhoomi. Sahil promises not to do anything wrong with Bhoomi. Bhoomi cries saying she is really afraid to say a yes. Sahil holds her hands and assures he is with her at every step of life. They have lost five years of their life, he doesn’t want to lose a single minute now. He fills Vaidika’s hairline and ties a mangal sooter around her neck, both hug each other.
There, Bhoomi cries receive the divorce from Sahil. Sahil had written a letter with it for Bhoomi. He expressed he is saddened to have lost years of their lives but it’s wrong to stay together after what has been revealed. She might as well move forward in her life now, while he cannot live without Vaidika anymore and would never be able to love Bhoomi. Sahil promised that he would never take Ved away from her, he will live with her for a few days in a week while for others he will stay with them. Bhoomi tears the letter and cries shouting in agony. Puneesh comes to Bhoomi’s room and being sympathetic she says there is a single chance left and that is to kill Vaidika. Bhoomi asks if Puneesh has gone insane, Vaidika is her sister after all. Puneesh shows false sympathy with Bhoomi and blames Vaidika for snatching Sahil and Ved from him. Bhoomi says Vaidika bears the child through which her Ved would recover. Puneesh says he has spoken to a doctor in America. Ved has two to three years and will recover soon. Bhoomi allows Puneesh to do whatever he deems rights. Puneesh smirks and thinks love is crazy; he wants to kill Vaidika and her kids so that Sahil finally goes mad.
Puneesh watch from outside as his goon replaces a toy cracker with real gun powder bomb. Aarya and Ved come outside. Aarya makes Ved up that they will wait aside while Vaidika will burn this cracker. Puneesh watch Vaidika’s mangal sooter and hairline filled in sindoor. Sahil brings Vaidika to a corner and thanks her for making this Diwali beautiful. He demands Vaidika to say I love you to him. Vaidika felt shy and runs away instead.
Sadika comes to Vaidika’s house running cheerfully. Gauri and Manish greet Sahil. Sadika hugged Vaidika and happily says she missed her. Sadika then runs to hug Ved. Gauri tells Sahil its Vaidika who invited them. Gauri notices the mangal sooter and sindoor and asks if they married? She hugs Vaidika and congratulates her. Ved was excited to blow the crackers. Gauri takes the children aside. Vaidika takes the box with the real gun powder. Puneesh watch this, eager to see blood-shed.

PRECAP: Vaidika confronts a few women right activists who had come with Bhoomi and questions who are they to decide the legitimacy of her relationship. Later, Sahil feels something with wrong with the cracker Vaidika was about to lit.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Oooh im such a softie I cried along with sahil and vedika with dat sindoor and mangalsutra scene. Bhoomi will never learn imagine takin advice from puneesh after BA,this woman doesnt know d meanin of self respect

  2. Good episode again…especially the moments between Sahil and Vedika. I’m so proud of Sahil for putting Vedika’s name before his on the house plaque outside, he’s so proud of being Vedika’s husband, I can see it. I think that Sahil got his determination to be Vedika’s husband in the true sense of the word when it was revealed by BA that Anjana had accepted his relationship with Vedika and was going to allow them to marry, that was the defining moment for his decision.. I can’t stress enough how much I’m enjoying these episodes, I get all starry-eyed and emotional. Friends…if you were to find a husband like Sahil, this is what you will be in for, so much romance, he’ll not want to leave the house …lol… At the moment, I’m enjoying the romance till controversy crops up but at least they are together to fight their battles.

  3. Leisa, I also loved the mangalsutra and sindoor scene…awesome!! I just never knew that a single act like that could be so romantic 😍😍….anyways… I didn’t know Puneesh could shout, he took me by surprise… I know I shouldn’t say this but I felt sorry for BA but what you sow, you reap, right? That’s karma biting her where it hurts, her soft spot for Sahil and Ved but then again, she’s only loved male children so they are lucky to be spared her hatred. I’m happy to see Nani turning over a new leaf. Karan Jotwani acting is awesome to the max… Love him endlessly 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…Vedika too, I like her shyness when Sahil flirts with her, I wonder if we’d ever see any intimate bedroom scenes!!! Hmmmmm…. Anyway, I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing Vedika become pregnant and Sahil taking care of her… Leisa, I think that this serial teaches a lot to men, on how to handle familial problems, how to treat a wife, a friend, how to be a great father, like when a few episodes ago with Ved lying on Sahil’s stomach on the bed and Sahil having that personal conversation with himself….on how to be a good son, brother, stepfather….and how to keep the wife happy and interested in the personal spaces between them. ..yep, this serial teaches good values and how good and truth always triumph over evil..

  4. I’m missing Raji on the forum, I hope all is well with her… Something must be keeping her busy otherwise she’d be here to bask in the glow of Sadika’s romance…ans give Bhoomi a good lecture. Raji, wherever you are, I hope you are OK my friend… Hope to see your comments soon…

  5. Nina

    Yes, Yes, Sahil and Vedika have given a lot of positive emotions. Sahil has been believed this day will certainly come. He was going ahead across alienation, lack of understanding, despair.

  6. Wow.. 😘😘😘😘what a beautiful and touching scene. I am not ashame to say that I shed a few tears when Sahil put the sindoor and mangalsutre on Vedika. Brainless Bhoomi! Still craving for Sahil. She is so obsessed. If that letter Sahil wrote to her did not touch her then there’s no hope for her.

  7. Friends been a little busy last 2 days. Happy to know u all r missing me. What to say since the last 3 episodes i am basking in the glory of our favourite couple sadika s romance. Oh what an actor KJ is. How come somebody be so handsome with s*xy eyes, deep voice, fantastic hair, Good body etc. And fantastic acting. I cant describe hos handsomeness. Hope the actors of this serial r reading our comments. And even vedika. So softspoken, so caring, willing sacrifice everything for the family. Even i like when she feels shy at this age when sahil is flirting with her. Her plus point is her lovely height his slim n trim fivure n even she has lovely hair. Even her acting is very good. Also she is a very good dancer. Did u all notice in the episode when THE QUEEN OF CRUELTY BA was exposed n sahil after lecturing the blo*dy BA is asking forgiveness with vedika n crying how lovingly not once but twice i noticed vedika not only wasbteying to calim sahil down but removes his hair from his forehead with her hands so lobingly. I watvhef that episode 5 to 6 times on my mobile. U all pls watvh that episode again. And the less said sbout the lustful, cranky, hungry for sahil physically blo*dy bastard barbie woman, pls not doll haan. The way she is behind ved like he is her fathers property i fell like burning alive this blo*dy woman. In yesterdays episode her facing was looking so long like a female horse n the amount she exposes in the serial is too much. The othet episode when sahil was taking forcibly ved away fm her n she qas as usual screeching n screaming n falling on sahils feet he should CRUSHED HER BY HIS STRONG FEET THAT MOMENT ONLY. She is a real DRAMMAR QUEEN. I hv got good adjectives to criticize her but i cannot use those words on this forum. blo*dy b*t*h.

    1. Hey Raji.. .i missed your comments… Glad to have you back…and with more fire than usual… You go girrrllll…

  8. Friends i sent by comments today early morning but i dont know it dodnt get published. I hv network issues iny house. Last SAT also i semt a lengthy comment byt i couldnt see my comments on the forum.

  9. Hi Naz i see you are watching you are watching aap ke ajaane se too my gosh what the hell is wrong with bhoomi why she cannot see that sahil loves one woman and that is vedica; bhoomi has no scruples at all she is actual licking sahils ass for him to love her, imagine it is five years he married her out of vexation for vedica and so that she could take care of the child for him, why is it she bhoomi cannot wake up and smell the coffee and see that there is only one woman for sahil and that is vedica if i was in sahils position i would have chosen vedica all the way she has more class that all of them put together and as for bhoomi no way she could hold a candle to vedica; bhoomi is obsessed with sahil and he did not even consumate their marriage because everyone know he did not marry her because he loves her it was a matter of convenience but i say bhoomi is young why she dont go outside and find herself a man to wet her or guaris husband the cougar right now he needs to release he is doing anything to lay gauri and she do not want him so this is the opportune time for bhoomi to jump his firerie rod and both of them will release and cool down in all these serials the women are being abused by the men and is like they are soooooo dotish for love they taking all the abuse for nothing, Please leave sahil and vedica to finally have each other i say let them have them romance for the whole of the night till they explode with multiple orgasms and bring the child forth who could save vedus life.

    1. Sapphire, I’ve been here since day one, didn’t miss a single episode. I’m in love with Sahil aka Karan Jotwani …so I’ve almost given up on all other serials except YTG… I come here to get my dose of romance and when I wasn’t getting any, I was still patient because I just 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Sahil Agarwal and I knew sooner or later he’ll be back in action and my waiting paid off “bigly”. None of us expected to see this day, we thought at the end of the serial we’d see Sadika united but we got this as a Divali gift and we couldn’t be happier…at least they are a couple and would fight their battles together. The amazing thing is that Sahil can romance anywhere doesn’t have to be in a bedroom as we’ll soon see… He and Vedika would romance in jail too… That’s for Bhoomi to see that regardless of what she plot and plan Sahil would be romancing with the woman he loves with a passion… So, basically everything she does to break them up, would achieve the opposite result… I enjoyed your comment…

  10. See…its past midnight and my son just came home and because I can’t fall asleep quickly enough, I came up here not expecting to see Raji hear my plea and concern for her absence but lo and behold I find not only Raji but my dear friend Sapphire who calls it as she sees it…now I can’t fall back asleep because I LMAO reading the comments….so therefore my beauty sleep has gone through the window at this ungodly hour of the night!! I ain’t blaming you ladies, I looked for it!!

  11. That place where Vedhika says that she wants to accept but is scared, is the reality.. and when she has the assurance from sahil that he will protect her from everyone and then she agrees is so cute & meaningful.. She looked very pretty in yesterdays episode..
    That blue saree and sahils flashback..was so cute too.
    After he fills her hairline and puts that mangalsutra, she willingly and by herself, hugs sahil for the first time out of love and not desparation..and acknowledges their relationship in front of everyone..
    This is all so beautifully written..
    Sahils expressions, mischief, smile, anger, love,longing, romance is all so wonderful.. makes us too fall in love with him..
    And when in the precap, vedhika finally fights for her identity and relationship, is what we had been waiting for months together..

  12. Hi Sapphire.. welcome to the team. Your comment had me in stiches😂. Your are right Bhoomi needs to get her fustrstion out and Deepak would have been the perfect partner as they are both gagging and lusting for s*x.
    Raji nice to hear from you again. Your description for Bhoomi is very appropriate.
    For now we are being spoilt with sadika moments. Sahil is such a charmer and I like it that Vedika is now responding to Sahil advances. OMG that hug after the sindoor scene felt so tight. 😘😘. This is the first time if I am right Vetika has hugged Sahil so tight and willingly.

  13. Friends 2day we will be seeing lovey dovey scenes between our loved couple in the jail scene. Wating desperately for tonights episode. I cant hv enough of their romantic scenes from the karva chauth day till tday.

  14. Muniya

    Lovely episode😘😘😘😘😘😍😍

  15. Marie Raphael

    Lovely Episode, Vadika and Sahil is such a wonderful pair and a jodi hit 🙂
    Sahil kinda reminds me of Sid from Jamai Raja, like Sid, .
    The episodes just ummm WOW these days, lots of romance, OMG Sahil filling Sindoor on Vadika hairline was so emotion and the mangal Sooter scene was full of chills, I wish every episode continues like this 🙂

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