Krishna Chali London 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna loses her scholarship

Krishna Chali London 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadda asking Radhe to drop Krishna to the airport. Krishna comes there and sees her bag. She checks it. Radhe asks have you lost something. Krishna says I have lost my passport. He asks what. Dadda asks where’s Krishna’s passport, where did you keep it, try to remember. Krishna says it was in the cupboard. He asks everyone to look for it. Bela says its passport, not a bird to fly. Radhe says its not here. Dadda says try to remember where you have put it, did you forget it at your home, call and inquire, do it, it imp. Pinky prays for Krishna. Gajanan says its not there. Lali says think once again, where did you keep the passport. Shuklain worries. Dadda stares at everyone. Shuklain asks when did you see it the last time. Krishna says I have kept it with ticket. Pinky says look what I found. She shows the burnt passport. They get shocked. Krishna cries. Dadda shouts who burnt it. Pinky says I got this in temple, I was praying that Krishna doesn’t go. Dadda asks how did passport reach there. Krishna says I know who did this. She looks at Radhe.

She says when I was about to leave once, Radhe jumped off the terrace, am I right, you did it, right? You have burnt this passport, you didn’t wish me to go to London, why are you trying to ruin my dreams? Tell me, why? Shuklain asks how can you accuse Radhe. Radhe says no, Krishna is right, I have troubled her a lot, I don’t want her to leave. He swears that he didn’t do anything this time. Bela says then who has burnt the passport, I didn’t do it, I don’t like Krishna. Shuklain asks Bela to be quiet for a while. She asks how much time will it take to get a new passport. Krishna rushes. She calls and informs the college dean. He says this is the third time, sorry I won’t be able to help you, maybe you are not serious in taking the scholarship, now you can take the admission by paying the full fees. She thinks what will happen of my dream now. She goes to Dadda and says my dream got ruined, course fees in 30 lakhs, I don’t have money.

Dadda says I want to see your dream coming true, this family owes you, because of Shukla’s stupidity, you couldn’t go to London, I will tell him to pay the course fees, I will send you away from here. Krishna says no, I can’t accept money from Shukla, I will think of something. She goes. He says who ruined my plan, I won’t spare that person. He sees Shuklain. Bela complains to Triloki. Radhe asks Matuk to help him in paying Krishna’s fees. Matuk asks him not to worry. He says may love prevail, consider your work is done, get the money and see how I multiply it. Shuklain apologizes to Lord for burning Krishna’s passport. Dadda comes to her. He scolds her and burns her hand. She says its paining, let me go. Krishna asks Pinky about Shuklain. Pinky says she is in temple. Krishna comes there and gets shocked. Dadda sees Krishna and starts acting. He asks Shuklain to make a vow for her family. Krishna stops Dadda. She sees Shuklain’s hand burnt. Dadda says she got so emotional that she burnt her hand. Krishna says don’t blame yourselves, but who has done this.

Bela says Krishna won’t keep Karwachauth fast. Radhe and Krishna keep fast for each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What is wrong with this serial? She had got a scholarship, she should have gone. If she loved radhe, she could have taken him with her and they could have started a new leaf of life in London. But no, Radhes mother is so selfish. When Krishna was at home, as the bahu, she was never respected. Okay, radhes mum is a good lady, means well for the women of the house. But burn someone’s passport? Burn someone’s dreams? This Krishna has gone mad to be honest. I think it’s high time she thinks about herself and leaves. If radhe loves her, he’ll come to her, even if it’s London.

  2. Eventually radhey will fulfill Krishna’s dream like she fulfilled her dream of having a motorcycle ..that’s why her dream is delaying..I am loving the track,their Tom and Jerry fights and emotional scenes are so cute..

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