Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika-Gautham wedding date fixed

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It was morning. Nani wakes Sahil up and asks him to spare their lives now. Vaidika and Gautham’s marriage is confirmed, Sahil must leave and let them live in peace now. She says her Bari Amma may again come here if he doesn’t reach home. Sahil thinks Bari Amma would suffocate him to death.
There, Bari Amma thinks Vaidika must have deliberately kidnapped her daughter. Such women are cunning and never lose guys from rich families. She only signaled Sahil and he went on to find her daughter. Anjana agrees to her, as Sahil no more cares for her. Bari Amma decides to marry Sahil with Nidhi as soon as possible. Marriages of age fellows only flourish and recalls her husband was fifteen years older than her. He got fed up of his responsibilities and left her alone. Sahil and Vaidika have

an age difference of eighteen years, she can’t let them be together.
There at home, Vaidika was upset about what if something happened to Aarya yesterday. Aarya comes out ready for school. She promises to never tease her again. Vaidika promises to do what Aarya wish for. Aarya allows Vaidika to marry again if she wants to.
Gautham bribes the Pandit and sends him to Vaidika’s house to say this marriage must take place within next four days. He holds a photo of Vaidika and says he had to do this all to get it, he loves her dearly.
Bari Amma comes to Sahil sitting in the hall. He complaint to her about going to Vaidika’s house. Bari Amma insists that she has a right to worry for him. Sahil forbids him being emotional like Anjana, she must continue roaring the way she does, it suits her. Bari Amma says she is happy that Sahil is back and tells him to reach the breakfast table. As she walks away she thinks she will never let Vaidika win over her. As soon as Vaidika marries Gautham she will throw Vaidika out of Sahil’s heart. Sahil thinks that one day Vaidika will be his; he might not force her but its decided that no one can take care of her better than him.
Nani was happy as Pandit says that Gautham is the best match for Vaidika.
There in his room, Gautham speaks to Vaidika’s photo that she is unaware to what extent he went to get her.
Pandit ji says the next four days are good for marriage. Nani agrees for a date within next four days.
On the phone call, Gautham warns the other person to keep his wife and son hostage until he marries Vaidika. No one here knows that they are alive. He speaks to Vaidika’s photo that it’s his love for Vaidika that he did all this.
Vaidika was walking home and spots Sahil on the way. He tells her to smile as it suits him. He warns to tickle her now if she doesn’t smile. Everyone in the market stared at them. Vaidika soon realizes Sahil wasn’t there, instead Gautham stood in front of him. He asks her to go home, a surprise awaits her there. Vaidika could see Sahil all around her. Vaidika wonders if she got used to Sahil. She decides to only think about her and Gautham’s wedding.
At home, Nani, Aarya and other family members congratulate Vaidika for her wedding. It’s decided within next four days. Nani tells Gautham that she never thought about getting a better life again. Vaidika leaves inside locking herself in the room. Nani comes into the room. Vaidika asks why she got the wedding date in such a hurry. Nani tries to convince Vaidika that Gautham is a good person for her, only a few people get a chance of such marriages at her age.

PRECAP: Gautham was waiting for Vaidika in the mandap. Vaidika comes downstairs in bridal attire and sense something is wrong. Sahil finds proof against Gautham and hurries on his bike to stop Vaidika’s marriage with Gautham. On the mandap, Vaidika looks around for Sahil. Gautham thinks he can go to any extent to get Vaidika. Sahil has an accident on the bike and goes unconscious.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think that Gautam probably killed Vedika’s husband many years ago. He was biding his time all this while, maybe his wife and child is just a ruse he used to make his devious plan look credible….when in fact he really wanted Vedika all along… precap looks worrying… hope Sahil isn’t hurt badly…

  2. Bullshit storyyline when it first started great NOW bullshit storyline(Gautam story) just like other series i heard…viewers will get bad ideas. Not very realistic and not good example for viewers.

  3. Muniya

    Gautam is turning into a psycho…
    Precap is killing…

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