Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Narottam gets Sudha arrested

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sudha saying what proof do you have, you will send me to jail. Narottam scolds her. She cries and slaps him. They start arguing. Adhiraj asks Narottam does he have any proof. Narottam says yes, Sudha has lit fire in that house, she wanted to kill Anami. Sudha stares at him. Narottam says she made a mistake, Anami got saved, its true Anami, my mum got your parents murdered, she has planned to frame Satrupa by threatening Sher Singh. Anami, Satrupa and Baldev scold Sudha. Baldev says you can’t slap everyone like this, Satrupa is my wife. Dadi asks why did you do this. Satrupa says you did many sins, you can’t repent in this birth, you couldn’t become a good mum and good human. Sudha says enough Satrupa, if you have proof against me, just situation is against me today, my own son back-stabbed me.

She says Lord will give me a chance to prove truth, then I will question you. Narottam says why to wait for that truth, this chapter will end today. He plays recording. They hear Sudha’s confession. Adhiraj says don’t say you were forced to say this, now just defend yourself in court. Sudha stares at Narottam. She gets arrested. She takes gun from Adhiraj and points at Satrupa. They all get shocked.

Sudha says I will not let you win easily Satrupa. Satrupa stands fearless. Adhiraj takes gun from her. Baldev slaps her. He shouts come to senses. She says forgive me Baldev, I need a doctor, I don’t want to go jail. He asks her to stop her drama. She is taken away. Adhiraj thanks Narottam and goes. Narottam cries seeing Sudha. Baldev holds him. He says we are grateful to you, if you didn’t tell us Sudha’s truth, maybe we would always have this doubt in heart, thanks, I always treated you as a stranger, you did this for us. Narottam says loneliness teaches a lot. He gets emotional. He says I did this for Anami, she stood by me when there was no one, so I went against mum, mum got punished, but I had no one with me, I lost her too. Baldev says it was my mistake too, Sudha has always used you as a sword against me, that’s why I hated you in anger, I couldn’t identity my son’s true face. He cries and goes.

Satrupa says I know how it feels when an imp part of life leaves, I can’t get Madhu and Murari back, I will try best to fill their place, I know I have hurt them a lot, I can’t even apologize to them, forgive me. Anami thinks to tell truth. Dadi comes. She says I went to temple, Lord saved us. She gives them prasad and says now your distance should end. She praises Anami and asks her to forget past, give a chance to make a new start, she wants happiness to sound in Lal Mahal. Satrupa apologizes. Anami says even I m ashamed to hurt you so much, without knowing entire truth, I blamed you. Dadi says don’t say about this again, we will welcome happiness together.

Someone comes home at night. He enters Lal Mahal.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Very hasty wrap up since show is ending. But did they bring Vatsalya back???!!! I loved that character so much that I’ll forget all dissatisfaction with the show if I see him meet Anami again. It will be a treat to watch the brother sister meet with them knowing they are twin siblings ??? I hope Anami and Vatsalya will demand elders that Narottam be made heir as he is the oldest son of Baldev and oldest grandson of Vikramaditya. Why isn’t the family apologizing to Narottam for treating him unfairly because of the truth of his birth and the misdeed of his parents. If they had given him love he would never have supported Satrupa. Let’s see what CVs do. For now happy hoping that it’s Vatsalya’s re-entry tomorrow.

    1. Sorry, I meant if he was given love, Narottam wouldn’t have supported Sudha. He just craved love and went to Anami’s side as soon as he realized he had true selfless love from her.

  2. is it vatsalya???

  3. Indeed a very Hasty wrap for this show, the only one which had no Saas- Bahu drama. We will definitely miss this show. Here the dadi was not melodramatic and neither were any of the characters over the top. Good content don’t survive on Indian Television these days.

  4. Very excited for today’s episode, really want anami- vatsalya-. narottam union.
    Even I feel RKC is wrapping up soon, but the fact is that, this is the right time to wrap it up, coz the real plot is complete now. There is no more scope to stretch this plot, except anami- adhiraj marriage, but that doesn’t come under the title & the basic plot. It was about the CHAKRAVYUH of all tangled relations & now slowly everything is coming to track. Whether it’s the mom- daughter rishta or the father – son bond, everything is gonna come in the right way.

    Will really really miss Lal mahal members as they were a part of our family, & we’d loved these real life characters, who were real to the core.?? But also accepting the fact that this journey is gonna finish with a happy note, not with CHAKRAVYUH of relations but with a beautiful web of relations.??


    1. Show will be ending by tomorrow..
    2. Very fast ending… ,????
    3. Ek yeh or ek ishqbaaz hi to dekhne layak hai star plus pr or unme se ek end ho raha hai..???
    4. I think seeing man entry its vatsalya?????
    5. No love story of anami and adhiraj…
    6. ending only of sudha lies… Nothing good..


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