aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 29)

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It was about 1 hr..They travelling in bus.

We can see the most happiest couple in the bus..

Its Vikram nd Meenakshi..

In front of them we can see the most confused face ..

Sooraj was speaking to his Mom.

Sooraj: haan maa ..me nd Vikram coming now..we were in bus now..
Just wait for us for 2 hours..

Sandhya: koun? CID?

Sooraj: who CID?

Sandhya: ur Mom..

Sooraj: she is my mom..No CID..

Sandhya: oops sorry..by the way if someone call me like this ..i will name them like this..

Sooraj: will call ur Mom too?? Like this??

Sandhya: they never interrupt in my privacy..

Sooraj: its not about privacy..it called as care..

Sandhya begun to say something..but before that..Sooraj signalled her that he was not in the mood..

After some times bus stopped for tea break..
Vikram nd Sooraj came down to brought them tea nd some snacks..

After that conversation neither Sooraj nor Sandhya tried to speak..

They remained silent..

Vikram noticed that nd asked him.

Sooraj: i said this to Already..she will never suits our family..she started to fight from now..

Vikram: u both did fight? We thought u both were knowing each other

Sooraj: why u both interested in our life?

Vikram: its not about interest..we care for u..nd as a brother i want u the perfect wife for u..not perfect daughter-in-law.

Sooraj: if someone come as my wife..she should be too good daughter-in-law for my family.

Bus started.

They both end their conversation nd get back to their seat..

Still now Sandhya didn’t face him..Nd so Sooraj..

Meenakshi said to Vikram that they both r in bad mood..

Vikram signalled her..that everything will be fine..

After sometimes Sandhya begun to fall asleep..

Suddenly she fell in Sooraj’s shoulder.

She didn’t woke up..she was still sleeping

Sooraj don’t want to wake her..

He saw her..her innocent face..
Even she was carefree, practical in outside..her face looking very innocent..he didn’t see her this much close before..
He saw the hair which was dancing in air..
The most beautiful thing which Sooraj likes in her..
It was so long..she looks too beautiful when leave her hair in loose..
But she always tightened her hair..with pony tail..
Sooraj tries to set hair in their place..but couldn’t..

Suddenly someone taps in his shoulder..

As usual Vikram.

Vikram: even now ..will u say..u don’t have any feelings for her..

Then he realise he was with everyone in the bus..

He make her sleep by window side..nd replied Vikram.

Sooraj: Nothing.

They reached their place.

Vikram nd Meenakshi asked them few minutes..

They both went ..

Vikram: what do u think?

Meenakshi: i am sure ..they were in love..buzz thoda waqt lagega to confess..maybe this will be the time..

Vikram:hmm lets see..at any cost don’t say to Sandhya u came here for nothing..its secret between us..its our duty to make understand them they r made for each other..

Meenakshi: done..but pls make it between this week..becoz i can’t handle her nd my dad after a week..i need to go na..

Vikram: sure..

He kissed in her forehead..

Then they separate as a pair..

Sandhya nd Meenakshi.

Sooraj nd Vikram.

On the way Sandhya saw pani puri Shop..

She stopped Meenakshi for pani puri..

But she refused that her stomach was not well to eat this now..nd she showed her house..it was in a some distance feet..so she ask her come there after eating..

Sandhya started to eat pani puri..

No matter on what mood she was if she started to taste one of her favourite food..she forget about everything..

Its becoz hamesha her dad will say..we should never show our anger to food..especially to our favourite one..he believes by eating it will change their mood..

She didn’t know ..it was true..but somehow it working for her..

While eating he saw one came near shop..nd asking for one plate pani puri..

But the shop owner refused by saying that ur wife will never leave me..if she came to know that i gave this to u..

Sandhya interrupted nd ask owner to give that man one plate..

Sandhya didn’t recognise him..

But he recognised her..

Sandhya: bhaiya give him na..don’t interfere in his happiness..

ShopOwner: no if his wife..

Sandhya: arrey i will handle her..

Sooraj’s dad smiled..

Sandhya: is this ur favourite uncle?

Dad: bohut..

Sandhya: achha..ok come on..cheers☺☺☺☺

They both became friends while
Eating..they both eat each other singing each other..

Dad: beta..u r so sweet ..be happy like this everytime..why u came here??

Sandhya: i came with my friend..she was in her house..

Dad: oh..i thought my son bring u here..

Sandhya shocked nd asked..

Sandhya: Son?

Dad: Sooraj..don’t u recognise me? Sooraj’s dad..

Sandhya don’t know what to say..

Dad: beta kuch tho bol..u know n..my son came here for a week..

Sandhya: is it so? I didn’t know uncle…tk i am getting late..see u later uncle..

Dad: arrey..atleast complete this..

Sandhya: neih neih uncle bye..

She turned nd started to walk..

Sooraj’s Mom came from there..

Mom: oye ladki…


Eventhough she was independent, carefree, practical, somehow she doesn’t want to interrupt with his mom..she don’t want to disobey her. She don’t want hurt Sooraj’s feelings..

To be continue…

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    First toh I m sorry for late I was suffering from Dangue so now I can use cell lil amount of time.i found your ff.
    Awesome Vikki and Minudi were superb cute hubbywify and Sandhya again fights with Sooraj.Love Babasaheb and Sandhya Pani Puri scenes now bhabho oye ladki hahaha

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  3. Please sent deya bati ham epison 29 aug 2016

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    Hi Raj ..below link is 29 Aug 2017..i didn’t post any episode on 29 Aug 2016.


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