aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 22)

Sooraj standing near the counter to give his order

He saw Sandhya who sitting in the table..

They was in Coffee shop..

She was smiling little bit by seeing the small girl feeding ice cream to her dad..

Sooraj admires her beauty..not her outer beauty..after knowing her full story,.he was still in shock about her boldness..how much tough times for her..she handles that very brilliantly..

Scene shifted to Sandhya

Most of the time Sandhya used to speak with herself when she was alone.,

Child went with her mom..
Now her inner mind interrupted her..

It started to fight with her..

Scene shifted before they came to coffee shop..

On the way..

Sooraj: r u ok?

Sandhya: hmm..i need to say something

Sooraj: what?

Sandhya: Sorry

Sooraj: kyun?

Sandhya: wo..ur mom..

Sooraj: its ok..i managed her..u don’t worry..nd i am sorry too..i behaved very rudely..

Sandhya: aisa kuch neih..

Scene shifted to present

Sandhya inner mind:
Why did u said that? There is no need na..u know that u didn’t do any mistake..

Sandhya: yes..i know that..but he was so upset with me na..

Inner mind: but what u did? Nd why u hugged him?

Sandhya can’t able to answer herself..

Sandhya: i was scared …

Sooraj arrival interrupted her conversation..

Sooraj: any important?

Sandhya: Aisa kuch neih ? Kyu?

Sooraj: seems like thinking something important..

Sandhya smiled nd said

Sandhya: my brain always used to remember, complaint, think, something..so nothing important..

Sooraj gave her plate..they started to eat..

While eating sandhya asked him

Sandhya: can i ask u something?

Sooraj: yes..

Sandhya: u didn’t say to me that u r commited.

Sooraj: Matlab?

Sandhya: matlab..on phone conversation ur mom said something like..did u saw that girl?

Sooraj understands what she trying to say..

To be continue…

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