Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 6)

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“Just wait and watch, how I separate swara from sanskar”he smile evily.

As soon as he turned, I was shocked to see that person… he was non other than shekhar uncle. But Y ???

” baba…” I called him.

He turned back. ” u .. blo*dy womanizer how dare u? ?Call me baba ” he shouted on me.

” Y r u doing this? U cut all the ties with swara. Now Y r u separating us. U told swara that she is dead for u. Now at least live us peacefully..”

” shut up u.. U ruined her life. U made her life hell. I had seen her condition. What u have done to her. U showed me to which extended a person can fall to satisfy his lust..”

” baba U r crossing ur limits.. I love her. U don’t know her place in my life..”

” I know her place is only in ur bed. U only want to used her body to fulfill ur lust. I haven’t seen such a cheap guy in my life. U have no values for ur family”

” enough Mr shekhar Gadodia. Don’t give me lecture on family. Who himself left her wife. Don’t know Y shomi aunty forgive U, gave u second chance.. ”

“I’m better than u, just leave my daughter..”

” I’ll not. She is my life..” I’m damm sure about our relationship.

” I don’t believe u. Don’t know when u would fed up of her her body. U would sold her…” Before he could continue further I slapped him.. He fell down. And blood is flowing out from his mouth.

” u have crossed ur limit. Swara loves u a lot. I have seen her crying for u. But u hurt her .. Don’t u ever show ur face to us..” I moved from there..

” sanskar ” he called.. I turned ” just wait and watch. How I’ll get prove against u? Then I’ll get my daughter back.. I know she is mad in ur love. But when ur reality will come before she will left u ”

” do whatever u want.. She will never leave me ..” I left from there..

I came to my room. I thought to tell everything to swara. But how can I .. Tell her the thing her baba said about us.. It’s better to keep this in myself. In the night I called swara .

” how’s my jaan?”

” pathetic “she sounds so low

” but I’m all good. U know jaan there is lot of beautiful girls there, very beautiful.? ” I thought to cheer up her.

” R they beautiful than me.” I love the way she said this.

” hmm.. It’s tough jaan u always wear simple clothes, but they r in short dresses.. They r quite hot ?”

” and me “?

” u r sweet, but one can’t take their eyes from them..”?

” hubs, please don’t look at them, when u come here I promise I’ll become like them, I’ll also wear short dresses ” aww my soo cute shona ?

” oh really what will u wear ”

” anything u want but please don’t look at them..”

” I don’t want u to wear anything when I’m near u ”

” hubs…but ”

” sssh shona, r u missing me ”

” yes..?”

” how much..”

” I don’t know. I can’t measure it. ”

” what r missing about me, my kiss my touch or..”

” hubs please don’t say anything else, whenever u talk me like this, something happens to me..”

” shona I want to kiss u. Please come to me.”

“Hubs..” Just then I heard someone knocking the door..

” jaan who’s in the door ”

” hubs wait let me open the door ” she opened the door ” sahil.. Y u came here ” oh this sahil I hate his presence. Don’t know his presence near my wife boils my blood thousands of time

“Jaan Y he came here ” I asked to her.

” hubs i will talk to u later. ” she disconnected the call. I don’t like it. He spoiled our beautiful moments. I closed my eyes. But I couldn’t able to sleep whole night. I tried to call her but no response. In the whole night I was restless..

Next morning I called her but she didn’t picked it up. Don’t know but my heart starts beating fastly. As if something bad might happened.

” sanskar think positive may be she is still sleeping. ” I tried to assure myself. I tried to keep my concentration on my case.

In the evening I called swara. Luckily she picked up.

” shona where were u? I was so tense. ”

” hubs I was with my mom. ” I reminded the shekhar words.

” jaan everything is fine.”

” no nothing is fine. ” shomi aunty shouted at me. ” u stay away from my daughter. I have only one daughter and I don’t want to loose her. I was listening swara’s words she is continuously pleading her.

” ma don’t say anything to him. U r thinking worng about him. He is innocent. ”

” shut up shona. Don’t take his side.”

I know that shekhar told her those stupid things. Because she is very sweet.

” u Mr sanskar Maheshwari. Better u stay away from her. Find other girl to satisfy ur lust. I’ll never forgive u. To what u did with my daughter ” and the call is disconnected.

I thought the whole day what was happening. Everything was messed up. How to sort it. I thought to return. But last hearing was left. But it didn’t bother me because it was about me and my jaan.

Then someone knocked at the door. She was a girl nearly 19.

” yes, what u want?”

” u ”

” what ?!!” With this she came inside and someone knocked the door. ” What the hell ur doing here.”

” sir, I m quite young.. Beautiful also..” She started opening her dress. I closed my eyes and joined my hand ” please..?”

She stopped and looked towards my phone. ” sir, she is the girl to whom u r denying me.”I opened my eyes..

” ya she is my wife. My jaan. ”

” sir, she is very lucky. I’m sorry sir I’m doing my work. Otherwise they will not leave me. They will not going to open this door before 3 hours. ”

I tried to open the door

“Sir, please he will kill my mom. And sir don’t ask his name. Please..”

“OK. U can stay here till then don’t come near me.” I move towards window.

“Hi my name is Tanya ” I didn’t replied to her..

After two hours swara called me again.

” jaan r u OK.. What was ma saying ”

” hubs, she misunderstood u. She abused u also..? I’ll never talk to her. Please forgive me.. I’m sorry.. ”

” jaan, Y r apologizing .. Let it be. ”

” hubs, now I’m not suitable for u leave me…”

” enough shona, it’s not ur mistake. ” just then Tanya starts shouting..

” aww.. Lizard.. ” now u gone sanky..

” hubs, u r with someone.. Who is she. ”

” u told me to leave u so I find a new girl for me. She is so sweet.. ”

” hubs.. Keeps phone in speaker.. I want to talk her..” First I deny.. But I was enjoying her jealousy.then I agree..

” hey u, who so ever u r, please stay away from my hubs. He is mine. ” cutiepie shona.. I signaled Tanya.

” I’ll not ur hubs is so smart, handsome u can find someone else. Give him to me. I’ll give him love..”

This is for my jaan. She started abusing her badly.. ” I’ll kill u blo*dy cheapo. If even tried to touch u I’ll not leave u.” She was continuously abusing her..

” jaan relax. She is just my friend. No one is stealing ur hubs. I also can’t leave without u.. I love u jaan..?”

” hubs, don’t tease me like this..” She cut the call. I tried to call her many times but she ignored finally 3 hours completed.

” sir, ur wife loves u too much. I wish u both stay together forever .” with her blessing she left.

After that day, shona generally started to ignoring my calls..

“Hi shona”

” hubs, I’ll talk to u later ”

” is everything is fine ”

“Ya.. ” I was feeling some pain in her voice is she hiding something? May it was because of shekhar..

“Say, u love me ”

” I love u hubs..”I smiled ” Awww ” she a loud.

” shona r u OK. Y r u shouting. ”

” hubs, I’m watching I horror movie.. I’ll talk to u later “..

I felt bad for hurting her..With this my last hearing ended and we won the case.. I reached back to her.. It was a rainy day..

Flashback ends..

I looked towards her. She was holding me like a cute child. ” sorry jaan for hurting u. After that incident u thought that I’ll leave u. I don’t know what shekhar and shomi aunty told u that, u r that much afraid. But jaan ur hubs loves u,more than anything. I removed her hand. And left.

Sanskar’s POV ends..

Swara’s POV …

As soon I woke up my eyes started searching for him.. ” hubs where r u? Hubs. ” no reply.I searched everywhere… I thought he left me may be he get to knew everything..

“Hubs, please come back. I’m sorry to hurt u. ” I was crying. Just the I felt someone hold me from behind. I was afraid that it might be sahil. But .

” jaan searching for me.”

“Hubs. ” I hugged him. ” please don’t leave me like this. ”

He cupped my face “Jaan, go take shower. I have something especial for u “.. He winked.?

I obeyed him. After taking shower I came out. He came near me. And suddenly light went off. I suddenly hugged him ” hubs I’m afraid of dark. Please don’t ..”

He released the hug. Only considerable amount of light moon was there. He started opening the knot of my bathrobe. ” hubs.. U promised me u will “..

” sssh shona, let me do my work..” I didn’t deny him. Room is dark if he will make love with me. He couldn’t able to see my marks.. Moreover they were faded.. He slides the bathrobe from my both the shoulder and with in no time it fell down. I closed my eyes.. But then I felt. He was trying to wear me Blouse. He slided all my hair from back.and tied the knot.. I could feel his hot breaths on my back.. “Don’t worry jaan I remember my promise..” He put in the one corner on sari inside I felt some sensation in my tummy. He stated wrapping the sari almost touching my belly, as his hands touched my waist my fantasies aroused, with each touch it increased by thousands of time. His fragrance made me crazy .. He knew very well how to aroused me… He made the plates. And put it inside. I hold his hand. “Hubs I can’t take it anymore..”

” relax, jaan it’s almost done.. “. From where he got so much, patientime. With this he pin the pallu..

” now all set my jaan, it’s it good ”

” it’s awsome ”

Then he picked me up in bridal style.” Hubs where we going.. ”

“Do u trust me” I node yess ” then hold me tight ..” And we moved towards terrace..it was soo amazing.. He arranged a dinner for me. No special decorations only delicious food, few candles but it’s beauty is enhanced due to moonlight.

” hubs, all this for me. ”

” ya, ” after taking our dinner he came closer to me and sit there and put my one leg on his knee. And ties a beautiful anklet.

” shona, this will always reminds me ur presence … Never remove them. ”

“Never” I confirmed.

“Before u swara my life was like a moonless night, very dark but there were stars ,points of light and reason. And then U shot across my sky like a meteor ”

Don’t love me sanskar thus much. I can’t handle this… I was crying.. He cupped my face.. “Shona don’t … I want to drink all ur sorrows..”

He made the bed on the floor..” Shona I want to enjoy this moonlighting in my jaan embrace.. ” I moved towards him.. And sleep in his secure arms.. We both hugged each other.. Moon is showring his blessing to us..

I looked towards my cute hubs.. I slept..” I’m sorry hubs, I love u “. ..

Sorry guys if u finds Cappy boring.. And also sorry for mistakes… Next part swara’s mystery also unfold.. Pakka.. Ur friend nilu ?

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