Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 5)

Sorry friends for being late. I wrote more than half part and It got deleted.. I was crying?????. I write this part again. So sorry for any mistakes

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Sanskar’s POV

After meeting with decorator me and kavita returned back to my home. It was nearly 2:30 PM. As I reached to my home I found that sahil was continuously ringing my doorbell.

” What are u doing here ?” I asked him in a very cold tone.

“Sanky ” he was shocked to see me ” my dad told me to give this file to u , as u didn’t came office today. But ur wife is not opening the door may be she is still sleeping ”

” if u have work, with u can call me ”

“Woh , my mobile is not charged” he lied as his phone started ringing.. His voice got chocked ” oh it’s. In my pocket .. I forget ” he left .

” do u feel jealous of him ” kavita asked me.

“No, it’s nothing like that but I don’t like his presence near my wife” I explained her.

Then I rang the doorbell but, no response. But was lucky to have an extra pair of key. As soon i unlocked the door my eyes was searching for my jaan. “Jaan ur hubs came “Finally I found her in our room. Sleeping in my shirt. How cute ?. Don’t know what good deeds I did that I got her.

I kissed on her forehead,? and she woke up. And hugged me.

“Hubs u came ”

“Ya ”

” hubs do you have ur lunch ”

” ya me and kavita has eaten the lunch, do u have ?” She nodes no

” how can I eat without u, I have made it favorite curry. But it’s OK “?

” come have eat something ”

” no I don’t want to eat anything ” oh God her cute angry face .

” but I want to eat the curry, made by my jaan. U will not serve me ” she smiles and nodes yes.

” even I also want to taste the curry” kavita who was watching all this said with a smile.

My wife hold my hand, so tightly as if I would elope with kavita.

We moved to dinning table. She served me.” Jaan it’s so yummy?” I winked ?. She started blushing. She served to kavita but her whole concentrate is on me and the curry poured on kavita’s dress.

” aww..! Swara what did u do .. !” Kavita screamed.

” sorry, kavita u can wear any of my clothes ” kavita leave to our room

” what is this!! U ruined her dress ” I intentionally said this with angry face

” hubs, she need my help ” she moved to room to avoid my gaze.

My kiddo wife is so cute. She came out after sometime and her eyes filled with tears.” Hubs I’m good nor nothing. I ruined her dress.. I don’t deserve u ”

” ya ur right now u need a punishment ” I thought to tease her.

” okie hubs ” she extended her hand and closed her eyes in fear.

I moved towards her and applied some curry to her hand , cheeks and lips. I started kissing her hand. I pulled her by waist and started to Licking the curry from her cubby cheeks. ” hubs What r u doing? ” she asked in A very low tone her eyes was still closed.

” sssh ! Don’t talk in between ur punishment ” I slightly bite her cheeks. My one hand was slightly caressing her waist Her heart started beating very faste. She was taking heavy breath.”hubs..”

I licked all the curry from her lips by my tounge. I grabbed her Rosy lips. She clenched my shirt. I bite on her lips and sucked them hard. I started tasting her lips . My hand started undoing her shirt. But my bad luck kavita came at that time.

” guys I’m r..e…a…d…y”. We both were embarrassed.

” I think I should leave now” and she left.

I looked towards swara. She was blushing very much. And ran towards room. I followed her.but as soon I entered in room I was shocked she was holding some photos.

” hubs who are these girls ? They are same one that I saw in ur laptop ” oh shitt how could forget this envelope.

She started reading the letter ‘ anything u want I’ll give , u just need to call me. I’ll quench your thirst. I …” Before she could read further I tore the letter. And hugged her .

” hubs, u r not satisfied with me ” omg her sobs were killing me.

” it’s nothing shona, I don’t know how it came into my file”

” hubs, I’ll give u everything u want, my sole , my virtue my body my everything, if u want more I’ll not stop u . I can do anything for u, but don’t go for other options.” Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. How can I hurt her by telling the truth.

I kissed on her forehead ” u r my life shona ” I tried to assured her. I made her sleep on my lap. I could feel her pain. Don’t know Y u love me so much!! I still remember her condition when I went out of town for a case.

Flashback 5 weeks ago….

I was packing my bag. She was sitting with a angry face.

” jaan I’m going ” she turned her face to other side .” u won’t say bye to me.. Not even good bye kiss ?”

No response. ” so I’m leaving ” again no response. ” OK if ur not listening me, then I’ll find new girl for me. Who will give me good bye kiss?. Morning kiss? ,gud nite kiss?.and I’ll also give her ki….” Before I could complete my sentence she grabbed my collar and kissed me.

” if u talk about any other girl, first I’ll kill her, then my self “. My angry angel ?

” u will not kill me “? I tried to tease her

” no, I’ll kill her because she touch my hubs and myself because I’m unable to keep my hubs happy. I can’t even think to harm u. ” what kind of girl is she, if her husband would cheat her she would blame herself for it.

” shona, Y u love me that much, ”

” I don’t know, hubs please take me with u”

” jaan I can’t , ur last exam is left”

“Nothing is important than my hubs.. ” she hugged me. This girl is totally mad.

” jaan, if u will score good. Then I’ll give u a big surprise.”

“Really , what is that ?” She asked in excitement.. ”

” not so soon, first promise me u will study hard”

“Ya, but hubs come soo. U r jaan is waiting for u. ” she was crying?

I kissed on her tears ” I’ll come soon,bye”

After reaching there I called her, she sounds sad I knew she was badly missing me. But I’m doing it for us. That case was very important for me. Sahil’s father only trust me. He considered me one of their best assistant. Although I didn’t completed my degree, but still he has believe in me. Moreover for this case I was getting good money ..

After two days in the morning swara called me before her exam.

“Jaan all the best for ur exam ”

” hubs I’m very much worried. What if i wouldn’t score good ” she was very much tense

” jaan, don’t panic just think about ur surprise ”

” what is it tell me na hubs !!”

” don’t know, u can guess. It may be our honeymoon trip .”

” hubs ur so naughty ”

” okie shona , I m getting late for my hearing. And once again all the best “.

It had been a week , without swara. God I was badly missing her. This work also I the responsibility of new home. Ya this is the surprise for my jaan. Second hearing of our case. I was about to move inside but swara called me.

” hubs I’m so so happy.. ”

” may I know the reason for ur happiness”

” hubs, promise me u won’t be angry on me ”

“OK , now tell me ”

Just then Mr sengupta called me ” sanskar come, u can talk to ur wife later ”

” shona, shall we talk later judge has came” I disconnected the call.

In the night she called me

” shona now tell me the good news ”

“Hubs..” She was crying..

” what happened shona Y r u crying.. ” I was very much worried.

” hubs please come fast. I miss u. This distance is killing me. I m dying without u.” She was just continuously crying.

” shona, u won’t worry I’m coming. I’ll be there with in few hours ” with this I started packing my bag.just then Mr sengupta came.

” sanskar, where r u going..! ”

” Mr sengupta my wife is very much worried, she called me. She needs me I’m going ”

” but what about our case u can’t leave it in middle, I’m paying u for this. How can u go for ur wife stupid worries ” he was very rude.

” I’m doing all this for her. What is the use of the money. Which doesn’t keep her happy .” we argued but atlast I decided to leave. But as I reached the station. Swara again called me.

” hubs r u coming ”

” ya jaan. I’m in the station. ”

” hubs don’t come I’m sorry. I was missing u badly. And for that silly reason I called u ”

” shona r u alright na. ”

“Ya hubs, I again apologize for my stupidity. U concentrate on ur work. I’m fine here. ”

” r u sure ”

” ya hubs, I love u ”

” love u too jaan ?”

My wife did so much silly things in my love… With the pass of 2nd week I daily called her and she always sounds sad. This was the influence of our separation. But one morning I got a mail.
‘ hello sanky this is the offer for u, choose any one of the girl. U will surely enjoy ur nights ‘

First I thought it was a spam mail. But then I looked ,if it was spam. Then Y they write sanky. I deleted the email. But in the evening when I checked my mail box was full of that mail. ” Who the hell r u “.. I deleted each mail. I was worried what if shona would came to know it.

Next morning.. A man came to meet me

” Mr sanskar Maheshwari.. ”

” ya what u want ..”

” sir I have a offer for u.”

“What kind of offer.. ??”

” sir, ” he handed me the envelope ” this is the offer for u, u will get more if want just back off from this case. ”

That was the same envelope which swara saw in my file.

I grabbed his collar “how dare u to offer me girls”

” sir, if u want more than tell me ”

” shut up, ” I roared ?” I’m married , and I love my wife .”

” sir, men always want much more to quench his thirst ”

I punched him. ” get out before I’ll kill you” he left. I thought to follow him. To teach a lesson to our arrival party .. That men reached to a hotel. And meet a man.

” sir that sanskar refused our proposal ”

” he would definitely accept it. He is a blo*dy womanizer ”

” what’s ur next step sir.”

“Just wait and watch, how I separate swara from sanskar”he smile evily.

As soon as he turned, I was shocked to see that person…

Done with another part. Guess guys who is that person to send those mail to sanskar… Tell me how’s the part.. In the next part.. I will give u swara’s POV so that mystery unfold…. Ur lovely friend nilu ?

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