A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 22) – The First Kiss

Our episode starts with Pragya running through the crowd

and stops mesmerized by his voice…She just stands seeing

him ..,even without blinking her eyes…She recalls his proposal

and thinks “Why !! This is happening so fast!! I really cant

believe this…My heart says to just accept you..by saying ok!!

But still my heart kills me to know more things about you…

Because in few days you almost stole my heart…but…My heart

wants more”.Abhi while singing sees her thinking something

pulls the base string which made a loud noise…yeah its enough

to make her to come out from her thoughts.She sees him startled

and smiles saying”How can this be so easy!! No!! I won’t let that

to happen…Yeah!! I decided..You are my Valentine!! But…

You can know it later…Definitely not now!!”.And she smiles a mocking

smile.Abhi’s eyebrows shrinks with her smile.She sees the ring in her

hand and holds it tight.She then starts listening his song without showing

any reaction on her face!!.She comes out of her magic world after his

Song stopped.She then goes bear her car and waits for him..He comes

smiling and lots of happiness in his face.She just stares him and thinks

“I want to see your face..how you react to my words…”.She says “Thank

you!!”.His smile breaks with her words…even its not any offensive…but

the situation turned the word more painful..He says” Thanks…what…

for ??”.She says “For helping..to my institute..”. And notices his great

anger waiting under his eyes..He then cools himself and says “Yeah…

Great!! I got your thanks now!! Then!!”.She sees his eyes full of anxiety

and with heavy heart she opened her mouth “I can’t believe this really!!
Because everything is happening really fast!! I …am not saying No to

your proposal…at the same time…can’t say Yes too…Lets give sometime..

Hope you..”.Abhi laughs and thinks “Seems she lost her memories,,…but

the sane patience before saying Yes to me!!!”.He says “That’s really cool…

I am glad that you didn’t Said no!!”.and laughs…While Pragya Thinks

“Really…I still can’t believe the reality now!! How could he convinced??”.

Now both get into his car.She gets a call from bulbul!!(Yeah…I totally forgot

our lovely bulbul…in our Abhigya’s love!!…).She attends the call and says

“Yeah Bulbul…the concert is over…I am returning…”.Bulbul cries in happiness

and says “Wow!! Di..you should get me a treat.!! Because its my idea to get

Rockstar’s concert!!”.Pragya smiles and says “Ok ok..,,I will bring a special treat tonight!!”.

and sees Abhi smilingly.She ends the call and sees Abhi hesitantly.

Abhi while driving notices her and asks “Wanna stop in any shops!!??”.Still not looking at her.

She says ” Its not necessary!! Already I got it!!”.Abhi says “Really?? Hmm..

Pretty sensible!!”.Pragya thinks “You have no idea!! How sensible I am…

Just 15 Minutes…the surprise will itself reach my home in car!!”.She gives

him a sorry look and says slowly”Today…you are going to die…seeing my sister’s

Craziness!!!”.He asks “What??”.She says”Nothing!!”.And smiles a hidden smile.

Abhi and pragya reaching her home.

She with great excitement says “You just wait here!! I will

be back!!”.She starts walking but comes back and says

“Don’t show your face out till I call you!! Ok???”.He says

in fake anger “Why your are always ordering me??? Like

…like Lady Mogambo!!!”.Pragya says “What??”.He smiles

Saying”Yeah!! Its you!!”.She warns “Dare you come out before

I say!!!”.Abhi just stares her and nods.She then goes near the door

and sees Abhi.Abhi smiles.She turns to knock the door…but before

bulbul opens the door and hugs pragya saying”Dii!!!! How was the

concert!!??How is Rockstar!!He is really cool right???!!!”.She thinks

How he proposed and how easily he convinced…says smilingly

“Yes bulbul…He..is really cool..”.Bulbul hugs her again in happiness

and leaves her immediately.She keeps her hands in waist and asks

Then my treat!!!??”.Pragya smiles and looks at the car.Bulbul sees a

man sitting inside and cries slowly”Di!!! Who..?? Is he my Jiju!!!!!”.

Pragya laughs and says “Yeah…go and check by yourself!!”.She runs

towards the car and knocks the glass.Abhi opens the door and comes

out.She is stunned to see him and stands still.Pragya comes there.

Bulbul thinks “Is he here?? Really!!”.Pragya shakes her saying”Come

Out from your shock!! He is really here!!!!”.Abhi meanwhile shocked

Asks pragya gesturing “What??”.Bulbul screams “Rock star Abhi!!!”.

Abhi hesitantly smiles says” yeah..”.Before that bulbul starts jumping

“Its really you!! Near to me…talking to me!!! God!! I am going crazy!!!”.

Abhi thinks”Whats happening!! Whole family is my fan!! Its cool!!”.She then hugs him like a kid and pulls him inside her home.While pragya

Follows them smilingly.Bulbul tries to call her mom but pragya asks her

to not disturb her.Bulbul sees the clock and says” Its already late!!”.

Bulbul then drags into her room and shows.Abhi stands shocked.

Abhi goes with her inside and gets shocked to see his photos

all over the room.He looks at Bulbul and stands smiling.She

says “You know know what sir!!! I am crazy fan of you!!!! Still

I cant believe you are here!!”.He smiles patting her head and

says “How many fans in a family..” And looks at pragya.While pragya

stands smiling as she didnt heard his words.Then three of them …

No only bulbul and him talked more while pragya seated seeing some

file.Abhi while talking with bulbul just often looks at Pragya.Bulbul stops

talking as she notices him looking at Abhi seeing pragya.She smiles

and thinks “Seems something is happening between them!! Bulbul!!!

If Your Rockstar become your jiju!!!??? How great it would be!! You

can see his concerts live…in fact make him sing whenever you want!!

Yes!!”.Pragya stands saying “Enough bulbul…He got late…He should

leave now..”.Abhi gets sad as he dont want to go.Bulbul notices this and

says “Its ok sir!! My di is like this…if you want you can come tomorrow…

as we planned to go for a vacation!! But Dii is not ready to go with us…

Even I made mom to say yes…but dii is not agreeing”.Abhi smiles in great

joy and says “Thats really awesome!! I will join you guys tomorrow…”.

He walks towards the door and he expects pragya will come tomorrow.

He sees both the sisters stands near the door and smiling at him.He waves his hand

saying bye and sits in his car.Still he dont want to go…He sees pragya running

towards him and smiles.He thinks ” Thank god!! She came to stop me!!”.Pragya

knocks his window glass and says “Are you sure …you are going??”.Abhi gets happy

and fakely nods his head as yes. She mocks him saying “For that you need your car key!!”

and shows the keys.He checks his pockets and gets the

key from her hand.He asks “Tomorrow…will you come??”.She says hestantly

“No…Some important appoitments…I cant..”.He says “Then ok…I will enjoy!!”.

She gives a cold look.He notices but pretended ignoring sees Bulbul went inside.

He shows her something ..she leans down asking ‘What??”.He just kisses her

in her cheek while she stands shocked.A song plays….Sun Saathiya Mahiya…from abcd 2.He goes smiling.Bulbul with great smile

which showed she saw evrything and calls her to come in.While Pragya still waits

there says”Wait”.Abhi while crossing the gate waves sees her still standing waves his

hand.Pragya waves her hand back with a cute smile.Bulbul says in a mocking tone

“Seems I got my jiju!!”.Pragya stops smiling and tries to escape from there.Bulbul

catches her and says “I know something happened…I will find out soon!!”.Pragya smiles

saying “Ok my detective sister!! We can talk about it later…now lets go!!”.Bulbul hugs

her and says “Dii!! You are the best!! You brought My Rockstar today!!I am very lucky!!”.

Pragya mocks her saying “But god played with me…giving a crazy sister for me..”.Both looks

and suddenly burst freat laughter!!!.Pragya goes to her room and caresses her cheek .

She thinks “Tomorrow I too want to go …but..”.

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  1. superb hateera really superb

  2. Nice yaar… Sooooooooo cute episode bulbul s tooooo cute n lovely yaar…

  3. ohhhh dr u r just simply awesome tht bulbul’s craziness is really vry crazy nd if bulbul room is full of his photos thn my gallery nd heart is full of my sweetheart shabhir nd dr really njoying a lot all dizzz surprises nd suspenses dr nxt part sooooooooooooooooooooooooon cant wait much

  4. Superb hateera it’s mind blowing..
    A kiss on the cheek..
    Is it true event hateera..
    Anyways the episode was great

  5. really superb….

  6. Episode was superbbbbb hateera 🙂 … Waiting for next one ….

  7. Wonderful??

  8. Brilliant

  9. Abhigya.........


  10. So cute yaar..

  11. Abhigya scenes were cute.
    I can imagine bulbul’s reaction over abhi’s presence. I have a doubt pragya had two sisters one (dead) another bulbul huh ??

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