5th Page Coming Soon-011-2 (KRPKAB)


Hi frndzz,
Pre:Dev finds the solution to save Anu..Sona too..They both got a small book from Buddha statue…
Dev reads the story..In that A Thief is trying to Rob a Magic Woman’s house..

Thief(None other than Dev!)..
Magic Woman(Sona!)

Thief(Dev):”Who is She?”(Seeing a painting of a girl who hide her eye by hands)..

MagicWoman(Sona):”I am”
Thief turns n see MagicWoman…
MagicW:”So,U r You?”
Thief(smile):”S..I am(Main Hoon)(Naane)”
While he says,the girl in the painting unhide her eye…
MagicW surprised with a shock…n her legs jerked back…

MagicW:”Only We r here..I didn’t do that magic..You?”(big eyes)…
Thief(smile):”You”(lift his both hands above)
N touch the girl’s(none other than MagicWoman!) lips painting..It turns like a curved smile…

MagicW’s mind strikes to catch the thief..
She waves her magic..
Thief(laughs):”U try to catch “You”?”

Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Tanqq..Take Care frndzz…


011-2..Rem Ends here..

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  1. Nice but its too short.

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Princess..mm..Bcoz of JobArrest?!I got a line BT Itz not mingled with story…Tom Sunday..Sooooo… the next ll be LongEpi…

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