Kaira love story (episode 15)

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Hey guyz …i hope u all liked kartik’s past! 

Today will be a awsum new twist ..?

So without any delay m starting!!

Naira has a shocked  face n tear running down fron her eyes aftr talking to keerti!!

Tara asks her wats the matter

Naira is silent!

Tara: naira …plz tell wat happened…watever it is everything will get better!!

Naira: bhabhi  

Naira hugs tara tightly and cries!!

Tara consoles her

Naira: bhabhi u know she was kartik’s sister…the one i was talking to!!

Tara is surprised …ohh wat did she say!?

Naira: kartik was telling  the truth !! Kartik’s parents  n family is all about reputation and due to reputation  they even ruined kartik’s sister’s life by forcefully making her marry  a person to expand  business n all…n they wanted kartik to marry tanvi for profit ….

Naira cries harder

Tara hugs her n says naira plz dont cry …if u beilive in kartik now also its not late go n tell him!! Dont cry

Naira: no bhabhi its too late ….

Tara is shocked  n asks  y?

Naira: kartik’s sister said kartik is going  to delhi …maybe forever!! 

Tara: wat? 

Naira: he always told me …

*Flashback!!* (When naira went to kartik’s room  through  window)

Kartik cups naira’s  face and says naira plz never go away from me or never get upset  from me plz…..

Naira: nhi toh?

Kartik: i would die!

Naira keeps her hand on his mouth n says no kartik dont say like tht ..ever …we will always trust each other always n forver remmber

Kartik hugs  her n says yes always n forver!!

*Flashback ends*

Seeing naira blank tara shakes naira n says naira lets go to airport its still not late we can atleast try!

Naira looks at her in hopeful way…

They both take a taxi as other cars r with other members

At airport!

Kartik takes his ticket n sits in waiting room …n he is very upset  thinking about wat happened!

Tara n naira reach at the airport..naira rushes inside …the security stops her from entering!

Tara requests the security to plz let her go in its very impt….it about someone’s life ….plz

Just then  tara n naira  hear a announcement  about passengers of a flight to delhi r asked to board the flight 

Tara n naira think it must be of kartik..n get tensed

Tara:naira i have tge vip pass tht naksh uses to go in airport to recieve our clients  from tge airport…taje this maybe it can work

Naira takes it n gives it to the security member….the security guy was not attentive enough so without further questioning he lets naira in ..as only one pass was there

Naira goes in n shouts kartik!! kartik!!

Naira then  goes to announcer and requests to do a announcement  

On the other hand kartik was in the line to go to board the flight..

Naira announces: kartik plz forgive me i luv u!! Ur naira ..ur miss rishikesh ur lady love …trusts u n loves u!! M so sorry tht i didnt believe  u …but now i really do ..plz forgive me dont go away plz…(naira cries hard all the way while  announcing)

Naira feels someone  standing behind her n she turns and …

She sees kartik ..he is also crying …he hugs n lifts naira!!

Naira says m so sorry ..m sorry

Kartik says i luv u n m glad u trust  me now!!

They both tightly hug each other and then decide to head home..

They turn to go and see someone n they are shocked!!

Precap: who is tht someone?
                Someone faints but y? 

Rocking episode ahead n will come soon…so keep on reading commenting and watching  yrkkh at 9:30pm on star plus coz as kaira is the lead now we have to show  tht yrkkh will get lot more trps even when kaira t the leads?

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  2. Anyan

    Good yr..But make it long

  3. I love this episode:-).. please write episodes on daily basis..

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ok i will try my best ?

  4. Sethidisha002

    osam plz write the next past soon

  5. Good one dear
    write a bit longer or write daily dear
    waiting fir the next one

    1. Hales

      Ok thnk u ☺

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