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The story Ishq Ka Rang Safed is set in the city of Banaras. The hero of the show Viplav Tripathi comes on ghat with his friends. They have a conversation as they come to celebrate his birthday on the ghaat. His friend spot a lady at the ghaat, and says she might be an old woman. Viplav tells that the woman might be in her early twenties, and challenge his friends to give him Rs 50000 if he wins. He dives in the water and swims towards the other end. He looks for the woman (widow) after reaching the other end of the ghat. The woman is seen distributing prasad to the people. Viplav asks her to give prasad, and she gets tensed. She turns her face. Viplav asks her to tell her age, and asks if you are 18, 19, 20. He tells about his bet. She tries to go, the woman tells that you have already had prasad.

She says you are drunk already and is speaking to me. Viplav asks her, why she is showing attitude. He tells do you know me, if not then know me. The woman says you might not know the importance of God’s prasad, and leaves. Viplav gets irked and says she scolded me. His friends come there and laugh on him. His friend informs him that Dada ji is coming to Ghaat. Viplav says Dada ji kept birthday party at home for him and rushes from there.

Viplav’s Dada ji (Mahant Dashrath Tripathi ) comes to ghaat with priest in tow. The woman Dhaani looks at him and steps back from his way. Dada ji takes a dip in the water and do some puja. While Dada ji is leaving after his puja, the water pot falls from his hand. Dhaani picks it up shocking everyone. The priest tells that it is a big inauspicious thing as the water pot is touched by the widow. Dada ji tells that ancestral is right. He tells you have saved the kalash from going in the water, and asks her to fill the pot with gangajal water. Dhaani is tensed and goes to fill the pot with gangajal. He asks someone to take kalash from her hand, and blesses her to get free from her destiny of a widow. He asks her to do good work so that her inauspicious destiny keeps limited for this birth only.

Dhaani comes to the ashram ( where widows are stayed) and gives prasad to Nani. Nani is grateful to her and asks till when you will burden us with your doings. Dhaani makes her Maayi eat prasad. She tells her that she met Maha Pandit today, and she touched his kalash today mistakenly. Her Maayi is shocked. Dadaji scolds his wife for not picking up the kalash, and asks his servant to throw it as it is touched by a widow. His wife looks on. Dhaani’s maayi asks why did you touch the kalash? Did he told anything? Dhaani tells that he don’t say anything and said that he will take the water which I filled in the water. She says he might be of great values. Dada ji and his wife enter home and is greeted by their bahu. She asks where is your Kalash, and asks what happened? Dada ji blames his wife and tells that because of her, a widow woman touched my kalash. He says I get it thrown in the toilet, and says his wife should be thrown there only. His wife cries. Dada ji curses his destiny.

Maayi tells Dhaani that they are inauspicious and don’t have any place to sit in the society. She says a widow has no place in the society and asks her to keep in mind. Dhaani says everyone is same, at one side I met a God man and at the other I met a drunkard man.

Rajlakshmi refuses to eat food. Older woman tells that a widow is forbids from eating spicy tast food. Rajlakshmi says who is watching in this ashram, what we are eating? Maayi says this ritual is made by God and asks her to eat food. Rajlakshmi refuses to eat food. Dhaani goes after Raj lakshmi and says this is all a sin for us. Rajlakshmi asks did you kill your husband? When we haven’t done anything, then why we are being punished. She says she will live good life else she will prefer to die.

Dadi takes Viplav to the temple. Dhaani tells that they might have done some sin in their previous birth. Dadi tells Viplav that she needs a good bahu. Viplav refuses to marry. Rajlakshmi asks don’t you want to marry someone, and wants someone to fill your maang. Viplav jokes to get bahu from foreign. Dhaani tells that she don’t want to talk and goes. It is shown Dhaani and Viplav are going pass each other, but didn’t notice. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………….

Viplav talks to Dhaani and gives her prasad. She refuses to take it and says it is uttaran. Viplav throws holi colors on Dhaani and she is shocked. She blames him for spoiling her dharam. Viplav vows to teach her a lesson and puts wine in the holy pot for her to drink. She is about to take it, when someone notices wine in it and blames Dhaani for trying to ruin their dharam being a widow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really like this serial nice work

  2. i like this show so far….but i hope this stupid widow idea changes as the story progresses

    such a backwards culture but i like it so far

  3. It is a grt shame for the like india where ishwarchandra vidyasagar,most renowned personality,got his son married to a widow for establishing widow marriage tradition during 19th century.but still,widows are treated like this.grt shame. Thanks prduction company for potraying such a realistic show.

  4. I have been waiting for this to start… Will watch it after work tonight : )

  5. I can’t wait to watch this drama.

  6. Nice think about our culture.

  7. Liked the start of the show. Let’s see where it goes.

  8. These widow practices and all r not practised now .they should have come with new concept…

  9. nice episode starting always goods wt hapnd next who knowss

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