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Bhakton Ki Bhakti Mein Shakti 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saurabh Raj Jain starts the show saying the importance of devotion. He says we bring such inspirational and devotional stories that people will believe there is someone who will make everything fine at the end. He says lets start our journey from Vaishnodevi. The people are seen singing the bhajan in the temple. An old lady gives the chadava to the pandit.

The pandit congratulates the lady Kasturi and says Mata Rani has come in her house as her grand daughter. He says Kasturi is a big devotee of Mata Rani. Kasturi says I used to stay in small house before, whatever I have is by Mata Rani’s blessing. She thanks Mata Rani as their tough days passed and now we got a granddaughter Gudiya. The pandit says her son Abhinav and bahu Rishika also came here. He asks where are they.

She says I will just see them and come.

She goes to Abhi. He says I had emergency call, where are Rishika and Gudiya. She says I came to ask you. He says I told you to be careful. She prays for Gudiya’s life, as Rishika can do anything. Rishika talks to her mom and says you know I don’t like Jagrata. Her mom asks who asked you to marry in old fashioned middle class family. Rishika and her mom are modern mindset rich people. Rishika complains about the new born baby girl. Her dad asks her mom not to suggest anything wrong to Rishika and not spoil her life. Her mum argues.

Rishika recalls her mom’s words and sees her daughter Gudiya sleeping in the cradle. Rishika gets angry and tries to kill Gudiya, while Kasturi prays in the temple. Kasturi leaves from there and reaches home. She saves Gudiya and takes her from Rishika. Abhi comes there and gets shocked.

Abhi gets angry and asks Rishika to go to her mom’s house. He kicks her out and Kasturi stops Abhi saying how will baby stay without Rishika. Rishika fumes and says I m going. Kasturi asks her to wait for Gudiya and family sake. Rishika leaves from there. Kasturi cries.

Abhi and Kasturi manage Gudiya alone for few days. Rishika stays with her mom and says I lost my everything because of that girl. Her mum asks her to lose the girl and then she will get her everything. Rishika asks the meaning. Kasturi worries seeing the girl having fever. She prays for this problem. Rishika’s mom says I have got thread from tantric baba for you, tie it to that girl’s hand. Kasturi prays for some miracle to happen. Rishika’s mom says the girl will die by it. Kasturi says don’t know whose bad sight caught my family, save us maa.

Rishika tells her mom that just you understand me, I can do anything for you. Her mom goes to get the thread. Kasturi prays and Jai durge…..plays….. Rishika’s mom gets that black thread and her hand gets paralyzed. She falls down. Rishika worries for her and calls her dad. Her dad takes care of her mum and asks Rishika to go back to her inlaws, Kasturi and Gudiya are unwell.

Rishika says da,d I don’t want that girl. Kasturi comes there with Abhi and Gudiya and tells Rishika that Gudiya is getting unwell, I m trying a lot and still she needs you, I can’t take your place. Rishika reacts angrily. She asks Rishika’s dad to help them, they all will go to Vaishno devi. Rishika refuses. Her dad tells her to go with Kasturi and apologize for her and her mom’s sins. Rishika says I don’t believe this, I won’t go. Kasturi asks her to just come once. Abhi says I think you should think this once. Her mom signs her to go. Her dad asks her to atleast go for her mum’s sake. Rishika agrees.

Saurabh says its said that Lord shows us right path in bad time, by giving signs, Rishika’s mom Sheetal ha signed Rishika to go, will Rishika take the right step…. Rishika goes with them to Vaishno Devi. Rishika looks at the temple and goes with Abhi, Kasturi and Gudiya.

Abhi tells them that the way from here is of 13 kms, its hilly. He asks Kasturi not to come. Kasturi says I will come by walk, devotion has power. Rishika looks on as Kasturi prepares to go with Gudiya. Kasturi goes barefoot. Rishika sees her devotion. Kasturi stops seeing a big tiger there. Everyone move back. Abhi and Rishika look on. The people ask Abhi not to go. Abhi prays for his family’s safety. The tiger comes there. Kasturi sits praying and chants mantras. Gudiya goes to the tiger. Kasturi cries. Rishika gets shocked. Gudiya plays with tiger. Kasturi says Jai Mata Di and chants. Tiger leaves without hurting the baby. The people chant. Rishika looks on. Abhi goes to Kasturi and Gudiya and hugs them. Rishika goes to them and says I will manage Gudiya. Abhi gets shocked. Kasturi tells Abhi that Rishika will take care of Gudiya. Rishika hugs Gudiya and smiles.

Rishika talks to her dad on phone. She keeps Gudiya there and talks to her dad. He says there is bad news, your mom got heart attack, she is on ventilator, pray for her. She gets shocked. Gudiya goes to the open railing side and Rishika sees her. Gudiya falls down. Rishi gets shocked. Abhi and Kasturi come there and get shocked too. He shouts Gudiya. They look down and go to find Gudiya. Rishika cries and feels guilty of losing Gudiya. Abhi comes and says you killed her. She apologizes to Kasturi and Abhi. She says you always say your mata Rani will do everything fine, tell them to bring my daughter back, I know I did mistakes, I did not do anything to her.

Rishika prays and goes to the temple barefoot. She does all rituals and prays with Kasturi. They see a lady getting Gudiya. Rishika runs to Gudiya and hugs her. The lady says your daughter is very lucky to get saved after falling from such height. Kasturi says Gudiya got her mother. Rishika apologizes to Abhi and hugs him. The lady gives a chunri. Rishika touches her feet and says I don’t know how to thank you. The lady Laxmi says you are blessed, name her Swadha, I will get food for the horse. She goes. The horse man comes and Kasturi says this is Laxmi’s horse, where are you going. He says this is my horse, who is Laxmi, see my name is written here.

Her dad calls her and says your mom is getting fine. They all get glad and say Jai Mata Di. They all hug.

Saurabh says you have seen how Kasturi’s grand daughter Swadha got fine and got her mother too, Kasturi’s devotion brought Rishika on right path, devotion gives strength, there are many to pretend to have devotion, but true devotee is one in a million. He says Kabir Das’ doha.

An old lady makes diya. The bahu gets rude to her and asks her to put stamp on property papers. She takes the old woman to throw from some cliff.

Update Credit to: Amena

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