adhuri kahani hamari (TEI,KB,SR,APHG) Episode 8 swaragini & pragya cute moment

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★★★★ EPISODE;-VIII (8th) ★★★★

In Sanskar car.

Sanlak is sitting in front sit while Swaragini is sitting on back seat

they are on d way of Arora mention but suddenly Laksh mobile ring

L- hello bhai

A- ha Laksh were r u

L- vo actually we r on d way. We will be there in 25 to 30 minutes

A- can’t u came earlier. Pls come I’m waiting for u both. Pls try to come in 10 to 15 mins.

L- ok bhai
he cuts d call

San- what happen lukky. Bhai is ok na

L- I don’t know. But he is calling us in 10 to 15 mins

San- how its possible. As we required atleast 25 mins

Swaragini listen their convo

S- guys if u’ve any important work then u must drop us here

L- but here its already dark

R- Swara is saying write. Pls stop d car

S- ya Laksh we will manage as its only of 10 min long from this

San- No no no Swara how could u manage. Its dark outside. How can I leave u in middle of d way. Ill not allow u to go alone.

They all three shocked while Swara touched by his word

L- bhai r u ok na. I mean u r caring for someone & that’s too for Swara

San- I…I mean. If I commit any thing then I’ll not leave it in middle.

Swara – its ok Sanskar ( Sanskar get happy by listening his name from swara’s mouth ) pls. I think ur bro really need ur help.

Laksh park his car on side they all went out of car

Swarag- ok bye then meet u soon.

lak- wait Swara.

Swaragini turn to face Laksh

swara- oh sorry. Thank you!

L- no. I didn’t call u for that. Actually bhai pls come here

Sanskar came there

L- bhai. Swara. Pls u both forgive each other & do friendship
swasan- what? No noways

Swasan look at each other

L- bhai pls for me

San- ok. I know in all our fight its my fault too but I always blame u. Sorry sorry Swara for all that.

S- its ok Sanskar

San- see Laksh. That’s y I never say sorry to ant one

R- Swara its not fair. He already say u sorry na now its ur turn.

S- ok. Sorry ( attitude)

R- swara!!!!!

S- ok baba sorry

San- its ok. Friends

S- ok. Friends. But only in one condition that u never talk to me rudely

San- ok.

Swarag – ok now bye. U’ve to go now.

L- ok but call us & inform us when u rich there

S- ok

In Arora mention,

Pragya is sitting on soffa. She is watching a horror movie. She has pillow in her hand on that there is a popcorn bowl. She continuously eating popcorn. She is too scared that she even not able to eat popcorns properly.

suddenly light went off. She scared soo much that she begin to screem loudly. Then d lamp goes on & off.
she scared more & then she climb sofa. The popcorn bowl fall down & break. She hear d crack sound. She’s badly sweating. But suddenly she notice a shadow coming towards her.

There is too much dark that she can’t see clearly. Now there is two more shadow join from left & right. She scared too much that if some more time if this situation is going on then her heart must be pop out.

P- d..d…do..don’t come me. I…7i ..I’m not scared with any….anyone. I know h…hannunam chalisa.

The shadow came more near to her. Now she started screaming:-[

P- …help. …..pleas ..any body help. Don’t come near me pls. Pls leave me. What’s wrong I did with u pls leave.

suddenly light went on. She is shocked & relief as well.

PRECAP :- abhi,Swalak cute fight

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  7. It’s awesome episode but try adding twinj scence…but its nice episode…..

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