Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Review: Love story with crisp practicality and fresh outlook


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi started on Sony Tv on 29th February 2016. The show brings a modern tale of today’s generation love. The leads Dev and Sonakshi get through some practicalities, which are not much seen on small screen often. The show brings a realistic take of the modern relationships.


Both Dev and Sonakshi are two independent individuals and much in fall with each other, still the setback here is Dev’s emotional inclination towards his mother. Dev lost his father when he was 9 years old. Since then, Dev is overprotective about his mother and idolizes her. He has lost faith in God, but has devotion for his mother. He does not want to take his relationship with Sonakshi ahead, assuming his mother won’t be happy from heart.

Main Characters:

Devrath Dixit: kuchrang12
Dev is a loving, caring and emotional person. He is an obedient son and devoted towards his family’s welfare. He values his mother’s hardships in educating him. He succeeded to become a successful business tycoon and still holds the roots. Dev is mature, smart, honest and possesses all the good values given by his mother Ishwari. He stays with his mother, three sisters Neha. Nikki and Riya. He is sensitive by nature and has dedicated his life towards his mother. He determines to always be a good son. Dev spends much time with Ishwari and family, despite his tight work schedule. He wishes to give all happiness to Ishwari and his sisters.

Ishwari Dixit:kuchrang9
Ishwari is a simple, caring, loving and righteous woman. She has raised her children by struggling a lot. She has faced many difficult times. Yet she taught her children to just move on in life by forgetting the past. Ishwari made Dev a successful man and is proud of him. Ishwari shows concern towards Dev the most, which disappoints others. She takes all decisions of Dev’s life. She has made Dev a strong human being after they together crossed major hurdles of their lives.

Sonakshi Bose:kchrang
Sonakshi is a doctor/nutritionist by profession. She is modern, independent, smart and sharp tongued. She is bindaas type of girl, who does not let herself back from speaking her mind. Sonakshi often gets in arguments with Dev. Sonakshi assumes Dev to be a rich spoilt brat initially. She turns often sweet and is a homely girl. She is multi talented and manages home and work efficiently. She falls in love with Dev.


Shaheer Sheikh as Dev
Erica Fernandes as Sonakshi
Supriya Pilgaonkar as Ishwari
Aashika Bhatia as Nikki
Ankita Bahuguna as Riya
Chestha Bhagat as Neha

Story So Far:

kuch03Dev is shown as a successful and rich business tycoon. He owes everything to the hardships of his mother. He meets few property agents and wants big bungalow for his mother. He finalizes the deal in middle class level area and signs papers. Dev tells the importance of remembering the roots from where a person grows. Dev meets his mother Ishwari and recalls the old memories. He tells her that dad would have been proud of his mother after seeing how well she raised him all alone. Rest of Dev’s family is shown.

kuchrang4Ishwari gets glad seeing the house. Dev always dreamt to become a good son. He recalls his childhood and how his mother has fetched water from the common taps. He gets emotional recalling Ishwari’s struggles and his education. Dev cares for Ishwari a lot and preserves her old belongings. He tells the importance of his mother’s belongings and holds memories with each thing. Dev and Sonakshi have a talk on phone while Dev wanted to talk to property agent, who happens to be Sonakshi’s brother. Ishwari tells Dev that one should forget past and move on in life. Dev’s aunty provokes Dev’s sister Neha against him.

kuchrang56Sonakshi and Dev collide in the market. They start arguing. Neha’s would be inlaws come to visit Neha. Dev greets them and meets the would be groom Sameer. Neha does not want kids after marriage and Sameer gets upset with this. Sameer tells his problem to Dev that his parents need a heir. Neha asks Dev to convince Sameer to marry her on her terms. Neha tells Dev that she will tie him rakhi this year along the other two sisters, if he succeeds to convince Sameer. Dev tries explaining Sameer. Sameer worries that he is the only son and has to take family ahead by his children.

kuchrang67Dev assures Sameer that Neha will change by his love after marriage. He tries convincing Sameer. Dev promises Sameer that he will give his company’s 50% shares if he marries Neha. Sameer refuses to accept money, as he is marrying to get a legal heir. Dev gets sure that Sameer will keep Neha happy. Sameer agrees to marry Neha on her conditions. Neha gets happy and thanks Dev for his efforts. She promises to tie him Rakhi. Ishwari goes to see her old rented house from where she was kicked out for not being able to pay rent. Dev reaches Ishwari and understands that moment. Later, Dev realizes that his wallet might have fell in Sonakshi’s packet while they were arguing.

kuch06Sonakshi checks Dev’s wallet and finds many credit cards. She gets to know his name Devrath Dixit. Her brother tells her about his client Dev. He takes the wallet to return to Dev. Neha gets ready for her engagement. She gets glad to get her mother’s attention. Ishwari prays that Neha gets a good married life. Sameer’s sister Saloni gets friendly with Dev. Sameer’s mother gets a desire to get Dev and Saloni married. She thinks if Dev rejects Saloni, then she will reject Neha for Sameer. Sonakshi’s mother also finds an alliance or her. Sonakshi’s father wants Sonakshi to become equal to men and give her career build up some more time. He does not want Sonakshi to get married soon and instead supports her to live her life to fullest.

kuchrang1Ishwari does not want Dev to marry Saloni. Saloni proposes Dev and he tensely leaves. Dev has hidden about Neha’s conditions to marry Sameer. This creates trouble for Ishwari. Sameer’s mother pressurizes Ishwari to accept Saloni for Dev, else she will break Sameer and Neha’s engagement. Dev’s aunty Madhu makes Neha against Dev and Ishwari by constantly provoking her. Neha feels not loved and valued by Ishwari. She gets hurt by the situation. Ishwari stands with Dev and does not give her nod for Saloni. Neha gets disturbed and gets into verbal argument with Ishwari. She feels Ishwari just loves Dev and not other children. Ishwari gets shocked by the injustice blame by Neha and faints.

Our Take:

kuch04The characters look real to life. There is not much offbeat drama to fill the scenes. Dialogues feel like attempted to become witty, but bring some fun in the show. The tale of modern relationships will surely be liked by the viewers. There are few shows which put light on the practical nature behind some hurdles facing relations. Not all relations are perfect as seen in other shows. This show brings some different concept and can be called a fine trial. Coming to actors, Shaheer Sheikh as Dev is effortless. The role looks tailor made for Shaheer. There has to be more of Erica Fernandes. By far, she is okay in her portrayal. Supriya Pilgaonkar needs no performance evaluation. She is an added wonder in the show cast. Other supporting cast is fairly good and bring a fresh appeal. The show holds charm to get good viewership. The title track looks soothing and slow. The leads need more sparkling chemistry. As of now, their scenes do not raise high interest.


kuch34One may watch the love to get some bits of love, romance, maturity, emotions and values. The show brings all the good attributes packed in the lead, presenting the perfect guy Dev. The show brings the heart versus mind decision fights, wherein leads decide to not take a practical decision on their still-on relationship. The devotion of a son towards his mother, and his developing feelings for his girlfriend would divide Dev. The concept is interesting and will relate to many viewers. A good attempt by Sony.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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