A Journey of Love(Episode 41)

THIS EPISODE IS BDAY GIFT TO AASTHA.Happy bday aastha and our heroine Radhika also.
The episode start with Raman and Ishitha.
Raman:Tell me Ishitha.Why you are scared?On what reason you didnt confess to me.plzz look into my eyes and share your pain with me.
Ishitha suddenly hug Raman and start crying like a little girl.Raman try to console her and pat her on her back with one hand and hug her with another hand.But Ishitha didnt control her tears.Raman cupped her face and ask her look into his eyes. Ishitha look at him….
Raman:Dont cry Ishu.I just want to know why you are in pain and scared to express your feelings.I wait until my last breath to hear a…….
Ishitha close his mouth by her hands and ask him dont talk about last breath and so called death…such type of words.Raman:Ok ok i didnt talk about those things.ok na….
Ishitha nods her head and again hug him.

In Mantus car:
Mantu drive car very seriously without talking a single word.All eldrs are bussy in chit chat with each other. They didnt think about or talk to Mantu and Amaya.Amaya try to talk to Mantu.But he turn his head.Amaya hold his hand.He smoothly took his hand back from her hand.Amaya look at her with crying face.she didnt control her tears.Even though Mantu didnt look at her.Amaya with very low voice:Mantu I am sorry.I cant take your Seriousness.plz mantu.Next time i didnt hurt you and your feelings.If you want to punish me you can but dont be like this.plz….
Mantu:Who am i,to punish you….
The scene shift to Kushi and Arnav:
Kushi change her dress and wear pink color chuddi.Arnav get up from bed and walk towards her and pined her to wall by putting his two hands.Kushi feel shy and bend her head.Arnav lift her head by his finger and look into her eyes.Arnav:Kushi stay with me forevr in my life.plz…..
Kushi look at him and hug him.She want to tell something.But Arnav put his hand on her mouth.Dont waste time kushi.With in 10to15 min your parents reached to home.So…..I just look into your eyes only….They both have an eye lock.

The scene shift to Aradhika.
Arjun:Radhika enough….Stop it…Dont eat more ice creams.That to stick ice creams…..Stop it na….
Radhika:One more plz.This is the last one…..plz……
Radhika go walk on wall and bring one more ice cream.Arjun stand infront of ice seller and ask how much it cost?
Ice seller:Two hundred only….
Arjun open his vallet and realise that he give all amt to police.He close his vallet and look the sourroundings for ATM.He didnt find it.After wards he give golden ring to Ice seller and ask him to kept with you.Tomarrow i give money and collect this ring.
Ice seller:No.Tomarrow i will be in some other place.I didnt come here na…
Arjun:Then do one thing… come with me now….I will pay you.
Ice seller:How can i?Wat abt my business and my vehicle…..No no.i didnt…
Arjun:Then you only tell me solution for me..
Ice seller:You also eat one stick ice jijaji….Dhi is so cute like my mother.You are very handsome when you are with dhi….For me there is no dhi and jijaji….So you also took one ice from me.That is enough for me…
Arjun took one ice form him and give his ring to him.If i am your jijaji put it with you and consider it as a gift from jijaji.
Arjun walk towards Radhika and ask her to come and sit in car.Radhika refuse and walk on wall beside beach footpath.The road is empty and already it is late night.He lift her in arms and walk towards car.She behave like a kid and try to jump from his hands.He hold her tight and look angry at her.She put her finger on her lips and said be clam Radhuu. Otherwise budhu got angry on you..????
Arjun drop her infront of car and open the front door.
Radhika:Sir….can i sit on top of the car…(she put her finger on lips,even though she talk).
Arjun:Be quite.Sit in car.
Radhika and Arjun sit in car.After 5mins Arjun open top view and ask Radhika to stand and enjoy the drive. Radhika stand and shout like a kid…. you know Arjun i am happy today..I know you set right all my problems. By thinking that only i enjoy this day…..Suddenly she sat beside Arjun and hold his face and look into his eyes and ask him tell me Arjun…..You solve my problem naa..I hope that you only solve my problem..Arjun i want to talk with my brother…I want to eat my mother hand made food…It is good if my bhabhi feed to me..I want to sleep beside my grandpa…If my father scold me infront of all my family for my naughty works and give choclates for me after that….I am ready to face scoldings….I want all happiness back to my life..I am really tired Arjun sir…After all that i want to take rest in your presence only…I want to sleep on your lap by forgetting all….By telling this she didnt control her tears and start crying…He hug her…..He dont know how to console her…

The scene shift to Kushi and Arnav:
Kushi:Arnavji.. plz listen to me…I want to share one thing with you..In future i dont want to stand infront of you as a wrong person…
Arnav:Kushi…dont talk like that…I am very clear about my decission..Your past is not imp for me….
Arnav stare at her and kiss her on her forehead..and tell that this kiss is my responsibility on you…Next he kiss on her cheecks….these kiss are my concern on you…Next he kiss on her lips with light touch…..This kiss is my caring on you….Kushi close her eyes and ask him what about your love Arnavji….He kiss her on her neck and said her this is my love towards you…..After that he just come out from that room and sit in hall..
At same time Mantu stop the car infront of Iyers house.All get down from car and ask Mantu also to come in…Mantu is ready to go inside..Amaya hold his hand and look at him.Mantu look at her and act that still he is angry on her.Amaya told sorry to him. Amaya:Ok mantu…you hurt bcoz of me only na…I hurt you by this hand only naa…Ok;Then i punish this hand which give pain to you…Before Mantu realise abt that statement she hurt her hand by stone…She just hit her right hand by using the stone…With in fraction of seconds the blood flow from her fingers….Mantu run towards her and hold her hand to stop hitting….
Amaya:Plz forgive me Mantu…I dont bear your annoyance…She hug him and cried like a small…
Mantu hug her and realise how he hurt her by his actions….He ask her dont cry….He look at her fingers and tie his hanky to her fingers…..And kiss her on her forehead…They both enter into house…Mantu sit beside Arnav….
Arnav observe that Mantu is not in good mood..Kushi get down and look at Arnav and feel shy….
Buaji:Arnav babu you didnt eat anything there in function….Can you eat anything or not….
Kushi realise that she eat paratha and atleast she didnt offer to him…
She enter into kitchen and prepare pulka and palak curry.Madhu try to help her.But she smoothly reject her and ask her to take rest and sit in hall along with guests.Kushi control her tears and prepare food for him and arrange them on table and call him for dinner.
Arnav sit infront of dinning table.Kushi put pulka in his plate and ask him which curry he want.He feel some thing wrong in her tone…so he look at her face and he observe that she wipe her tears.
Arnav(With low voice):What happened kushi?
Kushi:Nothing Arnav sir…I think abt my hungry…I didnt ask abt ur dinner. How bad i am…Dont leave be bcoz of this reason….Plz Arnav sir….
Arnav:First stop the word Sir sir….. Second really i didnt feel hungry….
Dont cry…..
Kushi nod her head and pour water in glass.Amaya stand behind sashiji looking at Mantu.Now Mantu is really angry on Amaya for her reaction by hurting her hand…But he feel bad for that.He also stare at Amaya with different feelings.

The scene shift to Raman and Ishitha:
Raman:Dont cry Ishu..I know on which reason you scared and try to avoid me. Remember one thing nobody can seperate us.I dont know who hurt you by using such type of statements..But i dont think all those things…
Be cool….If you sit properly then i can drop you in your house.By saying this he tried to kiss her.She put her finger on his lips and ask him…Can we go…Raman sit properly and drive his car. He feel relax…Ishitha hold his hand and put her head on his shoulder.He feel it and enjoy it.He just hide his tears and pat her head by his right hand.Slowly she went into sleep.
The scene moves to Arjun and Radhika:
Arjun promise to Radhika that i bring all your happiness back to you.You just be strong.That is my energy….Promise me…next time you dont cry….Radhika nod her head and put her head on his shoulder.

The two pairs are on the way to Iyets house.Arnav complete his dinner and went into kitchen to wash his hands.He wash his hands and sprinkle water on Kushi..Kushi look at him and feel shy…
Amaya look at Mantu and hold her ears and tell sorry to him in a pleading manner.He accept her sorry and smile for her actions.At the same time Arjun and Raman stop the cars infront of Iyers house.They enter into house and see all sit in center hall.The four friends look at each other and feel happy for remaining three.
AFTER 10MINS THEY START FROM THERE….and leave from that place to Ramans house…

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