Mahakaali 22nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Indar traps Ganesh

Mahakaali 22nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agni says to Indar that you can say sorry to Mahakali. Indar says they will understand that I didnt want to hurt Mansa but I wanted to protect the universe. Mahakali comes there. Indar says give me a chance to explain. Mahakali says I gave you a lot of chances but you never listened. She beats him and says you provoked Acaharaya, sent goons to kill Mansa, you made them attack patal log. She beats him. Agni says please forgive him. Mahakali says dont involve in this. Shiv comes there. Mahakali says he still thinks that he did everything for universe, Indar has lost his path, Mansa has got her path but its time for you to get punishment, you have insulted dev raj place so me Mahakali exile him from Dev raj. Indar sits in her feet and says you are right, I dont deserve this place but I will repent

my mistakes, please forgive me, I will change my ways. Mahakali looks at Shiv, he nods at her. Mahakali says okay but you will repent by leaving your position and leaving this place. Indar takes off his crown.

Indar is angry, He sends his power to sky. He says Mahakali thinks I dont deserve this crown but I will show her what destruction I bring.

Parvati says to Shiv that I became Mahakali, so much happened but we are still together, we should always thank the moments we have this in universe, you know when there is peace, its about coming storm but still we have got a new teaching by Mansa’s deeds, we lost Indar but till he returns, I will handle everything here.

Ganesh comes to Shiv and says protect me. Kartika and force comes there too. Ganesh says do something, save me from mother’s involvement, she is involving herself in every small matter. Flashback shows Ganesh coming to Parvati, she asks if he need anything? I will make food for you, she makes food for him. Flashback ends. Kartika says she did same with me. Flashback shows Kartika trying to learn archery but Parvati comes there and gives him tips to keep his elbow straighter, She brings a target and asks him to practice whole night. Flashback ends. Nandi says she did same with me. Flashback shows Parvati asking Nandi to clean his place and made him tired, flashback ends. Ganesh asks Shiv to do something about her. Vishnu comes there. Ganesh says she needs to calm down. Vishnu says I will talk to Shiv.

Scene 2
Indar comes to a den, he asks for his devil to come out, where are you? He looks around, a devil comes there and starts beating, he beats him. Indar protects himself but he beats him Indar says Narntak I have come to free you, I am Dev Raj Indar. Indar says Narntak bring destruction and I will free you from your cage. Narntak says if you free me then I will be with you. Indar breaks his den with his powers. Narntak says I am free from this den now. He says I will fulfill my promise, I will end all nars. Indar smirks and says this destruction will be a start, Narntak leaves. Indar says I have power to kill devs, till I get my throne back, devs will end.

Vishnu says to Shiv that Parvati is tensed about small things because she doesnt know whats coming her way, she has to be aware of whats coming. Shiv says she is Mahakali, she will be ready for all challenges. Parvati comes there and is tensed. She says I feel tensed and think that I will have to fight Indar, Shiv says you cant see whats going to happen but you are Mahakali, if you want then you can see the future.

Shiv says to Vishnu that what fate has will happen and I trust my power to make everything alright. Parvati uses her powers and starts a feed, she requests to see the future and starts imagining it, she imagines a big stone in air coming towards her. Kartika asks what did she see in future? Parvati says nothing, I was trying to see the future but I couldnt see it. Kartika says you are mahakali and you couldnt see future? Mahakali says the future I saw was empty. Vishnu says when you became Mahakali, I showed the way, this is new for you, you are trying to request the future but you will be able to see it soon.

Indar comes to Kailash. Vishnu says this is not good, it brings danger closer. Shiv says Mahakali should know that he can harm her universe and her kids too.
Parvati comes Indar, Indar says I came to say bye, He says I still worry about this place, there is a devil Narntak, he is coming to bring destruction, I just wanted to give heads up. Parvati says enough, we know what you are trying to do, we can kill him. Indar says you cant kill him, he has blessing of Shiv. Flashback shows Shiv asking Narntak what blessing he wants? Narntak says I want blessing that no Dev can kill me, only their kids can kill him. Shiv blessed him, flashback ends. Parvati says how will we end him? Indar says Ganesh can finish him, he has powers to kill him. Shiv says Indar just remember that you cant hide from us, Indar says there is nothing hidden, he leaves. Vishnu says to Shiv that if Ganesh kills Narntak then it will bring more problems. Shiv says we have to be ready to face all, we have to keep on our faith.

Scene 3
Parvati says to Kartika that I feel like Indar is planning something. Ganesh says dont worry, you didnt see future that doesnt mean its bad. Shiv says what we dont expect, it happens.

Narntak comes to world and starts destroying it. Kartika and Ganesh comes there. Indar sees this from far and smirks. Kartika tries to attack him but someone else attack Narntak. Ganesh says who attacked him? Two girls come there, one girl says thank you for coming, but we are enough to protect ourselves. Ganesh asks who are they? Girls attack Narntak, Narntak says you dont know who I am. Girl says leave from here otherwise it wont be good for you. Narntak says you cant kill me. Ganesh says have a fight with me and I will tell you my powers. Narntak brings his force. Kartika starts beating his force. Ganesh beats Narntak. Narntak says I have a blessing. Ganesh says I am a kid of a dev and I can kill you, he kills Narntak. Kartika smiles. Girl thanks him and says we could have killed him. Kartika says really? they nod.

Parvati does Ganesh’s aarti, Ganesh says everything happened nicely but there is something left, Narntak getting freedom then Indar coming here and informing us and then I easily killing him. He asks Shiv to guide them. Parvati asks if there is a problem coming their way? Shiv says Indar wants to bring chaos in the world, he wanted Ganesh to do this so Indar could use this to provoke people.

Indar comes to Narntak’s brothers and says your brother was killed my Ganesh, he had a blessing but they didnt fulfill it and killed him. Narntak’s brother Devantak comes there.

Shiv says to Parvati that Indar will provoke Devantak, who is Narntak’s brother, Devantak have powers to kill devs, he is quite immortal, Ganesh says how can we end him? Shiv says we need power, brains and sensibility to kill him and Ganesh killed Narntak so Devantak will come to find him. Parvati gets tensed.

PRECAP- Devantak is trying to attack Ganesh. Ganesh attacks him back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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