Zindgi Bitaungi Tere saaye mein (Episode 18)

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Episode 17

He kept her in his and cared it…are you mad fuggy what have you done…he blowed air to the wound and asked where is the first aid box…she didn’t replied anything. ..then he noticed the box on the table he went and take it then came back to her. He tried to bandage it but she reacted in the same way as he did neither she allow him to bandage it nor she spoke to him.
Abhi : fuggy it will be paining plz allow me to bandage it. Give me your hand let me bandage it.
She didn’t respond rather she went and sit in the bed holding her hand. Abhi also went behind her holding the first aid box.
Abhi : what’s your problem let me bandage it. Fuggy it hurts me seeing you like this.
Pragya: so it hurts you seeing me like this. Then what about my pain. It hurts me too seeing you like this but you are not ready to do anything. So I hurted myself atleast now you will allow me to dress your wound.
Abhi: who told you if you hurt yourself then i allow you to dress my wound. I won’t.
Pragya: you will because if you won’t then I will also won’t dress it so now you can decide.
Abhi: OK first let me do yours then you can.

Pragya : No first I will there is no compromise in it. If you won’t agree then let us stay like this.
Hearing this he throw the box on the bed and shouted do whatever you want and showed his hand. A smile developed in her face. She slowly took his hand with hers then wiped the blood with cotton, a drop of tears escaped from the corner of her eyes. Abhi noticed it and wiped her tears with his left hand, while she carefully applied oilment and bandaged it. Abhi bring his face near to her..she could feel his warm breath on her he very softly whispered in her ears fst Mrs mehra my wife is waiting and I want to treat her wound. Her lips curved into smile hearing this. All the time he was admiring his wife his stubbornness. Once she completed he immediately snatched the box from her hand and took her injured hand and started to dress it.
Abhi: fuggy this was too much. You had become so stubborn these days not even listening to me also.
Pragya: if it comes to you…your health and wellbeing then am stubborn and moreover am rockstar’s wife she smiled saying this. He also smiled hearing her statement.
He slowly rubbed her hand asked is it paining

She nodded herhead in yes and said it is paining here and pointed to her heart because the wound is here saying this she took his hand and kissed it now the pain reduced. He also kissed her hand.
Abhi : so fuggy let’s go….all are waiting for you. U know how much worried they are?
Pragya : No I won’t. First u agree with my decision then only I will come.
Abhi : so you won’t obey me…OK before pragya could speak anything he said scooped her in his arms and walked. Pragya keeps on protesting and asked him to let her go. But he didn’t listened to her rather he walked out of the room. The old lady was standing there…a smile formed in her face seeing this scene.
Abhi: thank you for giving her a shelter…thank you for looking after her. Am taking her to my sorry to our home. She was about to say something to the lady but he moved from there.
Pragya : what are you doing i won’t come. I don’t want to come. She asked him to leave her. She was about to jumb but he made the grip tighter. Then the reached the car
Abhi: purab…aliya…bulbul..akash where are you.

All came there hearing his sound all are happy to see pragya. They were about to say something but they stopped by abhi and shouted can’t you see am holding her open the door. Parable came and opened the door abhi placed pragya inside and put the seat belt. While doing this he said you all come in the other car I will bring her.
Pragya : am not coming saying this she tried to remove the seat belt.
Abhi shouted chup. ..okke chup..sit there silently. If you said one more words then I would cut your tongue.
Pragya : but
Abhi : chup. ..what did I told you. …don’t make me angry…finger on your lips. ..
Pragya kept her right index finger on her lips and nodded her head like a kid and looked down. A smile appeared in his face but he hide it. Then he closed the door and get into the driver seat and drive to her home.

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