Zindgi Bitaungi Tere saaye mein (Episode 16)

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Thank u so much for ur coments…
I have updated this two days before but doesn’t know what happen. I was busy with some work so I couldn’t check it also

It is a pleasant morning…humming sound of birds, the chillness of cool breeze… prevails every where … a beautiful garden could be seen in a hill top…the beautiful flowers in that garden and it’s smell add to the beauty of the morning. The leaves and flowers dance according to the rithym of the wind. A pretty hand is shown which cares that flowers…that hand passes through the flowers… the hand belongs to some girl the hand stopped caring the flower when heard a sound from inside. The owner of that hand run towards a beautiful house and went inside it is
a very simple yet very beautiful one… oh no its not just a house it is some kind of ashram.

When the girl went inside and enquired what is the matter, and old woman who seems to be the one who manages that ashram.
The old lady asked the girl to join her. ..the lady was watching some news channel. The girl joined with that lady to watch it. The News channel is telecasting the latest successful concert of our rockstar which happened yesterday. The girl who was sitting near to that old lady wiped the tears which escaped from her eyes after watching it.

The old lady who is siting near to her placed a hand in her shoulder which brings that girl back to sense… the looked into that lady ‘s eyes with tears…
Old lady beti he still love you not just he the whole family love you… so rethink About ur decision.

The girl is our pragya…u all will have guessed it is known that.
Pragya I know that he…they live me a lot but…
Lady what but pragya…u r giving pain to them not just for them but for u also. Just go back to them.
Pragya didn’t utter a word rather left the place without saying anything by wiping her tears.

She was standings in the garden her eyes were filled with tears…her cheeks have become wet due to unstoppable tears flowing from her eyes. She was lost somewhere not somewhere rather in the thoughts of her abhi. She was standing in such a way that her left hand is wrapped arouund her stomach and with her right hand she is holding her mangalsutr. She doesn’t mind in wiping the tears that comes from her eyes.
After some time she felt a hand in her shoulder. She turned back to see that old lady.
Pragya : ma I know that he loves me but what will I do…

his love for me had made him in such that he is not ready to accept that am a patient who days are counted.
Lady:don’t say like that God is great and he would definitely save u.
Pragya: yes ma am also saying that nothing will happen to me till I give birth to this child….. but he…he is not ready to accept this….he is not ready to take this saying that he won’t risk my life. So I took this decision and came here.
Lady : but do you think he will leave u like this. He will be searching for u. And it is evident from yesterday’s concert.
Pragya : yes I know. But he won’t reach here. He won’t think that I will be in such a place.

Who told you this nonsense… nothing could stop me from reaching you. Not even you fuggy.
Pragya turned back when she heard the sound and is shocked to seesee abhi there
Pragya : you. Here. ..how ..but…
He gave a wide smile and said nothing is impossible for rockstar. Saying this he looked at that old lady.
Seeing this pragya also looked at that lady.

Old lady : sorry pragya. For me this is right. So I did this. This is the rght decision. Am watching you from the day I saw u…u r always lost in his thoughts. You can’t live without him not even a second. So what is the need of this separation? Nothing will become right becoz of this decision this will give pain not just for him but for u also. So u better go with him. What ever decision u take about this child it is upto you both but you have to stay together in all the decision. Separation is not at all a solution especially in ur case when u can’t spend a single moment without eachother.

This is a small update. I just want to inform u that I will be out of station the wrk which is postponed will be in coming days. So I can’t update. So I thought to inform u about our pragya. So think ur happy as pragya returned…

My work is not over once completed I will come up with longer episode ok
Thank u for all the comments and support and keep supporting like this.
Thank you.

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  1. Nithyashreeraman

    Super episode yaar!!pls update as soon as possible!

  2. Wow super dear

  3. Wow…superb yaar.. finally pragya is return back…

  4. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrr…….. Waiting for next episode egarly…..

  5. Superb…

  6. Saranya24

    Suprb dear gonna miss u????

  7. akshaya kannan

    Awesome epi
    Definitely will miss u lot
    Come back soon

  8. Reshma_Pradeep


  9. tooo sweet yaar I wish u success in ur work so u can return happily to us ,so till then be safe we are gona miss u a lot but that might also be important so plzzzz we would expect u immediately after that lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuu

  10. Awesome episode ma abhigya meet is superb waiting for the next one

  11. B_Ani

    awesome. sry for the late comment…

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