Zindagi Pyaar Aur Dosti Ki (ZPADK) Chapter 1

Scene 1

Dis story starts with a pandith reciting marriage mantra: Om mangalaya tantu…
D dulha is sitted der on d mandap

scene 2
A room is shown der a girl with her viel covering her face says oh god wr r de yaar !!
Jus den her phone rings n she picks n says Avi wr r u her lips her shown !! Avi sas dat we r on d way jeeva n his face is also shown!!
Jeevika is remembering d FB
so FB :
A girl called Nita is jeeva neighbor !! So jeeva goes to her room n sees Nita packing her clothes n stuff !! So jeeva asks dat wat happened yar ver r u goin tode is ur marriage in fact within 2 hours !!
Nita says onestly spiking I dont wan d8s marriage or dis donkey she sas!! Jeeva says y yaar wat is d problem he is gud in color n salary n suppose he is not dat romantic but still its ok !! Nita says I mean seriosly ur sain dat !! Jeeva jeeva jeeva yaar d truth is I love sm1 else yaaar n u also no says nita !! Jeeva says WATT r u mad y dinn u tell me b4 I cud hv helpd u n she aaks nita dat hu is d boy nywas ??
Nita says its bunty !! Jeeva jus gets disappointed n says oh u girl atlist u cud hv told ur father Sett Chamanlal d jweller says jeeva den nita says oh hello du u think I m dat scared of my dad she says !! Nita again says jeeva in a very sad way dat jeeva my dad noz evryth abt my love n still he wants me to gat marid to dat goreilla !!
Jeeva says wat he noz den y is he duin dat
nita says wat else jeeva he qants money n pride abt lyk he is d only 1 dat has a rich son inlaw !! Jeeva says still yaar go n tell him dat u really love him n he is one in a 1000 !! Nita says no jeeva dats it I m goin 4m here she sas !! Jeeva says no ur not goin nywr I xactly no how to teach a gud lesson to ur dad !! Dont worry nita !!

So d present : so dis is y she is dressed up lyk a dulhan in bridal avatar !!

Scene 3
D phone rings n sme1 picks it up n says wr ru sas jeeva !! Jus den d person was abt 2 anser but ahe jus hits d Mercedes car with her scooty peplos n falls down on road with injuries jus den a person with suit tie n polished shoes says hw dare u
jus d girl face is shown its bulbul !!
Bulbul sas sorry (6x) it ws jus a mistak d man sas mistake u no hu I m
bulbul says no yaar l don’t no pls tellme hu u r??
D man says I m d great industrialist Arvind Singhania !! She is very shocked n sas sorry sorry sir I really dinnn men to fo dat n spik so rudely pls sir 4giv me she says in an innocent way!!!
Arvind: says oh ur sorry now after u hv done all dis to me do u think I will live never u must give all d cost dat is required he sas !!
Bulbul has now lost her temper n she sas oh hello mr hu ever u r on one hand I hv injuries evrywr n bcos of u my 1 n ly pair of sandals is now tored !!
Arvind again sas u talkes to me lyk dat hw dare u in a rude n angry way !! Now I wont live u he sas n sain more thins abt d car but b4vhe notices bulbul jus takes her scooty slowly starts n jus drives of n sas gudby Mr !!!

Scene 4: in d marriage hall
Bulbul n Avi r here in disguise bcoz nita’s dad doesnt want dem to ruin nythin !!
So dey enter quietly into d room wr jeeva was !!
So de tell her d plan of how to teach a gud lesson to nitas dad !!
D 1st part of d plan was to keep d dulha away 4m evry1 in d sense dat he doesn’t disturb dem in ther plan !!!

A girl 4m bhynd calling Jaywant so he turnes OMG he was lukin jus lyk a rock star but not dat gud like avi !! So he goes to d person calling n asks wat y did u call me ?? D girl is shown its kirti d butter melty !!! So she says dat jay avi jus sent a msg dat we need u we r in nitas room!!!
Jay said ok lets go !! They go insyd n c bulbul Avi n r surprised to c jeeva in a bridal attire !!
N de both ask dat y is jeeva in bridal wear n de even ask dat hey wr is nita tode is her own marriage na!! Then jeeva tells d both wat happened n y she is in dis wer !!
So avi sas guys we have to tich a gud lesson so u guys hv to do xactly as we say if not d situation may get worse !!
So here goes d plan execution !!!

Jay went to d dulha n sas dat a girl is calling u der sain u ditched her n she was also sain u r a cheat den d dulha is surprisingly n shockingly goes der jus den sm1 4m bhynd puts a hanky on his mouth n noz covering as d dulha notices he jus collapses n d person dat kept hanky was non other dan Raksh so Ricky n jay jus hv an high five !! Den avi bulbul n kirti takes him slowly n hides in a tank !!

Jeeva gets a msg dat we got d donkey !!
Jeeva jus giggles n sas S !!!!

Nita is crying sain dat sorry but I wud rather die dan to marry sm1 4 money !!!
Den jeeva sas no nita I m with u infact we all r with u !! Den Haiti n UD r shown !!

Hey all hope u lyked it !!!
Bcoz reaaally tried even with d tight schedule jus 4 frends !!!

Nywas d nxt chapter of ZPADK n YTPH will post it soon by gods grace !!!

Till den love u guys♡♡♡♡ n love me tooooo♡♡♡♡♡

Written credit to Mansi

  1. Mansi dear… if u dont mind can i say something…. story was too gud but we cant understand some words dear…. please right in normal way…. plzzzz… sorry dear

    1. Hey hayathi dear thanx yaar !!! Hey ok yaar 4m nxt tym I will rite in a normal way n an understandable!!!

  2. Please…Manshi….Don’t mind….But not much short forms …..

  3. dr, pls dnt write in texting languag, its dificlt to folow n provid sum spacng in between paras

    1. Hey brity n Liya its not me yaar actually its my I-phone bcoz it has autocrat dats y d letters n words changed by demselves !!!!
      SORRY @!!

  4. First epi but truly speaking I want to understand this one but due to too many short forms I am confused with real meaning of many sentences and words. …. Hope u WIL chance this dint next time ….. It’s awesome but PLZ change ur short forms….

    Grt work I am not able to find ytph give me the link

    1. It’s not dint it’s font*

    2. Hey devga seriosly yaar thanx for telling me ur feelin I will surely rite well dis tym !!!

      Hey dont I will send them nywas there r only 2 chapters n d introduction of it !!

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      so hope u ll understand !!!

  5. story is nice…same prblm here mansi…

    1. Thanx yaar ruby pearl !! Can u speak hindi ???

  6. story is nice dr.

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