Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Chadda fumes at Kabir

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The Episode starts with Meera coming to meet Apa. She asks is this dress right to go and meet Angad. Apa says its good lahenga, but wear a good choli, I will fix the button, have the pudding and go, I will call Angad and ask him to drop you home. Meera asks why do you care for me so much, tell me, you gave me birth, right. Apa says yes, if there is a womb in a heart. Meera hugs her. Dada ji tells a story to Guneet. He cracks a joke and asks Guneet to laugh. Guneet asks is it over, I will go for my work. Dada gets angry on him. Amrita applies concealer to Nimmo. She says your wound got concealed now. Amrita says you know hiding wounds well. She gives a necklace to Nimmo and asks her to give it to Meera. Nimmo says its yours, are you taking Karan’s place. Amrita says Karan’s place isn’t vacant, he didn’t go anywhere.

Meera gets ready and asks how do I look. Her siblings compliment. Apa blesses Meera. Meera asks shall I go now, I m going alone. Meera’s dad comes home talking on a work call. Apa says he talks about deals and payments all day. He ends the call. He says I didn’t see Meera, where are you going. Meera says Angad’s neighbor, Chadda uncle’s daughter wedding is happening. He says he is no one to us, don’t go, I have to dance with you. He dances with her. Meera says I spoke to Amrita and made plans, I can’t cancel the plan. He says you have to cancel, I won’t let you go in this situation.

Apa asks what will people think. He says corona cases are increasing, its not safe to attend wedding, they didn’t change after losing Karan. Meera says life doesn’t stop there. He says life stopped for them for long time, I don’t want a risk, I want to benefit, I have no wish to lose, think about me, I m diabetic, Shabana Apa has BP problem, you think of her. Meera says fine. She gets sad and goes to her room. Soni asks Kabir to take the Silbatta/heavy stone at Dolly’s house. Kabir says I don’t want to go. She asks are you scared of Chadda. Kabir says no, I m just avoiding it, Dolly shouldn’t see me there. She says fine, I won’t let her see you. Apa says you should have allowed Meera, she would have met Angad and his family, relations become strong this way, they didn’t meet since a long time. He says they can meet later. She asks did anything happen, why are you stopping Meera from going there, what’s in your heart. He says nothing, I m afraid that anything can happen to Meera, you know what’s Meera for me. He goes. She thinks.

Dolly sees Kabir and scolds him. He says I had called you back, you didn’t answer. She says I was angry. He says I m feeling so bad. She says I know, sorry, I couldn’t come. She hugs him. He says I had been waiting for you, all the arrangement got waste, how will I pay money. She says I won’t let you bear the loss. She keeps the money. She asks what’s the scene now, do you still want to elope. The guy comes and says you guys are together, fake lovers, you both didn’t come there. Dolly says you didn’t come Kabir, you are doing a drama. She takes the money back. She says just go from here. Chadda comes and asks what are you doing here. The guy runs and asks Kabir to run. Kabir says I came here to give the Silbatta. Dolly says I didn’t call Kabir, he has come himself. Chadda scolds him. Kabir says Dolly called me. She says no, he came and asked me to elope. Chadda asks what.

Dada ji does standup comedy and warns everyone to clap for his jokes. Everyone claps. Chadda pushes Kabir. He calls Nimmo, Guneet and Dada ji. He asks them to ask Kabir, he had come to make Dolly run away. Nimmo scolds Kabir. Kabir says I just came to give the silbatta. Chadda says I will call the police. Guneet says calm down, I will talk to Kabir. Angad asks Chadda to have water. Guneet says come with me. Nimmo gets angry on Kabir. Angad asks are you mad, forget Dolly. Kabir says no, Dolly’s chapter is closed, I m going home, send food at home, ask Soni, my intention wasn’t there to come. Soni comes. He asks her to say, was he coming here. She says no, I got him here. Kabir says see I have no value, where is Amrita.

Angad says she isn’t coming. Kabir asks why. Soni says she isn’t well, she is resting. Amrita recalls Karan’s leaving. Karan packs the bags. He says I have to stay in the hospital until the cases get down. The family asks him to leave the job. Amrita says he can’t leave the job. Karan says I have to go and fight this pandemic. Amrita asks them not to stop Karan. Guneet says Karan took the right decision. Karan says you are my real life partner. She says I didn’t apply the bindi today. He applies the bindi on the mirror and says you can stand here every day and think I have applied this bindi. FB ends. Amrita cries seeing the bindi on the mirror.

Kabir says Angad is running the house after Karan’s death. Meera says don’t support him, Angad has left the job. Angad looks at her. The families meet to fix the alliance. Krishnakant refuses. Pritam meets Amrita at the hospital.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    As compared to other shows, it started with different concept, by giving tribute to Corona Warriors, but show is little bit slow, but I am enjoying show…👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Yeah I am also enjoying the show all the characters are portrayed really well

  3. Shesha485

    Meera’s family is really interesting. I loved how they introduced Meera as a businesswoman and Amrita as a doctor in the most casual way.

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