Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrita gets critical

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The Episode starts with Amrita crying in pain. Pritam asks her not to worry, she will be fine. Amrita says you are responsible for this, Soni kill him if anything happens to me. Pritam says I was angry that time, it was your mistake. She slaps him and scolds. Rathi’s goons stop Pritam and shoot at him. Amrita and Soni scream. Pritam asks the driver to take a u-turn. The goons follow. Soni asks who shot at you. Pritam says don’t know. Jogi says I will shoot you. Soni says we could have got shot. Amrita says he is a goon, make him get down the car. Pritam asks driver to turn off the lights for some time. He asks Amrita to have patience, she will be fine, she will be too angry, but she should relax. Amrita scolds him. Pritam says I m also nervous, and also drunk, I m saying what I can understand. He asks Soni to handle Amrita. Amrita says I wish Karan was there, he would have handled everything. He asks her not to cry. She hits him with a bottle.

Guneet asks why did you let Pritam take Amrita. Chobey says I went to get the car. Dadi says Pritam was like mad. Kabir comes and asks where is Amrita. Dada ji says you should have stayed at home. Nimmo asks where did he take Amrita. Angad says we will go to Karan’s hospital, we can’t trust Pritam, he is drunk. Pritam calls Angad. Soni talks to Angad. Pritam asks them to come to the lifecare hospital fast. Guneet, Angad, Nimmo and Kabir leave. Pritam asks Nitin did you reach, are the arrangements done, fine. Nitin and Monty come to the hospital. Pritam says we can’t reach Amrita’s hospital in time. Monty says this is also one of the best hospital.

Pritam asks Amrita not to worry. Doctor checks the file. Pritam says she got labor pains. Soni says he shouted on her. Doctor asks are you her husband. Soni says no. He says her husband is no more. Amrita says I lost my husband, I don’t want to lose my baby. Pritam says stay strong, nothing will happen to you and the baby. Amrita is taken to OT. Soni says this baby is our hope. Pritam recalls his words to Amrita, and cries. Nitin asks him not to worry. Monty says I will get water for you, sit there. Soni goes. Nitin says this is the best doctor. Pritam says someone was following me and shot at me, don’t know who. Nitin says Rathi, he might have known about rdx. Jogi comes there and calls Rathi. He says he is at the hospital, he got the pregnant lady here for delivery. Rathi asks is she his woman. Jogi says no, she is a widow, Pritam is worried. Rathi says they have some connection, stay there, that woman and her baby will be useful, I think she is his weakness. Jogi says okay. Rathi says now see what I do with you. Nitin asks Pritam to sleep for sometime. Pritam says I will wash my face and come. The family comes. Kabir scolds Pritam. Angad beats up Pritam. Nimmo stops Angad. She scolds Pritam. Guneet slaps Pritam. Nitin and Monty stop them. Nitin says your bahu is in labour room, she is safe. Monty says doctor is attending her. Kabir says if anything happens to Amrita and baby, then I won’t leave you. Soni hugs Nimmo and says Amrita is in pain. Nitin stops Angad.

He says we have to think about Amrita right now. Pritam says I have made a big mistake, but I promise, I won’t let anything happen to Amrita and her baby. Guneet scolds him.

Nitin says Pritam got Amrita to the hospital, Amrita is safe, ask Soni, did doctor say anything. Soni says no. Monty asks Pritam to come with them. Doctor comes to talk to them. She says patient is in pain, she is tired, she isn’t able to push, I can’t say anything, matter has become complicated, we may need to do a surgery. Guneet says do it if needed. Doctor says yes, but we can save either of mum or baby in this situation. They all get shocked. Nimmo says save our Amrita, we don’t want to lose her. Doctor says fine, sit here, we will try our best, we may need blood donation. Angad says we are here. Pritam looks on and cries. Jogi hears this. Naveen says control Meera, she is talking to Kabir, what’s going on between this. Meera asks him to behave himself. She says Amrita is in the hospital for delivery. Krishnakant smiles. Meera says her condition is serious. Krishnakant says I will also come. Meera asks him not to come. Naveen says they insulted dad. Krishnakant says Karan’s baby is coming, I will come and meet them. Meera says thanks, pray for them. He says Amrita is a nice girl, no need to show ego at this time, we shall pray for her. He prays for Amrita and her baby. Guneet talks to Dada ji. He says Angad and Kabir are going to donate blood, I m tensed. Dada ji says everything will be fine, your mum is praying here, is Pritam there. Guneet says don’t take his name, he is still drunk.

Pritam says I have done all this, she was doing fine, her delivery was in two weeks, I told her a lot of bad things, she doesn’t have courage to deliver her child, Vishaka is right, I m a disgusting man, I can’t see family’s happiness. Nitin and Monty ask him to take rest for some time. Pritam asks how can I sleep when this is happening because of me. Kabir asks shall I get tea for you. Guneet says no, get some snacks for Nimmo. Nimmo says I can’t even have water, go and donate blood. Meera comes. Nimmo asks why did you come here. Meera says I couldn’t stop hearing about Amrita, don’t ask me to go, please. Guneet asks who informed you. Kabir says I had called you, I asked her to come, she came running for Amrita, understand her emotions. Angad looks on. Pritam says I won’t move until her delivery happens, I was angry on Vishaka and scolded Amrita, I hate myself, Amrita is right about me. Pritam says if anything happens to them, then I can’t forgive myself. Monty says no. Pritam says we will pray for them, my life got ruined, their happiness shouldn’t get ruined. They say it won’t happen.

Amrita is in the OT. Jogi goes to her. He says we are shifting patient to general ward. Pritam comes there.

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  1. Ananya Mukherjee

    Will Amrita get a baby boy or a baby girl?

  2. Ananya Mukherjee

    No matter whether Amrita gets a normal delivery or C-section, but she and her baby both should get saved and both of them should be healthy.As in pre-calculus jogi told Amrita that they are shifting patient to a general ward so I guess that track will be shown after her delivery and before that track her delivery will be done successfully and she and her baby both will get saved and both of them will have a good health.

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