Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrita gets concerned for Pritam

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The Episode starts with Pritam says yes, but why… I had also stumbled today, but I got balanced while balancing Dada ji. Guneet asks what do you mean. Pritam says nothing, will you get tea now or shall I leave. Amrita says I will get it. Krishnakant asks how dare Naveen push you, he isn’t answering, let him come, I will see you. Meera says we have to explain him with love, you have given this concept of money to him, you have shown him this rich world, Naveen wants to stay with the rich guys, not us, he is getting away from us, because of you. Krishnakant says I wanted to give you a better life. Meera says see the result now. Divya asks him to go and take rest. He says no, I won’t leave Meera and go. Meera says I want to have something prepared by you. He asks her to say. She asks for chicken sizzlers. He goes happily. Meera says I just wanted to change the topic and sent him. Divya asks what is Naveen upto. Meera thinks. She says go and help dad.

Everyone drinks the tea. Amrita asks Pritam to praise the tea, she makes it good. Guneet says Amrita makes the best tea. Dadi says Kamli said you took many baby toys and went somewhere, for whom did you get it. Pritam says it was someone’s birthday. Soni asks whose birthday. Amrita says he won’t tell us that he works for an NGO and celebrates birthdays of kids. Nimmo says its a good thing. Guneet says really, its really good. Nimmo asks who cares for orphans these days. Pritam says he isn’t an orphan, I m his… I m there for them.

Amrita says I m glad to know your good thoughts. Dada ji says we will also celebrate my great grandchild’s birthday, Pritam you dance in the party. Mansoor calls Pritam. He asks are you fine, where are you. Pritam says yes, I m at home. Mansoor asks did anyone tell you anything, did Sakhujas tell anything. Pritam says no, what do you mean, I m with everyone here, having tea. Mansoor says connect with them, they are good people. Pritam says yes, I m doing the same. Dada ji says I should have spoken to him. Soni says Ishani is calling again and again, I will stay with Amrita. Amrita says I m fine, go and enjoy with friends, Angad will come and drop you.

Soni thanks her and goes. Pritam says I will go now, the tea was nice. Amrita nods. He leaves. He sees Nitin at the gate. Nitin gives the toys and asks him to keep it. He says Rahul will… Pritam takes the packet. Amrita looks on. Nitin says take care, I will meet you tomorrow. He goes. Pritam sadly goes upstairs. She asks are you fine. He says I m fine. She says you are doing a good work, but why are you sad, you are faking a smile to make Dada ji happy, you can share your pain if you want, I mean with Dada ji, pain gets less. Pritam says there is no pain, I m fine, how did you say about NGO. Amrita says I just guessed it, you don’t have a family, so you will celebrate someone else’s birthday. Pritam says right, I have no family. She asks why did you get the gifts back. He goes. She thinks its because of that woman. Amrita helps Soni and asks her to wear the dress she likes. Soni thanks her. Kabir is with Sunny and Ronny. Kabir asks them to help. He argues with them. He says Meera got emotional and I understood her pain. They ask him to call Meera, maybe she understands his pain now. Kabir calls her. She rejects his calls. Kabir calls her again. He asks how did you get hurt. She says Naveen… nothing… Kabir says I m in a problem, will you talk to Shetty for a job. She says no way, Guneet had to apologize to him, don’t be mad. Kabir thinks how to get the job. He gets an idea. Pritam sees the toys and cries. He recalls Amrita’s words and says I felt good, someone told this for the first time.

Pritam gets Monty’s call. Monty says a party is going on at your farmhouse, Naveen and other guys have come here for drugs. Pritam goes there. Soni is also at the same party.

Update Credit to: Amena

    1. Yes today’s episode was well balanced among the leads, family drama and other subplots. Angad was missing yet it was ok.

  1. – Why do I feel the CVs are trying to whitewash Amrita’s character all of a sudden? I mean her character seems to have taken a 360 on learning that Pritam runs a ngo for poor kids. I don’t know it seemed a bit strange for me because all this while when Pritam had done so many good things both for her and the S fam, Amrita was never ready to look past Pritam’s bad-boy picture which she had made in her head and now all of a sudden, she is picturing him as a man with a golden heart because he runs an NGO?
    – I mean I’m not saying it’s wrong yet I found that a bit strange. Amrita’s initial softening towards Pritam on learning that he runs an NGO was perfect and it could have been better if she gradually became the kind Amrita towards Pritam with her coming closer to him and getting to know about his good nature more not all of a sudden in one single episode. Perhaps the CVs also are burdened to take a ff mode because all the viewers are complaining about the show’s slow pace.
    – I’m not criticizing the CVs because this side of Amrita is better than her usual “khadoos only to Pritam side”. Although I again found her to be a bit nosy for going on asking questions to Pritam about the toys and Rahul yet it was better than usual madam jasoos self of Amrita.
    – I must admit Amrita is really “too intrested” to know all about Pritam. She has made it her part-time job to literally stalk him. In this way when she becomes his wife, she will never let any other woman to ever eye him. Poor Tutu Aunty.
    – Today both the families, Sakhujas and Sehgals, moments were good. I mean it was nice seeing Pritam along with Sakhuja family having a cheerful moment over tea. On the other side even Meera making KK realize his mistake of spoiling Navin yet then trying to cheer him up by changing the topic was sweet. Such family moments are alright if present in the episode.
    – Yet as usual my most favourite parts in today’s episode were of my favourite “Pritam Pyaare’s”. First, when he got up and was leaving after having tea with Sakhujas, then he turned back and I just loved the way he said “the tea (with a pause) was good”, I mean his speech’s style code over there was awesome. Next, when Amrita tells Pritam, you can share your pain and the “look” he gave at that moment, I mean we could read from his expression that he is asking, “Have we become that close?”. Also, when Amrita tells Pritam that you don’t have a family so you are giving love to those ngo kids, again from his expression we could read that he has lost his entire family and rn has no family, man Pritam’s expressions really touched my heart. The last one was when he remembers on how Amrita’s told him to share his pain and then he gives out a sad smile which showed how he felt so good that someone considers him as his own. If it goes this way Pritam will soon fall for Amrita.
    – Pritam is undoubtedly the heart of this show and imo the best ML of SP rn because the CVs have written his character really well. I don’t wish the CVs butcher Pritam’s character for the sake of flaunting the FL because I saw it happening in almost in all the ITV serials lately. Imo, it really hurts seeing that because we get so attached to a character and then we see them totally as something unexpected all of a sudden and that really hurts. I have seen it happening a lot especially with the ML characters.
    – Nitin is such a true friend of Pritam, I mean he understands him so well. We don’t see Monty regularly perhaps he too is and Monty is Pritam’s childhood friend. The other day how the the two were consoling Pritam when he was completely heartbroken was so sweet.
    – I liked today’s Kabir-Sunny-Ronny moments, it was really cute and cheerful yet imo, I did not really like Kabir-Meera’s moment. I don’t know why I feel Kabir-Meera pairing looks so bland, forced and uninspiring. According to precap, Kabir has gone to Pritam to get help for his job. Please don’t make it that Pritam being a cop or ex-cop threatens Kabir’s boss to take him back, please not that way, already a blackmailing was enough. Kabir should get the job he likes to do but in the correct way not the wrong way.
    – The precap is really interesting. So, my assumptions were correct both Navin-Soni are in the same party with a drug scam. I guess Pritam will put an end to Navin’s drug case, perhaps Soni will also get involved. Seeing the precap, I have a feeling that Soni will be the first one to learn about Pritam’s profession.

    1. Hopefully riya we all want to know his job and past now lool

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