Zindagi hai Mushkil episode 13

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Neela: go and get ready remember
Avni: yh I am going
Avni goes and gets ready
Avni comes down and neela see her
Neela: wow meri bacha look so nice
Avni: thanks maa I am gonna go now
Neela: okay take care
Avni: bye maa
She goes out and wait for Neil thinking about what neela said to her later Neil arrives
Neil: avni come on get inside the car
Avni walks and gets in the car Neil looked at her she was quite
Neil: avni what happen you never stay quite
Avni: I am fine
Neil: are you sure
Avni: yeah

They reach the restaurant and go inside avni and Neil sit down while Neil order
He saw avni upset for a long
Neil: avni what happen since I saw you are upset did anything happen
Avni: yeah nothing happen
Neil: you know you can tell if there is you can share
Waiter: sir your dinner is here
Neil: thank you
The waiter severed the food avni and Neil eat their dinner
Avni: Neil I am gonna go out and get fresh air
Neil: sure
Avni goes and sits outside thinking about what neela said to her avni talk to herself saying why Maa you know I don’t believe in marriages i know you want to see me settle down she started crying then someone put their hand on her shoulder she wiped her tears and turn around and saw Neil
Neil: avni what’s the matter
He sat next to her
Neil: you can tell me you will feel better
Avni started crying and hugged Neil

Music played
Tu safar mera Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara Ae dil hai mushkil
Tu mera Khuda Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzaraAe dil hai mushkil
Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi Junoon hai mera Banoon main tere qaabil Tere bina guzaara Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Yeh rooh bhi meri Yeh jism bhi mera Utna mera nahi
Jitna hua tera Tune diya hai jo Woh dard hi sahi Tujhse mila hai toh Inaam hai mera
Mera aasmaan dhoondhe teri zameen
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi Zameen pe na sahi Toh aasmaan mein aa mil Tere bina guzara Ae dil hai mushkil

Neil: avni listen look at me tell me what happen
Avni: Neil Maa want me to get married
Neil: that a good thing
Avni: no Neil because I don’t believe in marriage and Maa want to see me settle
Neil: but avni neela aunty is right look avni neela aunty is your Maa she is doing everything for you
Avni: really Neil
Neil: yes you will see later in marriage there will be no problem now smile
Avni smiled and said
Avni: thank you Neil and hugged him again
Neil: shall we go now
Avni: lets go
They both in sat in the car Neil played the radio music played

Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaan
Jahaan pe kahin Hai mera yaqeen
Main jo… tera naa huaa Kisi ka nahin…
Kisi ka nahin.. Le jaayein jaane kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein… Le jaayein tujhe kahaan Hawayein, hawayein… Begaani hai yeh baaghi Hawayein, hawayein Le jaaye mujhe kahan Hawayein, hawayein
Le jaayein jaane kahaan, na mujhko khabar
Na tujhko pataa…
Avni looked at Neil and looked away Neil looked at avni her hair was blowing and she was moving it
Banaati hai jo tu… Woh yaadein jaane sang mere kab tak chale Inhi mein to meri…
Subah bhi dhalein. Shamein dhalein
Mausam dhalein Khayalon ka shehar…
Tu jaane tere hone se hi aabaad hai
Hawayein haq mein… Wohi hai aate jaate jo tera naam le Deti hain jo sadayein
Hawayein, hawayein Na jaane kya batayein
Hawayein, hawayein Le jaaye tujhe kahaan
hawayein, hawayein Le jaaye mujhe kahaan
Hawayein, hawayein Le jaayein jaane kahaan, na mujhko khabar Naa tujhko pataa…
Chehra.. kyun milta tera Yun khwabon se mere Ye kya raaz hai Kal bhi.. meri na thi tu
Naa hogi tu Kal Meri aaj hai
Teri hai meri, saari wafayein wafayein
Maangi hai tere liye duaayein duaayein
Le jaaye tujhe kahaan.. hawayein, hawayein Le jaaye mujhe kahaan.. hawayein, hawayein
Le jaaye jaane kahaan (hawayein hawayein)
Le jaaye tujhe kahaan (hawayein hawayein) Le jaaye jaane kahaan (hawayein hawayein)
Le jaaye mujhe kahaan (hawayein hawayein)

Neil arrived at avnis house they both got out of the car and went to the door and rang the bell
Neela: avni you here hello Neil beta
Neil: hi aunty
Avni: Maa I am sorry and hugged her
Neela: avni happen they broke the hug
Avni: Maa I am ready
Neela: for
Avni: for marriage
Neela: sach me
Avni: yes
Neela: but all of a sudden how did you agree
Avni: Neil
Neela: Neil
Avni: he made me understand
Neela: thank you beta
Neil: aunty I was just explain
Neela: but still thank you made her understand thank you so much
Neil: it fine I am gonna go now goodnight bye
Neela: bye beta
Avni: bye Neil
Avni and neela closed the door
Neela: avni go bed now it to late we will talk tomorrow okay
Avni: okay Maa goodnight
Neela: goodnight
Avni goes to her room and get inside bed and remembers Neil and remember their moments and goes sleep

Next morning
Avni wake up and goes down
Neela: good morning avni
Avni: good morning Maa what happen why are so happy
Neela: because your engagement is tomorrow
Avni: Kya
Neela: yes tomorrow
Avni: Maa why do early
Neela: it’s better
Avni: okay Maa as you say
Neela: avni bets are you happy
Avni : yes Maa if your happy I am happy
Neela comes and hugs her they breaks the hug
Neela: okay listen so we are gonna go shopping today okay
Avni: alright Maa
Avni and neela smile

Precap: avni is shopping for her ring when Neil comes and ask her can he try a ring on her finger

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