Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amy asking Sophia if she said anything to Yug after he proposed her. Sophia nods no and says Yug is my friend. Amy says you have dropped love notes in river for your prince charming, but when he is infront of you, why you couldn’t see and identify him. She asks what is wrong with you. Sophia recalls her moments with Yug. Yug says I shouldn’t have told her and wonders what she might be thinking. Radha says you told about your heart talk, and if she don’t love you then it is her bad luck. Yug says you are saying as you are my Aaji and Dadi. Radha says she will realize that she loves you. Yug says but….He sees Sophia coming. Dadi says she can’t move you from your life. Ria asks him to have faith. Yug tells them that Sophia is here. Sophia comes inside Palekar Mansion and looks at Yug…… A Song kya kijiye plays…………………She says I love you too…………..and smiles surprising Yug….All the ghost family are happy for them. She hugs him and cries. Yug hugs her smilingly. Ria claps.

Sophia hears someone clapping and wonders from where it came. Yug says from where and signs them not to do anything. Dadi says he is shying. Radha says they are looking cute. Ishaan says I don’t know how did Yug get a girl like Sophia and says love is blind. Ria says it seems they will not do anything till next year and makes Sophia fall in his arms. Sophia asks if you have any setting with the ghosts. Yug looks on. Sophia says she was joking and says she has to reach before Veronica comes. Yug asks her to stay there, and says I won’t let any trouble come to you. Sophia says I know, but it is not possible for today. She says I will leave. She hugs him again and says bye.

Veronica and Keith are in the car. Keith gets agent’s call and he fixes meeting for tomorrow. He says I am happy that Palekar Mansion owners want to get rid of the property. Veronica says I am happy that you will be owning it soon. Keith is happy to take revenge from Yug.

All the ghost family are happy and congratulates him. Yug says it has happened because of you. I couldn’t think of it even in my dreams. Dadi says time has come for you to do something. Yug asks her to say. Dadi says I want this Palekar Mansion to be on your name. Yug is surprised and says I can’t think of buying this big property. Dadi says I want to give this property to you. Yug refuses to take it, and says you have given me everything, my love, Sophia etc……I don’t want anything. Radha says we will be kicked out if we don’t name this property on your name. Suraj says we can’t trust anybody else. He says if we name this property on your name then nobody can throw us out from here, and asks can you help us. Yug agrees, and says it is on Tony’s name. Dadi says we have to name it on your name, and asks him to bring Tony in the house. Yug looks on.

Sophia comes home. Veronica thinks to wake up Sophia as it is dinner time. Amy stops her and signs Sophia to go. Veronica says she is not that cruel, and says she will wake up Sophia first. Amy says you are my fav mum and hugs her. Veronica asks if something happened after she went. Amy says no. Veronica says you was fighting with me before I went. Amy says I have to show you something important and takes her to kitchen. Sophia goes to her room. Amy tells Veronica that she want to make cake for her. Veronica asks her to forget it.

Yug thinks about Sophia’s love confession and smiles. Radha comes to him and asks if he is not getting sleep. Yug feels shy and blushes. He says he is missing Sophia. Radha says there is no treatment for this disease. Yug asks about her love story. Radha says our love story is different. Yug asks her to tell everything. Radha tells about her love story. He laughs thinking about Sophia. Sophia smiles. Amy says a broad smile on your face and says I saw it before Papa’s death. She asks did you tell about your heart talk to Yug? Sophia nods yes. Amy hugs her. Sophia says don’t know how I will meet him? Amy says she will help her.

Keith meets Tony and says he will get the papers ready. Tony says Palekar Mansion is yours. Keith sees Sophia going and follows her while she hides.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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