Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Keith telling Yug that he asked Peter to make his friend Suraj understand, but Peter was favoring them. I had to kill Palekar’s and then Peter also. Palekar family get emotional hearing the confession. Keith shouts come ghost, come and kill me. All the family family gets angry, but stay silent. Keith laughs and tells Yug to think how he will save his life now. He signs his goons to kill Yug. Ishaan tells his family that they have to save Yug. Ria says he is outside the gate. Radha says we can’t let anything happen to Yug. Yadav says we don’t need to worry as Yug is young and will beat the goons. He says Yug beat him. Just then goons come out of Palekar mansion who was tied in the palekar house. The goons hold Yug’s hand and keeps gun on Keith. Keith asks have you gone mad? The goons say we are with Yug now. Keith says I will see you both and leaves. Radha says they have eaten my food and promised that they will do as I say. The goons support Yug.

Sophia cries and recalls Veronica burning the file. She looks at Peter’s photo and apologizes saying she couldn’t get his murderer punished. She thinks to call Yug, but then thinks of separating from him. She cries and hugs Peter’s photo. Yug comes inside the house. And the goons also come. They say they have done the good thing and felt good. Radha says I will feed them gajar ka halwa and thanks them. The goons say people gets scared of ghosts, but I have seen that ghosts are good and Yug is like a pure gold. Dadi says stop praising us. Ria says our life is strange. The goons say that they will not trouble anyone now.

Yug says you can go. Dadi asks them to promise that they will not do anything wrong and will walk on the right path. They promises. The goon says he thought to be a writer, but couldn’t come. He says he will write biography on himself. Yadav asks him to do planning outside as something is going on in his mind. The goons thanks them and says whenever you need me, you shall dial on our number. They thank and leave. Suraj looks angrily, and says Peter was never our killer and it was Kishore Kadam. Yug says I know you are feeling bad, but this time is not to feel bad. He says he have to get Ishaan’s soul back first and then he will call keith inside the house so that they can take revenge. Ria says it is not difficult to bring keith here as he doesn’t believe that we do exist. Ishaan says today is poornima and I will be alright within 3 days. Yug asks him to bring the book and says he will do planning accordingly.

Sophia cries looking at Peter’s photo. She looks at her mum bangles. She apologizes to Peter and says I couldn’t do anything for you Papa. She gets up from bed and hears a sound coming from the box. She gets a pendrive inside it.

Radha comes to Suraj. Suraj says I thought you will keep hand on my shoulder. Radha says I was about to keep, but we can’t touch each other. Suraj says it is strange, but we can feel about each other. Radha says I can feel that you are tensed as you had mistaken Peter to be our killer. Suraj says I am angry at myself for not being able to identify a man. He says you have a doubt that Peter was not wrong, but I was sure. He says he died because of me. He says Peter is not responsible for our death, but I was responsible for his death. Radha says why you are blaming yourself and says you wasn’t aware of it. Yug comes and says Keith is murderer and will be punished. Sophia plays the audio message. She hears keith threatening Peter and confesses to killing Peter’s wife and Palekar family. She says thank you Papa. Veronica sees her holding pendrive and gets tensed.

Yug asks how Ishaan will get back the soul. Radha asks how we will get that leaves, as we can’t go out. Book asks her to take anyone’s help. Yug says I will go south west to get that leaves and will do as book says. Radha asks Yug to take care. Ishaan tells Radha that he won’t let anything happen to Yug as he will go with him. Ishaan enters him. Yug takes the book and leaves. Veronica looks at the pendrive. Just then Keith comes and takes Veronica to her room. Veronica says do you know what is in that pendrive. Keith laughs and says these kids are very handworking. Veronica says your voice is recorded. Keith says let them play. Veronica says she will file police complaint. Keith laughs.

Sophia comes to Police station and tells him that Keith is Kishore Kadam etc. She comes back home and tells Veronica that her lover will be jailed. Veronica looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Only 2 episodes to go 🙁 I don’t believe they spared Keith so easily I wonder what is going on in Keith’s mind whatever happens I just want Veronica n Keith punished and a happy ending

  2. If it weren’t for Sophias stupidity, the file would’ve been in Yugs hand. I love this series and watch it in Singapore but to b honest , I think Sophia cant act. Cant stand her voice and she’s totally not good at acting.

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