Zindaan – The Golden cage

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” Kabhi Aashna Kabhi Ajnabi,
Yahan gumaan hain,haqeeqat bhi,
    Ye Kaise Zindaan mein phansi
        har ek zindagi,
Riha hona yahan se mumkin nahi”

“Maya! Maya! ” He shouts her name while entering in  villa. He starts searching for her by running here and there. “Where were u gone now ?” He said. “I am here only,” She said from behind while he turns toward her. “But you were not here a few seconds ago.” He said. “You notice me now only,” She said with her alluring smile.

“I thought u maybe get angry because I get late,” He said holding her hand. “Well, I am angry but I never leave you,” She said while staring with her big eyes. “Do u feel hungry, Let’s do dinner together?” He asked offering her. “I already did Shivay” She replied softly.”Why don’t you accompany me to the office?” He said while eating a bite from chapati. “I can wait for you” She replied while standing at the same place.

A girl was running from someone in between the forest. Suddenly, she gets to stop because of the cliff in front of her. An unmasked person push her from the cliff. She woke up to this nightmare,  sweating badly. She switches on the light while breathing heavily. She pours water in glass & drink in one go. She then wipes her sweat by picking tissues from a nearby table.”That accident has happened so long, Why these nightmares are not leaving me?”She said holding her head in stress. “There is no way of moving out from this. I just hope that it don’t affect Ani” She thinks,  looking her sister picture on a nearby table,  while tears flow down from her eyes.

Suddenly, her phone starts ringing and she received it. “Yeah, I am coming. U take care of other things ” She replied to someone. She sees time after cutting the call & her phone screen shows 1:30 a.m.

She tied her messy hairs in a bun & change her nightdress in a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt without wasting much time. She picks up her phone and move outside but stopped in front of another room.

“Ani, I am going,” She said while entering in her room but found it empty. “Where the hell this girl gone in the night?” She said looking here & there. “Wohoo,” A girl shouts from behind while she gets scared. “Ani, Where were you?” She asked while calming her fast heartbeat. ” I was in the washroom but look at your scared face,” Anika said laughing while she looks her annoyedly. “Why are u awake at this time?” She asked. “I was seeing a movie,” She said excitedly.

“Are u serious? You only tell me that u have to prepare design for new job and here u are watching a movie. How can u wake up tomorrow? ” She complained while noding her head in disbelief. “This is fun & life should be adventurous, not boring like you” She chuckled. “Accha, I am going. There is an emergency case in hospital” She said. “In this much night, I am telling u that this profession of yours is over boring,” She said to her.

“Ani, Don’t forget to lock the door & windows. I will warn security too” She said while caressing her face. “Ohh Madam, I am not a kid. Moreover, you are going alone, you need this lecture” She said while she smiles on her cuteness. “Accha, you also give me lecture in return. Take care ” She smiled & move toward the exit.

She was driving her car in the direction of the hospital. Suddenly, she saw a man in front of her car and apply the immediate break. Her head almost dashed on steering due to the sudden force. She immediately rushed outside to see the person without caring about herself but there is no one.

Are you guys excited??

This is going to be very interesting. Anyone who didn’t understand meaning of above lines, you can ask me translation.

Tell me in comments your views about prologue.



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  1. This seems damn interesting!! I enjoyed every bit of it. And, honestly, I was so engrossed in it, that, I forgot the surroundings for a while. Waiting for the next part. Your writing skills are amazing.

    1. Niyati

      Hey dear, Thank you so much for commenting and reading. Glad to know you like it. Thank you for your kind words. Will be updating next part tonight only. Take care❤❤

  2. And what does Zindaan mean BTW??

    1. Niyati

      Zindaan word stands for cage or captive.

  3. The story is something new, fully different. I am eager to read this. Keep updating

    1. Niyati

      Thank you for support, Glad you like it. Will update it tonight only ❤❤

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