Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 9 (Hide & Seek)

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Juhi’s house –

“Can’t you hear that I am asking something” Kshitij shout in a stern voice. “I don’t know” Tanya muttered while he sighed in frustration. “We will come again. Don’t move from this city” He said moving out with his assistant. “Find about this girl,” He said to his assistant while he nods his head.

Lifeline Hospital –

“You said you are going to tell me. Why did you need Shivay’s reports?” Swayam said blocking her way. “Anika is working in his company. She starts doubting on me” Drishya replied while taking out her hand from his grip. “Why didn’t you stop her from joining there?” He asked. “You know her, If anyone stops her from doing anything, then she will surely do it” She sighed. “Did she get remember everything?” Swayam asked and she replied while shrugging her shoulders.

“Do tell her truth then she will stop doubting on you?” He said to her while she nods her here negatively. “Why?” He asked on her refusal. “Anika is like that fish who  know that water in which she is living is poisonous but still won’t leave that. She loves Dad more than me, she won’t believe us even after knowing the truth” Drishya replied while playing with her fingers. “She continues to misunderstand you,” He said to her while she looks on.

“There was no trust between us if she will get manipulate by other’s words” She smiled. “Sometimes we get in words no matter how much we trust. Even there is a lot of trust between two people but still, there is always a place for doubt” He said staring her while she read the emotion on his face. “We are talking about Anika. Don’t try to move it toward us” She replied while stepping forward.

“What about Shivay’s reports?” Swayam asked. “I will tell you very soon.” She replied. “Ishu…” He holds her hand but she interrupts him. “I have surgery to do in a few minutes.” She said cutting him while he nods his head. “Aren’t you thinking Shivay as the stalker?” He said while she looks on. “I will talk to you after surgery,” She said and walked out from his cabin while he stares her from the back. He averted his eyes from the entrance when the glass door gets closed and look toward the ring in his hand. Drishya was staring her and Anika’s picture while sitting inside her cabin. “You think that I won’t get to know that you were playing with me,” She thinks and few droplets roll down from her eyes.


“Let’s clean the mess which you create,” Drishya said bending down and pick down the crockery pieces. Her sight fall on blood drops on the floor. Anika looks at her and then muttered “I am sorry Ishu.” “For what?” Drishya looks on and notices blood on the belle sleeves of her white top. “Don’t tell me, idiot, this is for crockery. I am not going to clean your mess every time. Help me, Do I need to give the invitation” She added chuckling.

Anika bends down and starts helping her. “Do you want to say anything?” Drishya asked her as she wants to reason behind all this while throwing the pieces in the dustbin. “Ishu…..” Before she could complete her sentence, a message popped up in her mobile’s screen ‘Don’t reveal to her or else you know….’. “Hmm…What were you saying Ani?” Drishya asked raising one eyebrow.

*****Flashback ends***

“Ani, What do you think that you can make me fool? I didn’t say anything that didn’t mean I don’t know about your games” Drishya smile.


“Why do you like this type of weird films?” Drishya asked annoyedly while turning toward her but she smiles looking at her sleeping peacefully. “She is crazy” Drishya mumbled looking the unmanageable way of her sleeping. She switches off the L.E.D and covered her from duvet after making her lie in the correct position. “Indeed I was an idiot, I should understand it before when you ignore such a serious issue without consoling me,” Drishya muttered looking at her face. “You proved that you are the daughter of Tej Malhotra. You proved that Blood is more thicker than Love” She said playing with a knife. “Then let make this blood flow” Drishya smiles and move knife toward her sleeping figure. But instead of stabbing her, she pressed the knife in her hand to suppress her anger that resulted in the bleeding of her own hand.

“No matter what you did but I can’t take revenge on you because Hate can change in love but Love can’t turn in hate,” She said and the knife falls down from her hand. “I want to know Ani that Who become this much important that you get ready to betray me?” She said in a cracking voice. “I will wait until you told me that. Ani, I can’t able to protect you in past but I won’t let anything happen to you this time,” Drishya said caressing her forehead.

*****Flashback ends****

“Dr Drishya, OT is ready now” Twinkle marched inside her cabin making her disturb from her thoughts. She wiped her tears and smile “Sure, I am coming”.

Oberoi Textiles-

” How can you be so irresponsible? Where the hell were you?” Shivay literally shout while Anika stares him with her big eyes. She was seeing him shouting the first time or else he talks in a slow voice even when he scolds any employee.  “I got busy in some work” She replied. “Which work is more important than this company?” He asked angrily. “I can’t tell you. It’s private ” She mumbled while he looks on. How can she go to tell that she is spying on him? “What do you mean that you can’t tell? If you continue to be this much irresponsible then I will fire….” Before he completes his sentence she picked up the glass and thrown on his face. He was standing there in shock What happens a few seconds ago?

“What the hell was that?” He asked wiping water. ” If you think you can make me scared from giving threaten of firing me, then you are wrong. I went after managing everything ” Anika replied putting the glass back. “You…How dare you to do this?” Shivay asked in frustration.  “I noticed from the day of your joining. Every time you need to leave as you get some work. Do you have some responsibility for this venture or not. We have to show dresses to clients and you were not present ” Shivay taunts irritatingly.

“But I went after completing every dress” She replied. “What about the ruined one? ” He asked. ” I went after improving it” Anika counter back. “Oh really! Then Let’s see the improving” Shivay taunts and hold her hand. He dragged her toward the designer room. “What is this?” He signed toward the gown while she looks on shockingly. She remembered that she told other employees to add brooches on it and righten it. “I told Aditi to inform you that I am going for some work. I told Sia to righten the dress too ” Anika replied. “Hmm….Why didn’t you did that by own before leaving?” Shivay asked crossing his arms against his chest. “This man has problem with everything” She think before putting brooches on the dress. “Done, You got peace now” She turned toward him and said with not so sweet smile.

He was going to reply to her but something made all the colours faded from his face. He noticed those earrings in her ears when she turns toward him and her curly locks get flipped backwards. Those beautiful earrings tinkled in her ears.  He usually doesn’t notice girls but those earrings recalled of his, someone.  He moves a few steps backwards and leaves from there without uttering anything. “Excuse me, What about the show?” Anika asked from behind. “This strange man is planning to make me mad. A few seconds ago, he was lecturing me about my responsibility and all. Now, he disappeared without caring about clients” Anika sighed.

Detective agency-

“I found about that girl ” Vishal almost shout while Kshitij turns back while keeping the marker on the table. “Look at this, She is Dr Drishya Malhotra,” Vishal said to him while signing toward the laptop. He matched the photo and profile on laptop. “Well done! Let’s go Lifeline Hospital” He muttered while reading the name of the hospital.

Oberoi Mansion-

Shivay entered in his bungalow. He was very disturbed and didn’t even call her name like as always. “What are you thinking Shivay?” Maya asked to him standing behind the sofa on which he was sitting. She moves in front of him. He looks on and his sight stuck on the earrings swinging in her ears same as Anika. “You didn’t answer me,” She asked staring him with eyes full of kohl. “Aren’t you thinking about Anika?” She asked sitting beside him while he looks on shockingly. “Don’t look at me, I can read your mind ” Maya replied before he asks.

“I permit you to talk with her not to get lost in her thoughts ” She annoyedly whisper in his ear. “You very well know that nobody can’t take your place” He held her hand for reducing her annoyance. “I can’t let you give nor let her take my place. I can only live in your mind every second, no one else” She replied with her alluring smile which holds possessiveness unaware of the fact that Anika is going to take place in his heart, not in mind. She was a mind’s creation and that’s why can’t understand the heart. If he imagines her with his heart, then she also knows to control his heart like his mind.

Lifeline Hospital-

“We want to meet Dr Drishya Malhotra,” Kshitij asked to the receptionist. “Sir, Do you have an appointment, ” She asked. “Crime department….We need to investigate ” He replied while showing his Id card. “She is in between a surgery. Can you please wait…” She asked signing toward waiting room while they both moved there. ” Sir, Some people from crime department came to investigate. They are asking about Dr Drishya” Receptionist said on a call to the owner of the Hospital, Mr Naren Singhaniya. “Do inform Dr Drishya” He replied cutting the call. He moves toward footage room and asks to play footage inside the waiting room.

Oberoi Textiles-

Anika was waiting for the clients. He tried to call Shivay but his phone was unreachable. She has to deal with the clients when he comes or not. For increasing her tension, her mobile gets a notification. She clicks on the video and gets shocked to see a lady in a miserable condition. Her face becomes pale after looking her wounded face. She gets restless after looking at her condition. “It is getting out of control. Now, I have to tell Ishu but How?” She thinks confusedly. She is scared as she doesn’t know but that stalker got every information about her move.

She moves toward Nisha’s cabin and asked to her. “Can I use your phone for some work. Please! ” Anika request while she nods her hand and gives her mobile. She immediately forward that video on her mobile and then send it to Drishya’s phone with mobile. “I hope you will get it. Thanks for the help.” She thanked Nisha.

LifeLine Hospital-

“Well done! You guys did a great job” Drishya appreciated while coming outside from OT. She removed her gloves and thrown them in the nearby dustbin. She then washes her hands when a nurse barged inside. “Dr Drishya, Some people are waiting for you. They want to meet you” Nurse told her and she replied “I am coming,” She said checking the notification on her phone. She gets shocked to see an unknown number. She read the message.

Ishu, Don’t tell about this to anyone. You know Mumma is alive. Keep it Confidential. Someone is keeping eye on every move of us and he is stalking you too. I don’t know him but he is blackmailing me that he will kill Mumma if I told you anything.

Drishya opens the video and gets shocked. She throws the phone. “Why are you alive? Why? You get died then why the hell you return? My so-called mother is that important person for whom you get ready to sacrifice me Anika” She thinks while crushing the phone with her shoe. “I wish you never come back in my life Mumma” She cursed while wiping her tears and walked out from the cabin. She moves toward the waiting room.

“Yes…” Drishya said entering in the room. “Detective Kshitij Kashyap from Investigation Branch” He introduced while forwarding his hand. “Drishya Malhotra” She replied handshaking. “We know that,” Vishal replied making her confused. “We are here to ask a few questions from you. Hope you will cooperate” Kshitij said while she nods her head and signs them to sit. “Do you know this girl?” He asked keeping a picture in front of her. “No, I don’t know” She nods her head negatively. “Juhi Rai….Did you listen to this name before?” He asked while she nods her head negatively.

“Fine, Do you know Shivay Singh Oberoi?” He asked showing his picture to her while her face becomes pale. “Excuse me! Do you know him?” He snapped his fingers in front of her while she nods her head positively. “How?” Kshitij asked. “He was patient here” She replied. “I am sure he was not your patient as you are gynaecologist,” He asked doubtly.  “He was a patient of my colleague Dr Swayam. He is Psychiatrist ” Drishya said playing with her fingers.

“Is he had any mental issue?” He asked while she looks on. “Schizophrenia. He was Schizophrenic.” She replied. “Do you know that he gets framed for Juhi’s murder?” He asked to her. “You should ask this from him, not me. What’s the relation of this case with me?” She counters back. He smiles and gives her another picture.

“This is you…right,” He said while she nods. “We get your photo in Juhi’s room after investigating. So, Miss Malhotra How did your photo get there if you are not related?” He asked. “That is your work to find out. I don’t know her. I told you whatever I knew” She replied frustratingly. “We are doing that only. Well, We will come again. Don’t move from this city and if you remember anything you can call” He commanded while keeping his card before leaving

“Sir, You didn’t ask How she knows Shivay. Doctor life is very busy, they don’t take interest in other’s patients” Vishal said pointing out sitting in Car. “She won’t tell anything there. Let her call.” He replied. “How did you get to know?” He asked him while he replied ” I get to understand when she looks upward at the camera. This case is not that simple” He said driving the Car. Drishya picks the card and walked out. “I am not feeling well. Can you please handle everything ” She said to Advik while he nods his head. “You okay?” He asked. “I will be fine. Call me if there is some emergency case” She replied with a smile.

She moves toward the basement where cars get parked. “I know you are following me. Come in front of me whoever you are. Why are you using my sister? What do you want?” Her voice echoed in the empty basement. “You Coward, Deal with me. Don’t try to use Anika” She shouts. “You know what I want” A person in black hoodie replied, standing behind her. She turns toward him. “Who are you? Why are you doing this? ” She asked.

“Give that pen drive to me,” He said moving his hand forward. “Which pen drive?” She asked confusedly. “Don’t test my patience. That Pendrive which have information” He said angrily. “What type of information? What are you talking about? I don’t have anything ” She replied. “You are making me angry stubborn girl,” He said and open a knife. Before he stabbed her, he hears a command on his Bluetooth ‘Don’t harm her’. He suppresses his anger and said, ” Give that information to me or else get ready to lose everything “. He gets vanished before she replies.

Precap – Drishya find hidden cameras in the house….Anika get angry on Drishya.

Note- I mention names of places while shifting scenes. Hope you don’t get confused.

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  1. It is getting thrilling day by day. My guess was right.. it was Dr. Drishya. Waiting for the mysteries to unfold.. Keep on writing. I hope this thrill doesn’t drive me crazy..

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, Glad to know you found it thrilling. Yes, your guess was correct. Haha, It won’t drive you crazy, it can burst your head with twists😂😘😘💕

  2. Saniya fathima

    Hii nice story!!! Shocked that ani’s mom is alive but you is drishya hating her??? Waiting I know more keep going the same way interesting twists and turns

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, Glad you like it💕💕. There is a reason why Ishu is hating on Ani’s mom. There are numerous twists. You will get to know soon💕💕

  3. Love it and a big hats off. Your precision is the most important quality that most of them lacks. The way you are taking the plot keeps us attached and that’s why I keep on checking and coming back for ‘Zindaan’. Brilliant potrayals!!

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dearie for your kind words, means a lot that you are liking it. I am glad that it is keeping you hook, and portrayals are here like great shaded characters. Nobody is right neither they are wrong💕

  4. Day by day my excitement for reading this is increasing. Nice story

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, Glad to know you are excited for this story 💕💕

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