Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 8 (Hidden Eyes)

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Malhotra Mansion –

Anika picked the knife which has patches of blood. “Those who hurt others get hurt only in return,” She said staring the blood dripping from that person’s arm.”Aren’t you start talking too much?” That person holds her face roughly. “You moron, Give me the proof that she is alive,” She said jerking his hands. “You will get that. Don’t try to be over smart” He snatched the knife from her hand and jump from the window. Anika stare and few droplets drop from her eyes. She throws things in wrath.

“What are you doing?” Drishya asked who was rushed there after listening sound. She wipes her tears and turns toward her. “Nothing, I didn’t throw them intentionally.” She replied. “How are you feeling? ” She added. “Better now” Drishya replied. ” Don’t bother about that much,” She added while coming downstairs. “Let’s clean the mess which you create,” Drishya said bending down and pick down the crockery pieces. Anika looks at her and then muttered: “I am sorry Ishu.” “For what?” Drishya looks on. “Don’t tell me, idiot, this is for crockery. I am not going to clean your mess every time. Help me, Do I need to give the invitation” She added chuckling.

Anika bends down and starts helping her. “Do you want to say anything?” Drishya asked while throwing the pieces in the dustbin. “Ishu…..” Before she could complete her sentence, a message popped up in her mobile’s screen ‘Don’t reveal to her or else you know….’. “Hmm…What were you saying Ani?” Drishya asked raising one eyebrow. “Let’s watch a movie together. It will make you feel better too” She replied sweetly while she chuckled. “Forgive me Ishu. I know it’s not right to ignore other’s pain for ourselves but still we all are kinda selfish” She thinks while looking her face.

“What do you think who was that person and why did he target you?” Anika asked her while moving upstairs. “Are you doubting on me?” Drishya asked to her while she nods her head negatively. “I will tell you everything on the right time,” Drishya said holding her hand and smile.

Oberoi Mansion-

Shivay opens his eyes, sweating badly. He wakes up and sees his surroundings. “Did you saw a nightmare?” Maya asked to him, standing in front of him. He sees her and sighed. “How do you get to know?” He asked. “I get to know everything which is in your mind” She replied smilingly while cleaning sweat from his forehead.  “Then you will know the reason behind it too,” He asked like that she know everything. He didn’t realise that she was an imagination of him. He thinks that she controls him unknown of the fact that his mind controls her. She is the wicked side of his mind.

“How can I remember if you didn’t remember about it?” She asked. “Why did you vanished every time? How many times I told you to be with me?” He asked annoyedly holding her hand. “I can be with you whenever you want,” She said patting his forehead for making him sleep. She was a creation of his loneliness, pain and sufferings. Her imaginary presence gives a feeling of security to him.

Malhotra Mansion –

“Why do you like these type of weird films?” Drishya asked annoyedly while turning toward her but she smiles looking at her sleeping peacefully. “She is crazy” Drishya mumbled looking the unmanageable way of her sleeping. She switches off the L.E.D and covered her from duvet after making her lie in the correct position. “Ani, I can’t able to protect you in past but I won’t let anything happen to you this time,” Drishya said caressing her forehead and then she move downstairs. She motioned outside in the garden. “Who can be that attacker? Why he is playing instead of killing me?” Drishya thinks while sitting on a swing. ” Which truth he was talking about? I have nothing to tell him except that accident” She closed her eyes in frustration.

“No one knew about that accident except me, Swayam and Ani. Did Ani get remember everything or Swayam is blackmailing me? It can’t be Ani, she told me first if she gets remember anything. It can’t be Swayam also as he saved me on the terrace. They both are trustworthy, then who it can be?” Her head is aching badly. Suddenly something strikes in her mind. “Why didn’t I think about it before?” She runs to her room and wears a leather jacket on the blue tee before leaving from there.

LifeLine Hospital-

“Be careful Dr Drishya.” Advik said to her who get collided with him while running. “Sorry, Dr.Mehta.” She apologised. “What are you doing at this time? You didn’t have night shift…right” He asked to her. “I have some important work with Swayam,” She said and run toward Swayam’s cabin. “But he is not there…’ Advik said to her from behind but she ignored it. ” Your cabin is locked. I need something” Drishya Said to Swayam over the phone.

“You might forget that you have another key to my cabin,” He said from another side. She gets reminded of that and searches key in her handbag. “What do you need from my cabin? ” He asked. “Where did you kept Shivay’s medical reports? ” She said. “My desk drawer. What happen?” He replied. “I will tell you afterwards,” She said cutting the call and insert the key. She motioned toward his desk and start searching for files.

“I told you Swayam is not here but you didn’t listen,” Advik said entering. “By the way How did this get open?” He asked doubtly while she folds pages in her hand and stealthily put them in a handbag. “I had the key to his cabin,” She said and locked the cabin. “Ohh, I forget that you guys were in a relationship,” He said. “I have to go home.” She smiles ignoring him.

Malhotra Mansion-

Anika opens her eyes and found her covered with a duvet. “Ishu…” She looks here and there and then comes outside to find her. She listens to the sound of anyone talking. “Who the hell is talking at this time?” She thinks and moves forward to see that person. “Damn it, I am finding clue but Drishya has control on everything. Even servants tell her if anything move here and there” Swetlana make a fist in anger.

“Anika is behind you.” Svetlana listens to sound from another side of the call. That person is watching them on screen. Svetlana turns toward her and smiles while she looks on doubt. “Whom you are talking with?” Anika asked. “I was talking to one of my friends,” Swetlana said stuttering and hurriedly move from there.

“Why are you standing here alone?” Drishya asked to her while passing through the corridor. “Where were you? I was looking for you ” Anika replied. “I have some work in a hospital. You were sleeping, How did you get awake?” She asked. “I forget to see the climax of the movie,” Anika said to her while she rolled her eyes on her childishness. “Seriously Ani….” Drishya chuckled. “Go to sleep or else you become late,” She said caressing her face while Anika nods her head.

Oberoi Textiles –

Anika was adding final elements to dresses. “Mam, Is there anything else needed, ” An employee asked to her while she nods her head in negative. “Did all dresses get ready, we need to show it?” Shivay asked to the same employee who was coming outside from the designing room. “Sir, Anika mam is adding final elements,” She said and move past to him. “Are you done, Miss Anika?” Shivay asked to her who was putting a brooch on a red off-shoulder gown.

“Yeah, How is it looking?” She asked excitedly. “Umm….Looking good. I hope our client gonna like it” He smiles toward her. “Thank you” She muttered and move backwards but unfortunately her foot hit on huge cloth-rolls which are standing because of support of the wall. Before it falls on her, Shivay pulls her toward him. “Are you alright?” He asked with concern while she nods her head.

“Damn, that dress gets ruined” She gets shocked to see a huge cloth roll over it. Shivay picked the roll up and make it lean against the wall. “I did a lot of hard work” She sounds upset seeing brooches of that dress get broken because of force. “You don’t get hurt….right,” He asked to her. “Of course not but this dress….” She replied. “Are you serious? You are concern about the dress” Shivay asked while patted his forehead. “And you can add another brooch. Don’t bother about it.” Shivay suggested while she deadly glare him. “Am I a fashion designer or you are? You know more than me about designing” She asked annoyedly while he looks at her in. disbelief. “You are strangely weird ” He muttered while rubbing his forehead.

“Same goes to you Mr. and I don’t like interference in my work. I knew my work very well” She looks on annoyedly. “Excuse me, I am your Boss. Behave!” Shivay said shocking over the fact that nobody stops him doing anything. “You are Boss, not a fashion designer. So, don’t behave like one ” She flipped her hairs back and move from there. “What about this dress? Gosh….This stupid girl….” He sighed in frustration.

“What’s wrong? There is no article about another side of the coin.” Anika thinks while surfing about murder incident related to Shivay on internet. Suddenly her sight falls on an article which has a point for which she was looking. She immediately checked the blogger name ‘Rakesh Mehra’ and email id written at last. She sends him an email for a meet. She then toward her designing room to righten the dress.

She explained other employees to made it like before. She then gets back on her cabin. Her phone beeps and she sees the reply of the email. “Anika, Did you make that dress alright? Shivay Sir was asking about that” Aditi asked to her whose eyes still glued to the phone screen. “Yeah, I told Nisha to add some other brooches and clean dust over it” Anika replied. “I am going for some important work,” Anika said to her while picking her sling bag. “Go and inform to Sir first,” Aditi said while she looks on. ” I don’t have much time to inform him. Do inform him from my side” She request and walked out from her cabin while Aditi shrugged her shoulders looking at her behaviour.

Anika was sitting in a restaurant and waiting for that reporter. She recognised him because of his profile picture attached to the article. She waves her hand toward him. “Thank you for coming on this much short notice” Anika thanked him and sign him to sit. “Hi, I am Anika. I want to ask something about the article you wrote on murder which involve Shivay Singh Oberoi” She said. “Why are you interested in that case? It already gets closed months ago” He replied. “I know that. Can you tell me how did you think about defending him when every other article is putting allegations?” Anika asked sipping coffee.

“I didn’t know about it. A detective name Kshitij Kashyap put this point that time in front of media that police didn’t get girl’s body. So, it is possible that she can be alive.” He replied.  “Hmm…Rakesh, then why did you stop defending him? You should write more articles and can prove both sides of the coin.” She asked raising her eyebrow. “He found guilty that’s why I stopped writing about that issue.” He replied. “So what? Didn’t you that he can be falsely accused? Did Police get the body of a girl that’s why they framed him for a murderer? Leave that, Can I get the contact of that detective ” She asked to him.

“I don’t have contact of him. Wait, I have the address of his detective agency” He write address on the piece of paper. “Thank you for taking out time for this” She thanked him while seeing the address. Suddenly her phone start flashes Shivay’s name. “Where are you, Miss Anika? Do you forget about the show? You didn’t inform me too” He said sternly from another side. “Sorry Sir, I will be there in a few minutes” She apologised and moved from there.

Detective Agency –

“Do you get to know anything?” A man asked from another man. “How much time we are going to stick with this case Kshitij ?”  He asked a question instead of giving a reply. “Until this case gets solved fully,” Khstitj replied. “Vishal, Did you get a search warrant for her house, ” He asked from his assistant while he nods his head negatively. “Damn it! ” He muttered stamping his head on the desk and look at the board where Shivay’s, Juhi’s and pictures of other people related to murder were sticked.

“Sir, Why are we not getting a search warrant?” Kshitij complains to his senior. “Leave that case and do work on others case” He replied making him frustrated. “My case was to find that missing girl. I am not going to stop until then I get her body and believe that she died.” Kshitij replied.  He was trying from past few months for a search warrant for searching Juhi’s house but they are not getting it. The reason is unknown to him, she didn’t belong to influence family then who is trying to cover up the investigation?

“What are we going to do now?” Vishal, his assistant asked him who was playing with a pen. “Well, Let’s do a search with a search warrant,” He said while he gets shocked. “What? This is not right” He said. “Even I don’t believe in the right way to investigate after looking the disinterest of our department in that case” Kshitij replied and walked out from there while his assisting followed him. “Is this Juhi Rai’s house?” He asked to Tanya who opened the door. “Yes, What do you need?” Tanya asked looking at both of them. “We need to search, ” He said entering in the house. “Do you have a search warrant? How can you do this?” Tanya shouted while he signed his assistant to hold her.

He moves inside and starts searching for all the rooms. “Which one is Juhi’s room?” Kshitij asked to Tanya who was trying to get out of his assistant’s hold. “I am not going to tell you.” She replied while he shook his head in frustration. He gets to know her room from the picture of her which was hanging on the wall of that room. He searches everywhere in the room but didn’t get a single thing. He looks that picture doubtly and removes it. Behind that, he gets two photos. He didn’t waste a single second to recognise Shivay’s pic but who was the other one? “Who is this girl?” He asked dragging out both the picture. “I don’t know” She replied. ” Whose pic is this?” He asked more sternly looking at the photo of a girl while Tanya remains unaffected and silent.

Precap –  Revelation of the attacker… Anika told about blackmailing to Drishya…Drishya found hidden cameras in the house.

Can you guess the girl which is in the photo?

Can you guess the identity of the attacker?

Why is someone blackmailing Anika?

I mentioned names of places as you guys are getting confused. Don’t forget to read important note after this.

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