Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 7 (Turning the table)

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First of all thanks to Saniya, Khushi, Ninika, Niharika, LCharish for your precious comments on last chapter. I hope you continue to comment and enjoy this psychological thriller💕. I noticed two dislikes on previous chapter. If someone is not liking it, please do share your views instead of remaining silent.

Anika drives her car toward his house but stopped it very far. She moves toward backside while hiding from the eyes of the watchman. She climbs the fence which was around his house and jumps but she fell down accidentally. She gets hurt in her knees. “Ouch, I don’t have to do this if there were no security guards” She blabbered while dusting down the mud from her cloth. She moves toward the door and enters inside. Darkness was spread all over in his house and she can’t able to notice things there. She swiped curtains of glass windows and open lights. Now, she gets a full view of that house, it was well-managed and cleaned.

Suddenly, her phone starts ringing and bring her back from that trance. “Where are you?” Drishya asked from another side. “I get to know that you take leave from office,” Drishya said. “How do you get to know that?” Anika asked to her. “Your phone is unreachable and that’s why I call in your office” She replied stuttering. “I am with my friends for an outing,” She said. “Ok but please send me your location,” She asked while she replied frowning “I am not a child. Please let me enjoy with my friends”. She said and cut the call on which she yelled her name from another side.


” Anika just take a leave from office” Nisha informed her. “Why did she take leave and where is she going?” Drishya asked to her while she replied in negative. “What the hell were you doing there? I said to keep eye on her and you are telling me that you didn’t know where she had gone?” She shouts from another side. “Sorry, I..” Before she completes her sentence, she interrupts her in between. “Shut up, If something happens to her, then I won’t spare you. ” She gets enraged and cut the call.

***Flashback ends***

Anika was roaming in that big house. She was searching that might be she caught by any servant but she gets shocked to see each room empty. “Is someone live here or not?” She blabbered entering into one of the room. Her sight falls on the picture of a lady with a small boy. It was a huge picture which covered the sidewall of that room. She keenly sees the picture but her sight gets stuck on the horrified face of that boy. His smile is lost somewhere.

Tanya was sitting in a restaurant and staring at the building in front of her when somebody calls her name. “Tanya, Where are you lost?” One of her friends asks to her. She gets startled on her sudden call and turns toward her. “Nowhere, I get remind of some incomplete work” She replied casually.

Anika was walking in the corridor of upstairs, suddenly she listens to the sound of opening the door. She sees downstairs and gets shocked to see him. “What he is doing here?” She thinks while hiding and see her wristwatch. “I didn’t get anything and time flies” She blabbered. “Maya, Where are you?” He said while hanging his coat on a nearby chair. “Is he mad? There is no one in the house. Maybe that person went outside whom he was calling” She thinks and get shocked to see him coming upstairs. She immediately runs from there and hides.

Shivay moves upstairs and walked toward his room unaware of her presence. He enters inside. “I was calling your name. Why didn’t you replied?” He asked after looking her standing near the mirror. “I didn’t hear you,” Maya said to him. “I thought that you might be gone from here, leaving me,” He said. Anika gets shocked to listen to voice from his room. She was wondering from whom he was talking? There was no one in the whole house. She slides the door and peep inside but unfortunately, her hand hit a vase which was adorning his house. She mentally cursed herself for creating the blunder. He gets alert after listening to the sound. She immediately moves backwards and starts running downstairs but her hand get collided with pillar and ‘Chand bracelet’ slip from her hand.

“Who is there?” He shouts coming outside and sees broken pieces of vase. “Shivay, Someone tried to interfere in our world. Find that person.” She said from behind. He turns toward her and nods his head. He moves toward downstairs and search everywhere but doesn’t find anyone. “Did you allowed someone inside?” He asked to watchman while he nods his head in negative. “I search everywhere but there was no one,” He said while sitting on Sofa in the lounge. “How did Vase get broke?” She asked twitching her eyebrow. “I don’t know” He replied shrugging his shoulders.

“You didn’t take medicines from the pharmacy,” Swayam said to her while entering in his cabin. “I forget to take them” Drishya replied. “You are worried about Anika,” He asked while giving her tablets. “It’s none of your concern” She replied. “You should think about yourself too,” He said but she ignored. “You can forgive Anika but not me” He added while she looks on. “I don’t wanna talk about that incident. You better leave from here” She said pointing toward the door. “Please Ishu, give me a second chance once” He requests to her. “We are already over. Don’t bother me now” She replied while walking out from her cabin.

“How did you get hurt,” Drishya asked to her who is cleaning blood from her hand. “Nothing much, It is just a small cut.” She said putting down the cotton. “I didn’t ask this.” She said annoyedly. “I get fall down ” She lied. “Where were you? Why did you cut my call without answering?” She asks while she replied with a frown “Ishu, Sometimes I feel that I get trapped in a cage where I am not allowed to move from my wish.” “Nothing like that, I am worried for you,” She said while putting bandaged on her hand. “You didn’t know how it felt after getting trapped. Just because I am asking your location, you can say it overprotective not trapped.” She said before walking out from her room.

On next day, Shivay was moving downstairs for breakfast when something came under his shoe. He bends down and picked up a shining chain bracelet with the moon. “Whose bracelet is this?” He said looking at that. “That girl who was keeping eye on you yesterday,” She said from behind and then come in front of him. “Maybe, but we can’t find her. Don’t think about her” He replied. “Sir, Breakfast is ready,” Servant said to him while she gets vanished on his voice. He nods his head and motioned toward downstairs. He turned and see her smiling.

“Can I met Mr Shivay Singh Oberoi?” Tanya asked to the receptionist. “Sorry Mam, You have to take appointment” She replied to her while she looks on angrily. Suddenly, she sees him getting down from his Car. Her blood gets boiled and she moves toward him in anger. “You moron, You killed my sister and here you are roaming freely in Cars,” She said holding his collar in rage. “Excuse me, What are you doing?” He said tried to remove her hold. His guards tried to control the situation. “Don’t behave like Saint. You are a blo*dy Murderer. What do you think you can buy the truth?” She threatened him. Anika was shocked to see the scenario. “I won’t leave you Shivay Singh Oberoi. I will ruin you” She said, pushing him hard. He bumped with Anika who was standing behind and both fall on the floor. He moved his hand beneath her to prevent her head from hitting the floor. “You won’t be able to hide the truth. I will make sure to hang you till death” She said struggling to come out of his guards hold while they dragged her from there. He straightens himself and forwards hand to make her stand. Anika held it and gets up. Her elbows get tangential wound and he saw it. ” I am sorry. She was crazy” He said but Anika directly enters inside, ignoring it.

He was standing there, reading the face of employees who were present there. “Sir, Are you alright?” Khanna asked to him while he nods his head. Walking inside his cabin, he can feel questioning gaze but they never dare to ask him. He sits on his chair and he rubbed his forehead like he wants to make those creased vanished which formed after this incident. “Sir Here is the report of finance” Aditi enter after knocking while he looks on. “You keep them over there,” He said pointing toward the table. ” Sir, I find about that girl. She is Tanya Rai” Khanna said to him on which Aditi get alerted. “Who Tanya Rai, I don’t know her at all. Probably this was our rival’s strategy ” He tried to cover up. “She is cousin of Juhi Rai, your previous secretary” She couldn’t keep herself from saying but her mouth get zipped looking his changing colours. “Sorry, Sir….” She apologised and leave from there.

“Did you know something about that girl?” Anika asks to Aditi who was calculating something. “Not at all ” Her job was precious for her. “I am actually finding it really weird that he didn’t say anything to her who address him as a murderer” She commented while playing with a pen in her hand. “He is very calm” She replied. “I don’t think so. There is something else” She said while she diverts her gaze from the papers. “Do your work professionally. He doesn’t like someone bother about his personal life” Aditi said to her. “Can you tell me how many family members he has?” She asked out of curiosity. “He has only his mom who is admitted to the hospital.” She replied. “Are you Sure?” She asked in disbelief while she nods her head. “Then from whom he was talking yesterday?” She thinks before getting back on her work. Her thoughts get broken by the sudden knock. “Do bandage your hand? ” He said keeping the first-aid kit on her desk and walked out. She looks at him annoyedly. He can dressed her wound instead of putting the kit there.

He sits in his car and told Driver to drive toward his house. “You are a murderer” Her words still echoed in his ears and those doubtful eyes followed him. He doesn’t believe in explaining things to anyone. He closed his eyes out of frustration.


He was unwillingly sitting on the dining table and looking him with hateful eyes. “Shivay Beta, Do eat this” Shakti said to him while he glared him angrily. “I don’t want…..” He said hitting the plate and throw it on the floor. He looks him angrily. “Where is my Maa?” He shouts while making him enraged. “Your mother is gone. So, stop taking her name. ” He said holding his cheeks roughly and then call out a servant. “Go and close him in the dark storeroom. He needs to be punished for this ill behaviour ” He orders while servant literally dragged him and closed him in the room. He was continuously banging the door and plead to open him but everyone ignored his voice.

He gets habitual to tolerate this. Whenever he did something which he doesn’t like, he makes him trapped in that room. He was not allowed to go anywhere. “Open the door! Get me out of here” He banged the door with his small hands. “If they have to listen to you, then they didn’t cage you here” A sweet voice hit his ears. He turns back to find a little tiny figure of a small girl in that dim light. “What are you doing here? I told you to stop following me” He shouts on her. “You are following me,” She said cutely sitting behind him. “This is my house, not yours. Better leave from here” He said irritatingly. ” This is my place, where you always come,” She said giggling. “Please Somebody opens the door” He requests innocently while she starts laughing. “I said stop laughing,” He said while she zipped her mouth. “Nobody is going to take you out from here till then your so-called punishment get over.” She replied. “I am only with you here. Do you want to become my Friend?” She asked forwarding her tiny hands. He thinks for a moment and then shakes his hand with her. “What is your name?” She asked. “Shivay, What’s yours,” He asked to her on which she replied, “What do you wanna call?”


“Maya” Shivay muttered while opening his eyes. He smiles and then looks outside from the Car. “If you weren’t with me till today, I literally get died” He blabbered. “I am always with you Shivay” Her voice echoed in his ears. He gets back in his senses when the driver immediate apply the brake. “What’s wrong?” He asked to the driver. “Nothing, Traffic Sir” He replied while he nods his head.

“Why are you crying Shivay? ” She asked, sitting behind him on the floor. “I was not crying,” He said wiping his tears away. “Who hurt you this time?” She asked to him looking at a wound on his elbow. “Whoever hurts you, go and hurt him back. No one is going to fight for you.” She said while standing and forward her hand to make him stand.


He marched toward his room and hang his coat in the almirah. He kneels down and sits on the floor while taking the support of almirah. “You are looking upset. What happen?” She asked to him, looking at him, holding his head. “Did something happen?” She said sitting behind him while he nods his negatively. “You start lying with me” She complains. “Her cousin comes at my place and she gives warning to me,” He said. “Not again…Why are you bothering about it? I told you she deserves to die” She said. “Dammit! You are not understanding that I murdered someone.” He said making a fist. Before he punched almirah behind him and hurt himself, she stops him. “She was betraying you and she deserves it. I told you before that she slipped because of her fear” She said holding his hand. “If you want to cry over her death, then you can continue it,” She said while he looks on.

“Dr Twinkle, Check these reports,” Drishya said giving her some papers. “How are you now?” She asks taking them. “What happens to me?” She asks confusedly. “Dr Advik told me that you were disturbed today,” She said. “I took medicine and now I am better” She smiles before entering in her cabin. “Swayam, What are you doing here?” She asked shockingly. “You leave the conversation in between” He replied moving toward her. “If you want to talk about it, then you should move from here,” She said keeping her medical coat on the chair. “We are still not done” He pulled her, holding her arm. “This is Hospital, Behave yourself ” She shouts and trying to take her hand out of his grip. “My hospital,” He said while tightening the grip. “I need an answer, Why couldn’t you give me a second chance when you give it to Anika?” He asked. “Leave my hand” She shouted. “I know because she is your sister. You were saying double-faced to me then what are you? ” He leaves his hand. “I will surely find my answers one day,” He said moving out from her cabin.

“Where the hell is everyone?” Drishya shouts seeing the dark while entering. “Anyone is here….” She said and open the flashlight of mobile. “Madam, You called us,” Servant asked to her. “What happens to current?” She asked while she shrugged her shoulders and move to bring candles. “Is she went to take candles or start making it there?” She blabbered while moving toward the kitchen. Suddenly, someone closed her mouth from behind to suppressing her voice. Her mobile fall down because of a sudden attack. “I want to know the truth. I want that ledger” That person dangerously whisper in her ear. She unsuccessfully tried to push him. On getting fail, she takes a knife from kitchen slab and attacks on him with a knife. He groaned in pain and leave her while pushing. Before she could do something else, her voice interrupts her. “Ishu Here is a candle. Sorry for late” Anika said moving toward her. She looks there on her voice and then in front of her but that person disappeared. “Ani, Someone is there,” She said running toward her. “Wait, I am checking” She moves forward and then turn toward her. “Look, No one is here. You might get scared because of the dark” She said putting a candle on the slab. “Believe me, I am telling you the truth. I make him wounded with a knife too” She said while holding her hands. “Where is that knife? ” Anika ask to her. “It was over here only” She picked her mobile and search it from the flashlight. “I think you should rest Ishu. Don’t worry, I told the servant to check connection” She said hugging her. “I am sure there was someone” She blabbered confusedly and went upstairs. ” You can come outside,” Anika said while that person in black hoodie moves toward her. She looks at him and then bends down to pick up a knife under her shoe.

Precap – Shivay saves Anika….Drishya get to know Anika is with attacker.

( I know you guys literally want to kill me for making you more confused and I am sorry for it. Just go with the flow of the story and don’t try to think someone as positive or negative as ever character is shady here. Be patient and let the mystery opening with the pace. )

Kindly ignore grammatical and spelling errors. Keep smiling.



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  1. Niharika, take your own time to unfold the mysteries. These mysteries keep us curious. Infact these curiousness drives us to read ‘Zindan’. Waiting for the thrilling episodes.

    1. Niyati

      Thanks for understanding dear, Glad you are liking it and curious for reading this fiction….next part is updated, do checkout. Take care 💕💕

  2. Saniya fathima

    Nice one waiting 4 mre suspense and twists to get revealed

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, Glad you like it. Yes, will reveal twists and suspense very soon. Take care💕💕

  3. Saniya fathima

    My guess is correct secretary’s sis wants to take revenge bt ur story is unpredictable we think smething nd smething else happens… Shocked wen ani hid the knife i think smeone close to them is the masked man.. Eager to know wat is the problem between swayam and drishya tat even ani is included many many loads of suspense lets wait and watch SABR KA PHAL MEETHA HOTA HAI lol

    1. Niyati

      Yes dear, Your guess was correct. This fiction is full with unpredictable twists, you can’t trust on ant character. Let’s see who will be the masked person….Next part is updated, do checkout dear. Haan, Wait karo kyunki sabr ka phal meetha hota hai😆😂😂😘😘💕

  4. Saniya fathima

    So maya is there frm childhood… Who was that man who gave shivay punishment maybe his dad or wat many twists to unfold

    1. Niyati

      Yes, Maya is from childhood that’s why Shivay ix more connected with her. The man who punished Shivay was his dad Shakti. You will get to know soon other twists 💕💕

  5. Saniya fathima

    Ur title of the ff is suitable i think u researched nd thought alot and preferred this unique title ZINDAAN tat ani is kept in with so overprotective sis the way u said in the ff was mindblowing… is this ur 1st ff if s then its excellent try if u have already written then i am damn sure this is a unique one

    1. Niyati

      Yes dear, I used to spent a lot of time before deciding my title of any of my story….I mostly choose title who define story. First I chose to name this story as Pinhaan which means loneliness ,then I chooses Zindaan which means cage. Zindaan is more appealing and it describe situation if every character. No, this is not my first ff. My first ff was Dastaan on next generation of Ishqbaaz. I started writing when I don’t get dynamics and strong female lead in ff which I used to here. That’s why U
      I created dynamic female lead and start writing. I just love to write on unique plots….I am on wattpad, I have every genre on my profile…Romantic to Comedy….Revenge thriller to Psychological thriller, fantasy too💕💕

  6. waiting for next part please update as soon as possible

    1. Niyati

      Thanks for reading….Next part is updated, do checkout 💕💕

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