Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 6 (Undescribed connections)

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Shivay was picking remaining pieces of that vase which is broken by Anika. Suddenly he turns and looked at her. “Are you angry with me?” He asked to her who was sitting on the sofa while keeping her face on her hands. “Why would I get angry with you” She replied. “I am annoyed with that girl. How dare she to interrupt our privacy? ” She complained and he smiled. “I will make sure that she won’t come here again,” He said assuring her while picking the last glass piece. “She might be lucky that’s why I spare her.” She said while he nods his head. “Today she comes inside the house if she comes inside your room I will not spare her,” She said staring the glass pieces.

Suddenly, a car gets collided with another car and fall down from the cliff, following the screams of people which echoed in her ears. She suddenly wakes up, sweating badly with a horrified face. “What a horrible nightmare it was?” Anika muttered while pouring water in a glass from the jug. She walked out from her room wearing her slippers and move toward Drishya’s room. “Are you awake Ishu?” She asked entering suddenly while she turned toward her. Drishya immediately keeps that cross picture by pulling a drawer. “You need anything,” She said to her who directly engulfed her in a hug. “Ani, Are you alright?” She asked rubbing her back for soothing her.

“Ishu, I saw some blurry scenes of an accident. It was horrible” She said breaking the hug while she looks on. “You sit here and relax. That was a nightmare nothing else” She makes her sit while wiping sweat from her face. “You should take rest,” She said making her lie down. “Is this blood?” Anika asked looking at her hand which is patting her forehead. “Nope, nail polish ” She replied and rubbed the paint. Drishya looked at her innocent face and then cover her with duvet before leaving her room.

Drishya was standing near the slab in the kitchen. She was hitting the knife on slab again and again which create chopping sound. Someone scream looking at her while she turns. “Why are you shouting? Am I am looking like a ghost?” She asked to lady servant who was calming herself. “No, I was going to your room but I heard sound from the kitchen….” She starts saying but she interrupts in between. “Ani is sleeping there and you don’t dare to disturb her. What work you have with me?” She asked playing with a knife. “Mam, I want to know about tomorrow menu,” She said. “Seriously you are disturbing me for menu at 1 a.m,” She asked chuckling. “Actually Swetlana madam said to include her favourite dishes. She was asking why everything is always  favourite of Anika?” She said while she looks on furiously. “You have got a salary to follow Swetlana’s order” She taunts while servant nods her head negatively. “Make her favourite dishes. Let her experience this house indulgence” She said giving a shock to lady servant, looking keenly at the knife.

“Do I need to give a special invitation for leaving?” She asked to her while she immediately flees from there. “You are taking very much interest in our life. I have to do something of you  Swetlana” She said putting the knife back while sitting on a slab. “What do you think that you can play with me? You are thinking of me as a pawn, How stupid! You don’t know that I am queen in disguise of a pawn  in this game.” She smirked. “Ani was right I shouldn’t give you my place that day in the dining area. Just because I give you my place to sit, you think yourself as controller of this house” She think in her mind.

Shivay was doing his breakfast while sitting alone. Servants are looking at his weird behaviour as he completely engaged in his breakfast without taking interest here and there. He stands while cleaning his hands and move upstairs. “I am going to miss you. Why don’t you come with me” He said to her who was standing there taking the support of the closet. “I don’t like the outside world” She replied with a smile. “Why,” He asked turning toward her while wearing his coat. “They can’t see me as I can see from your eyes only,” She said and twirl. “I can wait for you here,” She said while he nods his head with a smile.

“This all food specially prepared for you mam” Servant informed her while opening the lid of bowls while Anika looks on shockingly. “I thought that you won’t follow my orders as they both don’t like me,” Swetlana said in a dramatic way while they both rolled their eyes. “We don’t hate you this much that we don’t include your favourite food in the list,” Drishya said sweetly while Anika widens her eyes out of jealousy. Before she leaves from the dining table, she stops her ” Where are you going? Do your breakfast.” Anika looks at her annoyedly and then get busy in munching breakfast. “Enjoy your last peaceful meal as after that you don’t imagine what can happen to you,” She thinks looking at her dangerously and smile fakely.

It is definitely the shock for him to see her early. Anika was busy in telling what she didn’t like about stitched dresses and suggesting to change them. She turns toward him feeling the gaze and she is well aware of the reason behind it. He moves toward his cabin while she was still annoyed with his last behaviour.

“I told you to do ruffle on the sleeves,” Anika said pointing toward a black shimmery gown. “Sorry mam, We will change it” She replied her. “Do it hurry, we have to launch our new collection in the market?” She said slightly smiling and left from there toward her cabin. “From whom I ask about my weird boss? I think I should start finding the reason behind his unusual behaviour? ” She was thinking while playing with a pen. Suddenly, landline starts ringing. She intentionally cut the call in anger listening to his voice from another side.

He knocked the glass door of her cabin and she gets busy in checking files. “Isn’t you intentionally cutting the call?” He said to her while entering. “So what! I was busy” She replied. “Stop taking revenge and come with those file in my cabin. I don’t have enough time to tolerate your tantrums” He said while she looks on annoyedly. “Excuse me! I am not showing you any tantrum. You better stop daydreaming ” She counters back glaring him. He ignores the annoyance of her eyes and signs to pick file before leaving. She followed him while stamping her foot on the floor.

“Sir, I have to go early that’s why I need leave,” She said to him who was checking files. “You joined recently. How can you expect that I will give you leave?” He asks her while she looks at him angrily. “What do you mean? I have something important work to do” She said frustratingly “You check our new collection and complete it. I am going to met clients” He said to her. “Why are you not listening that I want to go early today?” She complained while he walked out of the cabin.

“What do you think of yourself? You sick person, you idiot, I won’t spare you” She said taking out her all anger on his empty chair. “You are one of very irritating person Shivay Singh Oberoi. Huh…Bagadbilla” She said frowning unaware of him who is standing behind. He chuckles on her antics, she was the only person who made him smile other than Maya. He walks inside and then she realised after listening to footsteps. She mentally patted herself turning toward him. He motioned toward the glass table and picks the file which he forgot to take and that’s why he came back.

She tried to flee from thereafter creating blunder when he stops her. He walks toward her with a file in his hand while she curses herself before turning toward him. “You can go your home,” He said while a bright smile covered her face. She is about to mutter a thank you but he interrupts her in between.”But you have to check dresses of collection by tomorrow ” He ordered while she replied “Sure”.

” What are you doing?” Advik stopped her hand before she operates the patient. “Where the hell you lost? ” He asked her who holds her head. “It’s alright. I will perform this.” He said taking scissors from her hand while she walked out from OT. She signed in frustration and throw the gloves in a nearby dustbin.

“What’s wrong? You are looking disturbed.” Advik asked her while removing the green cap. “Nothing, I am sorry that you have to perform the surgery alone” She replied. “No problem, After all, we are looking after this case together,” He said to her while she smiles. “I don’t know what happens to me at that time? If you were not there, then I maybe take someone’s life ” She closed her eyes in frustration on herself and opened them. “You are thinking too much. Nothing can happen like this. If you cut at near marked place accidentally then also we can immediately stitch it.” He said making her calm.

“What happens? ” Swayam asked from behind while she turns toward him. “You’re on time. She is stressed, you can do her checkup” He said to him while he nods his head. “Calm down Ishu and take a deep breath.” He said making her sit. “Stop overthinking and just try to fill your mind with positive energy,” He said to her for making her calm.

“I think you should take leave of today” Advik suggested to her while she nods her head negatively. “What will I do alone at home? I am alright here” She replied. “Dr Swayam, You suggest me an anti-stress tablet.” She added. “You can take this from the pharmacy. I am giving this as you can perform your duty” He said giving her a paper on which medicine name is written.

“Don’t know what happen to her suddenly?” Advik said to him. “I think something who has an impact on the emotional side more than mental,” He said. “Well, I can’t read a person’s face like you.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Bro, This is an experience of being a psychiatrist ” He chuckled. “Don’t worry, She is a doctor herself and knows how can stress affect her profession. She will surely become alright in some time to perform her duties” He replied. “Don’t you think that it’s very complicated to study anyone’s mind?” He said while he nods his head.  Swayam mind rewinds a memory of him, his most complicated patient who is responsible for the broken relationship of him and her. “There are many more complicated cases which I handled before,” He said walking out.

A girl was glaring the Oberoi textile printed on a newspaper and tore it into pieces. “I can’t explain my hatred toward you Shivay Singh Oberoi. You killed my sister, You will get destroyed very soon” She thinks and throws the pieces.

Precap – Ani keeps eye on Shivay while hiding in his house and she finds him talking with someone…..Another attack for Drishya.

Who is the person who wants to ruin Shivay? Want to know then wait for the next update 😉😂😂. Can anybody guess it??

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  1. Your precision makes me curious day by day. Loved the storyline. Loved the update. Keep on writing and All the Best. Hoping that I won’t get killed by my curiosity.

    1. Niyati

      Thank you so much dear. I am glad you loved the storyline. No dear, don’t get killed by curiosity or I will end up in jail for writing such stories….Lol😂😂. Will try to update as soon as possible💕

      1. Your stories leaves a lasting impression. Don’t worry ! I will arrange a lawyer before I die. Anyway you will win the case. Budding writers like you should be encouraged in the society. Love your next update also.

      2. Niyati

        Aww, You are so sweet .This means a lot. I am glad that my stories are impactful. Take care❤❤💕

  2. You make me infact all the readers curious about the storyline. Loved the precision. Loved the update. Looking forward to all the chapters. All the Best.

    1. Niyati

      Thank you dear for your kind words. I am glad you are loving it. Will try to update ASAP. Hope to see your support in next chapters too💕💕

  3. Saniya fathima

    Nice story… I think the secretary sister is taking the revenge on shivay….. Shocked with ishu behaviour! Waiting 4 mre update it soon interesting nd mindblowing full of thrilles nd suspense waiting 2 know mre

    1. Niyati

      Thanks, dear, Glad you like it. It is a psychological thriller that’s why it is full of thrill. Next chapter is updated, let’s see your guess is correct or not. Every character is twisted here, they can change anytime. Will try to update ASAP. Take care💕💕

  4. Saniya fathima

    U depict each nd every scene realistically hats off!! Lyk d scene wen shivay smiles on the behaviour of anika semma keep it up and do continue writing on a regular basis MAY I KNOW HOW MANY EPI R THERE 4 DIS FF

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, Glad you found it realistic. Means a lot. I am writing this on a regular basis only 💕💕. I just started writing so I can’t predict how many episodes are there but it is going to be30- 40 as there are so much mysteries to reveal.

  5. Getting curious day by day. Loved your update. Waiting for the next chapters.

    1. Niyati

      Thanks, Glad you like it. Next chapter is updated dear. Take care💕💕

  6. Awesome keep updating
    Curiousity is increasing day by day due to twists and turns

    1. Niyati

      Thanks dear, Glad you like to. Yes, there are too much unexpected twist in this ff💕💕

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