Zindaan – The Golden cage Chapter 3 (The unknown attacker)

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Drishya was continuously trying from last fifteen minutes to wake her up but she was sleeping like a log. “Ani, Wake up! You get late on the first day of the job.” She said shaking her. “Please 5 minutes more Ishu” She blabbered in sleep while snatching duvet from her hand. “I am listening to this from the past 15 minutes. You know Dad came back just for you” She said. “Really! He came back.” She got up with a jolt while she nods her head. “I am going to meet him,” She said excitedly getting down from the bed and wearing slippers. “Ani, First Go and fresh. Your mouth must be stinking.” She said signing toward washroom and she moves toward while making faces.

“Ishu, Today I want some different hairstyle,” She said handing her a comb. Drishya very well knows that whenever any day is special for her, she always want to do different hairstyles. “Well, How my clothes are looking?” Anika asked to her who is busy in braiding her hairs. ” You always look beautiful” She replied while inserting pins on her hairs. She was decked in a white off-shoulder top with a pair of black jeans. “Done, Now go & meet Dad?” She said to her who is busy in checking herself in the mirror. “Woah, You got talent girl,” Anika said looking at French braid in her hairs. “Let’s go, Dad must be waiting for breakfast,” She said to her while she literally runs downstairs with her.

“Daddy, Thank God you came,” Anika said hugging him from behind. “I have to come after all it’s my princess first day on the job,” Tej said to her patting her cheek. “But I am still annoyed with you” She fake angered while Drishya smacked her head. “Stop your notanki and do your breakfast,” She said serving in her plate. “Wow…Aloo poori” She said excitedly while attacking directly on food. “Dad, I hope now you won’t go for your business trip,” Drishya said. “Yeah Daddy you must spend some days with us,” Anika said to him. “No, I am not going today but tomorrow I have to and I want to make you both met with someone, “He said to them. ” Whom?” Anika asked while Drishya is least bothered toward it. “Ani, Let’s go. I will drop u office as I am getting late for my hospital” Drishya said interrupting their conversation. “You both told me to come back and now you only are leaving” He complains. “So that you can also feel the pain of wait,” Anika said chuckling while they both giggled. “Dad, Ani will come by the evening and I also came back after evening at the night. I am sure we spent time in the evening” She said to her while signing Anika to hurry up but she was very much busy in her Aloo poori. “Ishu, I will drop her. You go” He said to her while she nods her head. Drishya turns back and stare father-daughter duo with an unknown emotion and then leave from there.

Shivay was sitting in his cabin but his mind revolved around one person, Maya. He was busy in sketching her face on paper with a smile. “I gift you this in the evening,” He thinks while caressing the sketch. “Sir, there is a meeting. Investors are waiting for you” Khanna marched inside his cabin without knocking while he glared him. “Did you forget manners?” He asked glaring him. “Sorry Sir, I was in a hurry. ” You go, I am coming,” He said while he walked out from there. He opens the drawer & keep the sketch there, then moves toward the conference room. “Did that designer came?” He asked to Khanna. “No, not now Sir.” He said to him. “Didn’t you tell her time.  This is very irresponsible” He asked to which Khanna gulps. “Sir, I told her time. She is the same girl who comes five minutes late yesterday” Khanna said to him. “She didn’t learn punctuality at all from yesterday,” He said with annoyance. “Do tell her to come with designs  in the conference room when she came?” He said & enter in the conference room.

Khanna immediately dialled her number.”Where are you? Come fast, Sir is waiting for you” Khanna said directly to her. “Yeah, I am coming in five minutes,” She told him. He cut the call while she tells the direction to Tej. “Daddy, Drive fast. I am getting late” She panicked while he nods her head.

Drishya was sitting in her cabin, thinking something very intently when someone knocks on the door. “Come in,” She said. “I am here to give some good news to you,” Rhea said entering. “Thank you but I don’t want to listen. I need to check my patients” She said picking her medical white coat. “It’s about you only,” She said while she looks on. “You would be glad to know that I got a promotion,” She said smirking. “What!” She said. “I know you must be feeling very sad but I really work hard for that,” She said patting her shoulder. “Hard work….My foot” She said jerking her hand.

“This attitude is of yours is just for some days. After that, you have to work under me Dr Drishya.” She said smiling. “Congrats Dr Rhea,” She said and walked out from her cabin. “How are you feeling now?” She asked to the same patient on whom she operates previously. “I am absolutely fine” She smiles in response. “Drishya, Want to join us in canteen” Twinkle asked to her. “Sorry Dr Twinkle but I am busy with my patient,” She said while examining her drips.

Anika ran inside the building where Khanna was waiting for her. “Go and take your designs from Shivay Sir’s cabin. Don’t touch anything except that. He doesn’t like interference ” Khanna warned her while she nods her head. She enters in his cabin and sees her collection of designs on the table. She gathered them and pick them. She then look at his cabin which was beautifully designed in black and white combination.

“Where the hell is that girl? Didn’t you tell her that we are already late for showing designs” He glared Khanna while asking in low voice. “This girl will surely make me die” Khanna think in his mind. “Sorry Sir, I am going,” He said to him. “Wait, I am going,” He said to him who was standing beside his chair. “Excuse me!  I am coming in a few minutes.  Sorry for late” He said standing from his chair and then walked out.

Anika was checking out his cabin very keenly. She was about to open the drawer as it caught her attention but he held her hand. She looks on while he glared. “What are you doing here?” He asked jerking her hand from that drawer while she remained silent. “I was here for taking my designs,” she said. “So, you were collecting designs from past ten minutes,” He said angrily while she was busy in figuring out an excuse of escape. “How dare you to touch my things? Isn’t you get in your mind that I don’t like interference?” He shouts. “You are overreacting without any reason” She couldn’t keep herself from giving back to him.

“You…” He said deadly glaring her but Khanna interrupts him in between. “Sir, Investors are waiting,” He said.  He calmed down himself. “You Miss, Come with your designs in the conference room. One more thing Don’t you dare to become late from tomorrow onward or else there is no need of coming.” He said angrily & marched out from there. “Khadoos Bagadbilla,” She said staring him angrily.

Drishya moved toward the isolated area of the hospital. She was very furious on Rhea promotion. It’s not she was jealous, but she is upset over their boss behaviour who promised her for promotion after looking at her performance. She tightly pressed her hand in fist to control her anger but unfortunately, scissor gets pricked in her hand which she held it. “Ahh…What you had done Drishya?” She mentally patted herself looking at her bleeding hand. Suddenly lights get off and darkness spread all over. She looks on shockingly. Before she could react, someone attack on her with a knife but to her good luck, she got saved. “Who is here?” She shouts while opening her phone backlight. “Who are you” She twirled back to find someone in a black hoodie.

“Today also you are very late” Maya complains to him who just entered and removing his coat. “Sorry, Forgive me for last time,” He said holding his ears. “Not at all, You always do this.” She said turning her face. “So u get angry with me,” He said moving toward another side. “My anger not matter for you then Why do you care?” She said annoyedly. “Of course it matters.” He said holding her hands. “I just got late because of that stupid girl” He added. “Which girl?” She asked. “Anika, new fashion designer for our company. Because of her one meeting get late, then whole day planning gets messed” He said annoyingly “You know if anyone creates a problem for you, then I become a danger for them. She didn’t do right to make you tensed” She said caressing his face. “No, She is stupid and irresponsible, nothing else”He explained her.

” But she snatched our time and I don’t like when anyone come between us whether it’s unknowingly,” She said angrily. “Maya, Let’s leave her. If she continues to do so, I will throw her out. Why are we discussing about her?”He said making her calm down.
” You only start that,” She said annoyedly. “Wait, I have a gift for you,” He said smiling and then shows her sketch. “It’s beautiful” She commented. “What about dinner? Let’s do it together” He said while she nods her head. He holds her hand & moves toward the dining area. He makes her sit. “I will serve by myself,” She said with smiling while he nods her head.

“Don’t you congratulate me Dr Swayam?” Rhea said cheekily. “For what?” He asks to her. “For my promotion,” She said giving him a shock. “Wait, How come to your promotion? Ishu deserved that” He said while she looks him in frustration. “Dr Swayam, you need to come out from the thoughts of your ex-girlfriend. I don’t think that Drishya deserves this” She said irritatingly. “Shut up! Please leave from my cabin now” He shouts. “I very well know why you got this promotion. Dad didn’t do the right thing to cancel her promotion because of personal problems. I will also see how you got this promotion” He added while she fumes in anger and walked out from his cabin.

“Did you see Dr Drishya?” Swayam asked to nurse while she nods her head in negative. “What happens? You are looking tensed” Dr Mehta asked to him. “Advik, Drishya is not anywhere. Did you see her?” He asked in tensed tone. “I see her with Dr Twinkle. “Why don’t you ask her?” Advik suggested while he nods his head.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Drishya asked moving her flashlight toward that person’s face. Before she could further see, another attack is on her phone which falls down. “Why are you behind me?” She shouts and starts running. She gets collided with a terrace gate. She immediately opens it and tried it to lock from inside but the person pushed the door with great force.

“Ishu is not picking her phone. Her phone is unanswerable” Swayam said trying to call her again. “Maybe she went home. I think it’s quite night, you also move to your house” Advik said to her. “Then Why the hell she is not picking up her phone?” He said while throwing his phone in frustration. “Come let’s go,” He said to him while they both move outside toward parking area.

She moves her hand to see his face but he jerked her hand. He holds the knife toward her while she moves backwards. “Don’t you dare to come near me ” She shouts and stabbed the scissor in his hand. He tightly holds her hand in anger and pushes her from the terrace. She was lucky to hold the terrace and didn’t fall down. “Help! Help!” She shouts while holding it from her another injured hand.

“I guess somebody need help,” Advik said looking here and there. “Is it Ishu?” He said searching here and there and then shocked to see upward. “Ishu” He shouts, looking her hanging on the terrace. He immediately runs inside while he too follows him. He entered in the lift without caring about him. “Damn it Swayam. At least you should wait for me” He said moving toward stairs.

Swayam runs with great speed toward the terrace. He holds her hand before she loses her balance. “Give your other hand too”  He commands. She forwards her other hand too while he successfully pull her upward. He hugs her. “I am alright,” she said. “Thank God you are safe. Have you gone mad. What are you doing on the terrace at this time?” He shout on her.”I didn’t come here. He makes me helpless to come here ” She said huffing. “Who?” He asked looking here and there. “That unknown attacker,” She said. “No one is here.” He said checking.

“Dr Drishya, Are you okay?” Advik asked to her coming from behind. “Yes, I am fine” She replied. “You hand is bleeding. Let’s go for dressing ” He said holding her hand while she nods her hand. She turns and called out his name. “You go, I am coming Ishu,” He said to her while they both move from there. “I am sure she was not telling lie. Who was here” He looks on and again checked the whole terrace but don’t find anyone. He turns & moves downstairs.

Precap – A new storm in Anika & Drishya’s life.

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