Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 28 (Battle of Memories – Part 3)

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Recap –  Drishya think about how she and Advik grow in same orphanage with difficulties and how she forget to help him after getting adopted. Anika went back to Shivay’s office for giving resignation letter. Shivsy trief to stop her from leaving but she was hell bent. She told him that the person he is understanding as Maya is actual her sister Drishya. Anika and Drishya come fave to face in hospital where Anika went to met Swayam. Swayam hypnotised her to bring her memory back, she get to know about argument which she and Drishya had before the accident of Shivay and Anika. Anika furiously blame Drishya for accident and messing with the mind of Shivay by becoming Maya while Drishya show her reality that everyone else also suffered not just her. 

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Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 27 (Battle of memories- Part 2)

Drishya moved toward her car and cried while bending her head on steering. She wipes her face and starts the car. Swayam entered inside her cabin and found Anika who was standing there in all silence. “Where is Ishu? What did you say to her?” He asked her. “I don’t know. Go and ask from her” She replied and marched outside the cabin while he looks on. Drishya stopped the car outside the alley and walked toward that rusty gate. She pushed it and moved inside. All the surrounding start changing as she walked. That deserted place gets filled with chaos and echoes of children. Her eyes start getting watery looking the children roaming around her like butterflies.

The same girl child holds her hand and dragged her inside the hall. Drishya looked around and the whole hall starts burning in flames. She saw a man lying in the pool of blood, trying to forward his hand toward her. Her ears can only hear pleadings and screams of children who are running here and there. She very well knows that this is her memories who are running like a film in front but seems this much real that she forget the fact. She stepped backwards while closing her ears. “Stop it, you can’t haunt me. I am the one who is the controller of these memories. Stop!” She shouts making freeze everything around her. “I don’t want to see it” She shook her head and everything disappears.

“Why the hell my memories don’t faint like others?” She thinks while rubbing her forehead and see here and there for checking surroundings. She sighed and moved toward the wall in the corner of the corridor. She bends beside it for removing the bricks. Her hands get stopped after seeing a shadow in front. She looks on, feeling someone presence behind. She moved from there in a blink of seconds and as a result, the dagger gets collided with a wall. This is the first time she is seeing him attacking in daylight. Daksh turns toward her while picking up the knife again.

She moves backwards and starts running as he approaches. She hides inside a broken cabinet and takes out her phone. “Swayam, Why are you not picking up? Pick up, Damn it! ” She dialled the number while keeping a hand on her mouth. She gets alarmed after hearing footsteps. She heard him pacing from there and sighed in relief. She looks upward and starts sweating to find him staring her. “Did you thought that you can escape from me?” He chuckled clutching her hairs tightly. She dashed her phone on his head, the only thing she is in her hand. He shrieked in pain while pushing her on the floor. She pressed the button on her tracker.

“Anika, What did you tell her?” Swayam shout angrily while following her. “Why don’t you ask from her? She played with my memories” Anika rant in rage. “Did she told you that she removed your memory? I told you that your sealed memories will surprise you but you can’t jump on any conclusion ” He said. “Ishu didn’t know anything about your memory loss. She always thinks it as a temporary memory loss” He added while she looks on. “I was the one who sealed your memories.” He said while she was taken aback.

“Let me tell you the truth. I sealed your memories by using hypnotism for your sake. You were unable to cooperate with the fact that your sister hides about Maya. You were in trauma thinking it as a betrayal of Ishu. You don’t want to remember that argument with your sister, that’s why I erased it.” He told while she shook her head helplessly. “No, you are lying. If it is true, then why did you make me forget about Shivay and my childhood?” She said holding forehead. “It was important to forget about Shivay for sealing the memories about the accident and that argument from Ishu” He replied while her eyes start flowing.

“What about that accident?” She asked. “You and Shivay both hurt my Ishu a lot. That was Ishu who brought Shivay to hospital after that accident because I left him there only for dying.” He said remorsefully. “How dare you to do that?” Anika asked holding his collar. “I can’t tolerate tears in Ishu’s eyes. Shivay not only try to harm Ishu but he snatched her lifeline from her that is you” He shouts while she flinched. “How can a person be this much selfish that he only cares about his love?” She said with teary-eyed. “Mohabbat bhi badla leti hai. Tumhari aur Shivay ki Mohabbat ne badle main meri aur Ishu ki Mohabbat ko fanaa kar diya. Isse badi saza kya hogi mere liye” He said with tears while she cried.

Drishya tried to get up but he holds her neck banging her head on the floor. “Please, Don’t kill me now.” She pleads with trembling voice. “Give me a reason for letting you go,” He asked while loosening his grip. “I can give you that ledger” She replied while coughing. “What if I don’t need that now?” He asked while she gets shocked. “Please let me live for my father. I want justice for him” She said and he starts clapping. “What about others who get sacrificed in those flames?” He asked. “I will leave you if you promise me the justice for everyone who involved in that incident” He added with a serious voice.

“Yes, but you have to help me. Do tell me the person who is behind this. How I am supposed to fight against some unknown?” She said. “He is not unknown to you. He is around you, you have to recognise. I can’t tell you as I don’t want to die” He replied while standing. “You don’t have much time for wasting. Don’t you dare to double-cross me” He warned while walking outside and she remained in the same position for some time.

She gets up while taking support and looked at her injured elbows. She took out a rubber band from her hairs for checking injury. Some of her hairs get broke from roots. “Why doesn’t he need ledger now?” She wondered and walked into the corridor. She rushed outside toward her car to bring first aid box but get bumped on someone. “How can he be so fast? ” She thinks while looking upward. “What are you doing here? ” She asked. “What happened to your hand? Is it bleeding?” Kshitij asked looking at the blood on her sleeves. Suddenly his phone ring and he picked up. “Yes, She is with me. I will talk to you later” He said during the call. “Did you get attacked? Where is that jerk? ” He asked looking around. “He already left after warning me” She replied. “Why would he left without killing you,” He said while she replied “Do you want to see me dead?

“Don’t you have common sense? Why did you press the button after he leaves? That’s for emergency and you should press it when you realised his presence” He asked while frowning. “I was about to get killed but I should remember about that tracker…Right. I press it when I noticed it” She said rolling her eyes.”Fine, Let’s go to the hospital ” He said. “I am not that much hurt. You didn’t give a reply to my question” She said. “Should I need to take permission from you before going anywhere?” He asked crossing his arm.

“No, I was wondering what are you doing in this deserted and outer place?” She replied. “What if I ask you to the same?” He asked while she gets lost. “I like silent places,” She said. “Did anybody told you that you are creepy?” He asked while she shook her head positively. “Can you bring the first-aid kit from my car?” She asked passing keys while he nods his head.

“Drishya, Where are you?” Kshitij asked after not finding her in the hall. “Where the hell she went now?” He sighed moving in the corridor. He finds her searching for something by removing the bricks. “Stop there, You get more hurt,” He said to her while she turn a deaf ear. “Snap out of it” He shouts holding her wrist. “The thing you are searching is with me” He added and she turned. “What?” She asked in disbelief. “I and Vishal both were here last night,” He said while she understands everything.

“Those letters weren’t for investigation. So, you come here to keep them here stealthily ” She said gritting her teeth. “Because I know that your reaction will be something like this” He replied while she calmed down herself. “Why do you believe on this now as it is possible that I might fake in these letters too,” She said in temper. “What’s the problem with you? Are you really this much desperate to go behind the bars? First, you ruined that chip, then you hide things which can work as your alibi. Now, when I start understanding and believing a little bit that your father gets murdered, then also you are making me doubtful by calling this fake. What the hell you want?” He said while she remains quiet. “I don’t want to justify myself. I don’t care what is right and wrong until it is a loss for me” She replied while he nods his head in disbelief. She stepped toward him and take the first aid kit from his hand.

“Where is the real ledger?” He asked her who was cleaning her wound while she looks on confusedly. “That chip which you tried to destroy get revived. That footage is not this much worthy than anyone goes this far for getting it” He explained looking her confused. “I don’t have that ledger. I just pretend to have one” She replied making him stunned. “Why?” He asked. “I know that they killed me before only if I was worthless. I don’t know where is that thing but that is a shield for me.” She replied while he frowned.

“Seriously, What if those people lose patience and killed you?” He asked while knocking some sense. “When you know that both the boats are going to sail, then obviously you will choose the one who took a long time in drowning,” She said while he rolled his eyes. “Let me do it, You will not be able to bandage it from the left hand,” He said looking at her. “No, I can do stitches properly from my left hand. It’s just a bandage” She replied while tying bandage. “You didn’t react when I told you that I successfully revive that chip. I saw it too” He asked curiously while she looks on.

“If you didn’t see it, you will never believe me. As far as I know, you are not someone who trust on some words written on mere letters. You need a definite proof for that” She chuckled while trying to cut the bandage. He took scissors from her hand and cut it. “Are you going to tell me the truth?” He asked putting scissors back. “Did you took revenge on Shivay by faking as Maya?” He asked calmly in comparison of other times. “No, I took revenge on Pinky Singh Oberoi for framing my Baba.” She replied like it is nothing a big deal for her. “What did you do with Shivay?” He asked. “I told Juhi to fake her death for trapping Shivay. You were right that my picture with Juhi wasn’t a coincidence” She replied with a smile while he gets flabbergasted. He made a fist in anger looking toward her on the sudden revelation.

Precap – Anika tried to make Shivay remember everything…..Drishya reveals the plan of framing Shivay…..Flashbacks of past.

Note – There are more flashback to Shivika lovestory. As an author I feel that merging present scene with past one is more impactful as narrative. That’s why I didn’t reveal all flashbacks in one go. Anika get remember everything (except childhood) and you get to know it too very soon. Second reason is that I want to stop a common connecting point, so I can write past of Anika and Drishya with Shivay simultaneously as they all are connected each other.

Why can’t Anika remember about her childhood even after hypnotism?

Why did Drishya faked in front of Shivay?

How Daksh is connected with Anika?

How did Drishya know about this much about Maya that Shivay believe her as Maya?

Why does Shivay remember about Drishya’s face but not the moments with Anika?

And the last one, Did you expect these twists? Who do you think right and wrong as a character?

And at last, an interesting fact. Did you notice the meaning of Drishya’s and Maya’s name. I chose them intentionally as one’s meaning is vision and another one’s meaning is illusion. Yes, kind of fight between Illusion and vision, reality and imagination. 

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  2. Story is awesome getting more indulging with every episode …i love your vision as writer of naming them drishya and maya … drishya’s dialogues are best ones…Swayam and anika’s conversation was shocking…Just wanted to ask one question that if the swayam was the one to seal anika’s memories, why did he help her to get them back…
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    1. Niyati

      Thank you Anjali for being a support even after my irresponsible behaviour of giving late updates. I am glad you like the meaning behind their names. About Swayam point of view, you need to wait. I told you in this ff not a single person is white who don’t play games whether it is Drishya or Maya. Swayam has his how reason and profit to make Anika remember everything. Will try to update in this week only. Take care and Keep reading❤❤❤

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