Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 26 (Battle of Memories Part 1)

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“Calm down, Keep that revolver down,” Kshitij said calmly after looking her maniac behaviour. “Run as much fast you can,” Drishya said to Advik. “But they will not going to leave you after this,” He said in concern. “Don’t worry about me. I am not someone who gets defeated by these normal people ” She replied while he smirked proudly. “That’s why I chosed you” He replied and move to escape. “Don’t you dare to move an inch” Kshitij shouted while glaring him. “If you tried to harm him, I am sure that I will end up killing you or myself,” She said while loading the gun.

Advik looks at her and starts running. Kshitij knows that it is not possible to escape from the backup force which is scattered on the dense forest. Little did he know that he was underestimating him. Drishya stared his retreating figure and when it gets disappeared from his sight, she throws the gun away. Kshitij picked it up after controlling his anger and run in the same direction where Advik went. “Why the hell you did that? Why?” Anika asked shaking her while she seems unaffected. “Ani, Don’t interfere in my ways. I can’t pretend to be a good person like you.” She replied while shock covered her face.

“What do you mean? What rubbish are you saying?” She asked while she looks on with fury. “Do ask from your parents. They turned my life into hell and you can’t experience little time in this hell. How am I supposed to live there from these much years? ” She yelled while she looks on with her captivating eyes. “What! Which hell?” Anika asked. “You get to know very soon as you are not able to escape from this anymore” She replied while moving forward taking out her flashlight. Anika sees the depth of the cliff and some tears rolled down from her eyes. She once thought to jump in it and end this all. She gets tired of fighting with her own memories. “Don’t you try to take your life because it is never going to end. You might be get die but these memories are not going to escape you” Drishya warned while she turned toward her shockingly. “Don’t worry, I can’t read anyone’s mind. It’s just that I know you better than you. Let’s face that hell which is awaiting for us by playing our sides” She added with a smile. Drishya turned back and start moving while she keeps standing there.

Kshitij runs inside but he gets confused after seeing various direction. He guessed it that he might be taken the way which went to his Car. “Suspect is in this forest as he tried to escape. Do make sure to catch him” He ordered over a walkie-talkie to other officers but gets no response. He looks here and there but darkness was all around. “Maybe there is a connection problem, I can’t waste time on this” He moved toward the way outside to forest. He runs to the farmhouse and saw him escaping. He set the target on his hand and shot but a masculine figure in black hoodie come between. “Bhai….” Advik turned and panic looking at his bleeding arm. “We have no time to talk….Get in the car. ” He said and looks on. Advik opens the car and shifts to the driver seat while he sits beside him. Kshitij shoots on the tyres but he already drove way.

“Sir….” Vishal groaned in pain as he difficultly stepped outside the farmhouse because of the sound of a gunshot. Kshitij was about to move toward his car but his voice stopped him. “What happened to you? ” He asked turning toward him and look at his bleeding hand. “That computer get exploded…..It was set up ” He replied while holding his hand. “God, you get much injured,” He said worriedly while looking at the burning skin around his hand. He took out his cell for calling an ambulance.

“Mam, It’s not safe to stay in this forest,” One of the officers said to Anika while she was busy in that cliff which is looking familiar to her. The scenario which happens there a few seconds ago, don’t know why she feels that she saw it before. Anika looks on and her surrounding start getting change. She sees a girl trying to pull upward a guy who was hanging from a cliff. Her vision gets clear and she realised that she herself was that girl. Her head starts spinning and she gets fainted.

Drishya stepped on the road as she comes out of that forest. She gets shocked to see Vishal who was sitting there while taking the support of the wall. “Put this Car and Advik Mehta on the wanted list ” She heard him telling over his phone. She runs toward her car to bring first aid kit and in the way, few blood drops caught her sight. She bend on road to see the blood but then shrugged off. “Can you please lie down. It is going to bleed more if you took the support of your hand” She said to Vishal while he nods. “How dare you to come in front of me?” Kshitij shouts while turning on her voice. “You better stop shouting as I am getting disturb in doing dressing” She replied without looking upward and start examining the wound. He made a fist in anger and pulled her away from Vishal. “That’s enough, you have no need to act now. Ambulance is in the way.” He said holding her arm.

“I don’t care whether the Ambulance is in the way or not. You can’t stop me from my duty” She replied while trying to remove his hold. “He might get die because of blood loss then you are going to be responsible ” She shouts when she gets failed in taking out her hand from his grip. He looks on furiously and pushed her making her fall down. “I told you not to come because you always cause some mess. Didn’t I? ” He shouts while she didn’t bother to reply to him, instead she starts cleaning Vishal’s wound.

“It needs to be stitched. I don’t have anaesthesia for nerve blocking. Are you able to tolerate pain? ” She asked while taking out the needle from the kit. “What the hell are you going to do? You dare not to experiment with any kind of thing. It’s better I took him hospital in car” Kshitij said angrily while she interrupt him “No, you can’t. Wound become sensitive because of burned skin. If he sits in an uncomfortable position, then it will go to bleed more as well can harm him internally.”

She starts doing stitches while Vishal closed his eyes in pain. “Now, you can wait for the ambulance to come. At least it stopped bleeding but you should need full checkup as it can be internal bleeding. Don’t worry, you will not feel pain in removing them as they are dissolvable” She replied while cleaning her hands from cotton. “Do you have any idea that I lost a serial killer because of you?” Kshitij asked angrily. “Advik is not a serial killer” She replied making him angrier. “Then He is saviour….right,” He asked sarcastically while she looks on. “That so-called saviour is behind those murders and even this condition of Vishal” He shouts.

“What the hell is your problem? First, you ruined that chip, and now supporting a serial killer” He said rubbing his head while she remains silent. They heard an ambulance siren. “Sir, That girl get fainted,” One of the officers said to him. “What happens to Anika?” Drishya asked worriedly. “Shift her to ambulance too” Kshitij replied while she starts moving toward the forest. “Stop there, you are going to the agency for investigation in the charges of helping in the escape of a serial killer” He added. “Wait, I am not going anywhere” She shouts while he didn’t pay any heed.

“Bhai, You need to go the hospital,” Advik said looking toward him who was resting his head on the seat while it gets soaked by blood. “Take that shortcut as you need to be underground for some time. Let me play my move” He replied and sighed while he turns his car toward a stony lane. “Why did you left her alone there? I told you that I will save you on any cost then why the hell did you put Ishu in danger? ” He asked. “No, She will handle that situation by own,” Advik replied while stopping the car in front of a small house and they both entered. “Why did you stop me from harming Anika?” Advik asked taking out the bullet from his hand. “Because Ishu is a shadow of her. Moreover, We can’t harm innocent people” He said looking at his bandaged hand.

“Why did you help Advik in escaping?” Palak asked umpteenth time but she didn’t break her silence. She was hell irritated as Kshitij already scold her for letting her go and now she is investigating her but she does not agree to say a single word. Kshitij sighed in frustration after searching those boxes which are scattered in front. He wants to find the reason for involving his wife’s murder. “Sir..” He turned on the voice of one of the officer. “Did you get Advik or his car?” He asked back while he shook his head negatively. “These are boxes of more records,” He said while he sighed in disappointment and nodded. His sight falls on a picture in her diary and it turns out to be Drishya’s photo. He looks on that indeed, it was not a coincidence.

Anika opens her eyes and looked at her surrounding. “What happens to me?” She asked to a nurse. “Nothing, You get fainted because of stress” She replied while she nods her head. “Is Dr Swayam on duty?” Anika asked her on which she replied negatively. “How much time he is going to take for coming?” She asked. “Dr Sawayam normally don’t have night duty” Nurse replied while giving her belongings. She took out her phone and dialled the number of Drishya. She is still worried what will happen to her especially after the stunt which she pulled. She tried one more time and find it unreachable. There is one more important thing in her life, gaining her memories back. “Hello, Do you remember that you promise to help me in reviving my memories back?” Anika said over the phone. “We will continue tomorrow in morning” Swayam replied over his phone. “Okay.” She replied while cutting the call.

Kshitij entered in investigation room and keep the photo in front of her. “What do you want to say about this?” He asked furiously. “You don’t know,” She asked while staring the picture. “What is the reason behind all this game?” He asked banging the table. “You know Advik from before….right” He added. “Yes, He is my colleague as you know” Replied came casually from her side. “What else can be expected from you?” He asked while she looks on confusingly. “Didn’t you know this picture too?” He asked while sitting in front and putting another photo of a girl child. Her forehead gets creased and her memories start rotating in front of her eyes. “No,” She said closing her eyes. “Who are you? ” He asked angrily while throwing the chair on the wall while she flinched. “I am Drishya Malhotra.” She said adamantly.

“You are lying again and again. Aren’t you daughter of Ved Raichand?” He asked calming down himself. Her mind gets filled with numerous memories. “No,” She told in dilemma. “Why don’t you turn yourself in instead of denying? ” He asked. “I want to see Anika,” She said while he shook his head in frustration. “How the hell are you connected with my wife? ” He shouts while she remains unaffected. “You are just same as your father. Isn’t it?” He added fumingly. “What do you mean?” She asked while holding the table tightly. “He was a murderer and you helped in escaping a serial killer. There is not much difference” He said while she picked up the water glass from beside and threw water on his face. “Watch your words before saying. Didn’t I tell you that I am not his daughter” She shouts breaking the glass in pieces. “How dare you to do this?” Palak said angrily while Kshitij stopped her.

“Why did you react if you don’t know him?” He asked standing from his chair. “Don’t try to blame others when you were incapable of protecting your wife?” She said in wrath while he looks on furiously. “What did you say? Say it again” He shouts while moving toward her and hold her from her arm. “You can’t be able to save your daughter if I didn’t inform you that time. If I have to do anything with your wife’s murder, I won’t even let you and your daughter live” She said looking toward him. “And you stop talking about Advik. Even if his way is wrong, he is protecting those poor children. What are you and your useless department going to do for them? Are you going to put those guardians behind bars? No, you’re left them giving a small warning and even now you will going to put those all children in a freaking orphanage after your case gets solved.” She shouts. “Drishya, you better stop. You can’t talk with him like this.” Palak said to her angrily. “Why would I shut up? Can’t you cope up with reality? When you start caring about those children, I will turn in your side instead of Advik. Do remember you can’t catch him until I am on his side.” She replied making both of them startled. “Sir, Cheif is calling you,” One of the officers said to inform him while entering but get shocked to see the state of Investigation room. He leaves her and walked outside.

Kshitij walked toward his cabin and look someone was sitting in front. “Kshitij, Meet Mr Rajveer Khurrana” He heard Chief’s voice and saw that man who was all dressed up in a suit. His aura scream power and richness. “Why did you bring Dr Drishya Malhotra in an agency?” Chief asked to him. “It was for investigation” He replied. “How can you bring anyone without issued warrant especially someone who is dear to Mr Khurrana.” He shouts. “Sir, She helped in escaping….” Kshitij tried to say but he cut him in between. “Let her go immediately. I can’t make him wait. You should be thankful that he come here by own instead of complaining to higher officials” He said while Mr Khurrana stands from his chair and move toward him. “She is like my daughter. Don’t bother her from now onward” He said to Kshitij while he controlled his anger and leave from there. “You can go,” He said to her who was busy in taking out glass pieces from her hand. Palak tried to say something but he interrupts her “It is the order of Chief”. “You get enough contact but don’t think that you can escape from this” He warned while she ignored him while walking outside.

“Ishu, What happens in your hand? Did these officers try to harm you?” He asked worriedly. “Excuse me, She only misbehaved with our team leader.” Palak taunted while Kshitij signs her to shut up. “My daughter doesn’t harm anyone without any reason” Mr Khurrana replied while smiling. “Uncle, I get hurt by myself. Let’s go, I want to meet Anika” Drishya said to him while he nods his head. “How did you get to know?” She asked him when they both come outside. ” This is not possible that you are in trouble and I don’t get to know” He replied caressing her hairs. “Uncle, You don’t have need to come here. I can handle them” She replied while tears rolled down from her eyes.

“I promised to your father to took care of his daughter,” He said while signing the driver to start the car. “I wish that you took care of Baba in past instead of caring for me now” She whispered to herself while he looks on. “I was not this much powerful back then. I am sorry for not protecting your Baba” He said while wiping her tears. “Then why didn’t you tried it now,” She asked back. “All evidence get burned in the fire. There is no advantage of reopening the case. You should forget everything and live a better life ” He said while opening the car door for her.

Anika was lying on the bed but sleep is far away from her eyes. This alone house is nothing less than a cage. She doesn’t know but Shivay’s behaviour is hurting her very much. She escaped from a serial killer some time ago but her mind is filled with thoughts of Shivay and Ishu. She still wants her sister to be safe despite what she had done and Shivay, she herself was confused about the familiarity from him. She tried to fight her inner turmoil but nothing seems possible. She tossed on another side and then sit on the bed while holding her hand. Don’t anyone feel anyone pity for her even her own people is not telling truth? Did she wished for something more, she just wants a peaceful life. She rubbed her eyes for controlling tears. Drishya stopped at the entrance and look toward her.

“I can’t see you like this but I can’t afford to revive your memories,” She thinks before knocking. “Why did you keep skipping dinner?” She tried to sound normal and move toward her with the plate. “You do care for me or you are pretending, ” Anika asked while taking the plate. “Think what you want ” She replied with a smile. “I told Shivay that you are Drishya, not Maya but he didn’t believe me. He is under the control of Maya or should I say in control of you ” She said while munching a morsel for preventing herself from crying. “You think that everything is under your control, me and shivay also,” She asked with tears falling down from her eyes. “One day, You will realise that you are the one who controlled me” Drishya muttered and walked outside, only coming in front of Tej. “Hire some good security. I can’t take risk for Anika” He said while she nods her head and move toward Anika’s room.

“You will going to join the school from tomorrow. I completed all the formalities of your admission” Drishya said while bending down to Raghav who was sitting on the bed. “I will find a better place as soon as possible, you are not safe with me” She added while ruffling his hairs. “I don’t want to go anywhere without you” He replied moving his hands. “Just remember one thing, neither become a shield for anyone else nor their shadow. You have your own identity, never lost it” She replied while caressing his face. “I will soon admit your sister too in school with you,” She said. “Did you found her?” He asked with happiness written all over on his face while she nodded. “She is little sick for now” She replied with a smile.

“I did the right thing, ” Shivay asked to her and she nods her head while caressing his forehead. “You should stay away from Anika,” Maya said on which he looks on. He was feeling that he didn’t do right. “Why?” He asked unknown of the fact whatever Maya said, it is thought of another side of his mind. “Because she starts creating havoc inside you” She replied with a smile. Indeed, she was right, Anika was slowly breaking the walls which he himself made in the name of Maya. “Yes,” He replied before closing his eyes.

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