Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 22 (Truth & Lies Part2)

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Anika was closing her eyes while lying on the bed and tried to calm the storm in her head. She wants to hate Ishu but it not looking possible to her. She herself is badly hurt but her mind cares about her well-being. She felt someone’s palm over her and open her eyes with a jerk. She was not expecting him there, she was waiting for her father and sister. “How are you feeling now ?” Shivay asked realising her gaze. “Yeah, I am better. By the way who told you about me being here?” She asked while trying to sit. He stopped her while holding her shoulder. “I am not deaf. I can listen from there also” He said on which she rolled her eyes. “Seriously, This man needs to learn how to cope up with situations. Who shows his support like this?” She thinks.

“Actually I called you but it was unreachable. I called on your landline then get to know that you are in hospital” He replied nervously while she nods her head. “Why are you looking for me?” She asked realising that he comes to meet her at night. She knows that he rarely leaves the house after evening. “You were in a very devasted state when you leave the office that’s why……” He tried to say nervously while she cut him in between. “So you called to ask about my condition. Is it this much difficult to say that you were worried about me?” She asked while he looks on. “No, I was not. I just called you for asking that you will come the next day or not” He replied rubbing his forehead while she smiles.

“How did you get kidnapped?” He asked to change the topic. “I get kidnapped intentionally. Seriously, Who will ask these type of question?” She frowns while he looks at her. He gets a glance of that chirpy Anika which he likes. He sees her worried and disturbed about something nowadays but she never told him the reason. Drishya was right, indeed she is losing her real self while searching about her past. “I just asked about Why will someone kidnap you?” He asked covering up. “Thanks to my sister who keep messing with people” She replied annoyedly. “Is it paining?” Shivay asked and this time she glared her on his stupid questions. “Of course, it is” She replied cutely while touching her forehead while he smiles.

“Pain is part of us, at least it make you feel alive.” He said while she gazes him intensely. She doesn’t know but she feels a long-forgotten relation with him, those bitter yet truthful words, that care which he shows for her, that look in eyes remind her of someone. Anyone else on that place would get angry from him for those depressing words. She can also realise that hurt in his eyes like he can. “Happiness can also make you feel alive Shivay,” She said not trying to change his thoughts but for adding her meaning to them. “We are human because God made us for feel every emotion. Each one of them cares, love, jealousy, pain, sympathy or trust make us human.” She said with a smile while he nods his head.

He can’t tell her that he never feel those other emotions which she was talking about. There was no one beside him for showing trust, love, care nor anyone for which he feels jealousy, sympathy. Some part of his mind knows that Maya was not real, but he never accepts it. That imaginative presence of her is more peaceful in comparison to selfish humans. His mind is able to control her in that situation when everybody around him is controlling him. “You don’t have a need to come tomorrow. Take care ” He said while turning toward the exit. “Shivay” Anika muttered while he turns back. “What?” He asked. “Umm…Nothing. Be careful while driving” She said mentally patted herself on her own thoughts while he nods his head. She wants him to stay for some time, the loved ones for whom she was waiting didn’t come. Being a stranger, he unknowingly becomes support in her toughest phase of life where she can’t even trust her own image. She thinks while staring him who is disappearing second by second from her sight. Her mind was filled with so many questions but there is no one to answer. She didn’t ask from Shivay about Maya because she doesn’t want to make him feel betrayed by someone who is very close like she felt when she gets to know about Maya’s real identity. In these limitless questions, she didn’t realise that she start caring about him this much where she can’t see him a little hurt.

Drishya opens her eyes while trying to adjust but her eyes stuck on him. She tossed on the right side for looking at him. He was keeping his head beside her while holding her hand. He probably gets tired because of his appointments or maybe from her. “Swayam, You are not supposed to do this,” She said slowly and a tear slipped from her eyes. He was very far away from her reach, she was standing between a thin line between right and wrong. “We are not meant to be together” She closed the whole matter in one line but he didn’t budge from his belief. Though he knows too they will not end up together but is love means only to end up together.

There is no guarantee of end up together because it’s not in our hands, but at least we can walk together as much we can. We can love anyone until we fall apart. She was right that he keeps running from relations and she keeps running from emotions. On realising something on his cheek, he opens his eyes. “Why are you crying? Did you get hurt somewhere?” Swayam asked worriedly. “No, Where is Anika?” She asked cleaning her tears. “She is fine, just got hurt on the forehead,” He said. “What? She gets hurt and you are telling me she is fine. Let me see her” She said while getting up. “Ishu, You are also not in good condition. I told you to take medicines but nothing made a difference for you. Why did you blackout suddenly?” He said holding her hand for making her stand. Her overprotective nature toward Anika scare him to most, she was not any less than Maya, just like she want to protect Shivay same she always wants to keep Anika under her shield. But instead of protecting, they are literally harming Shivay and Anika.

“Dr Drishya, that lady you brought regain consciousness ” Nurse told her who was standing outside leaning on the door and seeing Tej who was worrying for her dear daughter. She knows she is not allowed inside or else he buried her alive for not able to save Anika from the attacks. “Yes, I am coming ” She replied while moving toward the ward. “How dare that cheap woman to play games with me? I still can’t believe that she get married to me for a reason” Tej cursed Swetlana angrily while Anika keeps looking his face. “You are fine princess. Nothing will happen to you till then I am alive ” He said stroking her hairs while she nods her head. In reality no one able to save her neither her father nor her sister, it was the kidnapper itself who show mercy on her. Why that inhuman person show mercy for her only?

“Mrs Khatri, did you remember who is behind this condition of yours” Kshitij asked. “She just opens her eyes and you started investigating. Even people’s life looks the link of your case” Drishya said from behind while he turns furiously. “Did I ask your opinion? ” He asked. “This is a hospital and here you need to follow some rules or else you can walk out” She replied. “Sorry, I didn’t know this hospital own by you” He taunts while moving toward her. “Jerk!” She muttered under her breath. “What did you say? Say it again” He shouted. “Why would I say again? Can’t you hear? Keep your voice low as you are disturbing patients here” She replied and walk toward the bed. This girl literally took revenge for his behaviour which he shows in a detective agency.

“You finally survive, How are you feeling after surviving and pushing your own daughter in the mouth of death?” She asked smiling evilly while Mrs Khatri’s eyes grew wider. What the hell is she doing? She was giving a lecture about behaviour to him and she taunts someone who survives just now. “Hey, What are you doing? You are not allowed to give emotional trauma to her” Kshitij said pulling her back after looking the condition of the patient. “Why I am not allowed to give emotional trauma to her when she can torture that little girl physically and emotionally?” She shouts in tears. “Do you even know what she did with her daughter? She makes her starve for many days when she was enjoying food but you won’t care about it. Sorry, I forget that Guardian can do anything with children, they are allowed to control like them puppets but I am not allowed to do anything” She said taking out her hand from his grip.

The rage in her eyes can clearly tell that she even end up killing that person who tried to harm children. “So, If she murdered someone then you will murder her for taking revenge. Is it?” He said. “Yes, I will. You keep playing with your link and this case as they are a priority for you, not children” She said and walked out.
“Someday I will kill her or else I commit suicide”He blabbered irritatingly. “Please tell if you remember anything about that person,” Kshitij asked calmly. “7…7..” She muttered while closing her eyes and held her head. “Detective, her mind is not able to take the stress. I request you to stop now? “Dr Roshni said while he nods his head. “Sir, What can be this 77…Car no.” Vishal said. “If it is then also we are not going to get from two numbers” He replied. “Here is another tracker which you need for Drishya” Palak said to him. “Keep it with you. She doesn’t need it” He said while Vishal and Palak exchange looks on their senior biased behaviour.

Swayam who was sitting in his cabin while leaning his head back on the chair. He opens his eyes and starts playing with a paperweight. “That stalker, Anika and this case need to stay away from Ishu. Even if she is not Maya but these people surely turn her to someone like her. I won’t allow you to end up like Shivay and Maya” He said in tears and throw the paperweight on floor.

“I have a question for you, Miss Malhotra” Kshitij said to her who was sitting beside Raghav. “I get to know that you found a child. She can be Juhi’s daughter ” She replied. “Yes, We are checking her identity,” He said. “By the way, how did you get stitches there?” He asked while she looks on. “So now this is also a sign of criminals” She replied. “Just simply answer. Did I said to assume things?” He said. “I fall down on bricks on childhood. I don’t remember it” She replied nervously while ruffling Raghav’s hairs. He chuckled, at least he didn’t expect such a stupid excuse. “I get to know something new that you can also forget things,” He said while she realised the blunder she created. “I want to say that I do remember it but not very clearly” She replied. “Yes, What about this one?” He asked while she reminds how Tej dashed the board on her head. “I mistakenly get hurt….” She replied. “Did you bang your head on the wall for checking how strong it is?” He asked while she rolled her eyes.

Drishya entered holding Raghav’s hand inside the mansion. She looked at Tej and Anika who was busy at dinner. Anika glances her but she doesn’t say to join. She starts figuring out her father careless behaviour toward her but she wants that she will come forward and take her right. The one who told her to fight for the right is tolerating that injustice. Drishya sign Raghav to join them while he asks back to her. “I am not hungry anymore,” She said and move upward while Anika looks on with hurt. She signs Raghav to come while smiling.

“Did you get peace after meeting with her?” Maya asked standing beside him. “Not again…You know that I can’t tolerate your annoyance ” He said while falling on the bed. “Why did you make me annoyed every time then?” She asks sitting beside him. “Maya, I told you that I won’t give your place to anyone,” Shivay said holding her hand. “No, You are just another hypocrite human. You become same like those whom you hated” She said staring him with her big eyes while his forehead gets creased. “Is it fault to become like them?” He asked. “Yes, they break your heart and rip your soul in pieces. They are not humans, even animals are more sympathetic to those people outside” She replied. “Everyone is not the same. Some are good out there” He replied while remembering Anika. “You and I are untouchables, no matter how good they are, they leave you and me alone after knowing the truth,” She said caressing his hairs while he wondered will Anika also react like this?

“Ani, You don’t get hurt much,” Drishya asked to her who was playing with a fork on the dining table. “What do you think?” Anika said looking at her plate. “Do my thought matter?” She asked. “It’s hurting a lot Ishu. Can’t you see it?” She asked while tears rolled down her eyes. “I know but I can’t do anything for lessening that. You have to find medicine of this pain by yourself ” She replied. “I will find it, I won’t ask you from now onward. Just give answer once” She said wiping her tears. “Ask?” Drishya replied while putting a morsel in Raghav’s mouth.

He can’t listen but he knows that something serious is going on. “Are you Maya?” She asked. “I am your Ishu no one else” She replied. ” Why did Shivay call you Maya then?” She asked. “I supposed to reply once only as you say” She replied while she shook her head. “Secrets swallow the ones who keep them,” Anika said while she smiles. “If it’s true, then let them swallow me,” She said while she looks on shockingly. “Shut up! Don’t utter nonsense ” Anika said while standing. “Why? You problems get solved once I die” She said. “Yes, then let’s die together Ishu if our tangled life gets solved, ” She said while leaving the untouched food plate and walked out picking her bag. Even Drishya didn’t bother to stop her or ask where is she going but she also doesn’t touch food.

Anika drives toward the hospital and enters inside. She finally decides to bring her memory back, she can go to any extent for that. She moves inside but in a way get bumped on someone. “I am so sorry….” She apologised after looking that coffee which was in his hands get fall on his shirt’s sleeves. “It was my mistake. Do change or else it starts burning” She said giving him tissues from her bag. “It’s alright, nothing to worry ” Advik replied while holding his hand. She bent down and picked up the coffee cup and throw in the dustbin. “I am really sorry that your coffee gets fall down” She replied while he looks on.

“By any chance, you are the sister of Dr Drishya,” He asked. “How do you get to know?” She asked amazed. “I see once your and her photo on her phone. Myself Advik, I am her friend and colleague” He replied while she nods her head smiling. “By the way, what are you doing here? Drishya told me to handle her cases, she is not here ” He asked. “I know. Actually, I came to meet Dr Swayam. Please don’t tell Ishu about this” She requests while he nods his head and walked toward the washroom.

“I told you that there were two people in Mrs Khatri’s place when that incident happen. Why are you not believing? ” Drishya said to him while he looks on. “I am so done with you. Did you get this assumption in your dream?” Kshitij said while walking outside the agency. “I don’t know who but one of them deliberately scatter things to confuse us. They didn’t search anything ” She said following him. “What do you want that I should leave this case?” He asked.

“Mrs Khatri abused her daughter as I told, then there is a possibility of the presence of that serial murder who is killing child abuser” She replied. “Really! Then what do you think that two criminal opposite to each other was partying there? They both will kill each other as they have different views” He said rolling her eyes and entered in his car. “I can give you proof. Let me once again look at that villa” She sighed looking his ignorance. He trusts her once and now he doesn’t want to become fool by her. “I am giving you last chance to prove your assumption,” He said opening the car’s door for her.

Swayam who was reading reports heard a knock on the door. “Yes, Come in,” He said while marking the behaviour of his patient. He looks on and gets shocked to see her. “What are you doing here? Do you want anything Anika?” He asked while standing from his chair. “Should I call Ishu?” He asked politely. It’s true that sometimes he doesn’t like her because his Ishu get hurt a lot because of her but still he doesn’t hate her. He always looks at her as his sister. “I have work from you ” She replied. “Can we talk for some time?” She asked while he nods his head and sits on his chair. “I don’t know what to say, but I don’t remember anything about myself ” She started saying.

“What!” He asked. “I mean I know about my name and all but don’t know about my existence. I don’t remember about childhood. I see my childhood photos in our family album, but whatever I done there it looks fake to me” She said tensely. He wonder that how can she is not able to remember about her childhood? He knows about that particular incident in which Drishya told that she suffered from memory loss but losing all the childhood memories seems fishy to him. “Is it some disease that I keep forgetting things. But I remember everything which I do now but I am not able to remind my childhood ” She said while breaking his chain of thought.

“It’s okay Anika, sometimes those memories which we want to get rid of , they get erased in reality. Maybe you hurt your head somewhere that you forget about your childhood. There can be many reasons, so just get relax ” He said moving his chair close to her. “You are psychiatrist, can you get my memory back?” She asked with hope. “Sorry, I am only psychiatrists. How can I tell you about your past?” He replied. “Is there no possible way to bring my memory back?” She requests while tears rolled down for her eyes.

He feels bad for her, he is not able to understand that Who is in a more vulnerable state? – She or her sister. “I don’t know whether you remember it afterwards but I can make your experience your past” He replied while she looks on. “There is a thing called hypnotism in which you can go back to your memories indirectly. But I am not sure after opening your eyes, you will be able to remember it or not” He said. “I can try every possible way for that” She replied. “Look, Anika, I suggest you to not do this. Maybe you will not able to cope up with sudden memories buried inside you” He replied. “No, I want to know about myself. Please help me” She said. “I am a little busy now. Let’s do it tomorrow.” He replied. “Don’t tell this to Ishu.” She said while he rolled his eyes. She is also on the same path as her sister.

“Why do you think that culprit didn’t come for searching? You are the one who told that somebody search there” Kshitij asked while driving. “That’s what I am telling you that one of them tricked us.” She replied while he nods his head. Suddenly his phone ring, he gives her to put it on speaker as he is driving. “Yes Doll, I am a little busy. I will call you later.” He said while she looks at the name flashes on the screen. “Papa, Your friend is waiting for you here. He brought a doll for me too” She said while he looks on confusedly. He is not close to much people because he always engaged with his profession.

“Which friend? Do ask his name.” He said. “He is saying that he will only tell you” She replied. Some familiar sound hit Drishya’s ears. “I listen to this before. What is it?” She think while keeping the phone more close . “Can’t you see that I am not done talking yet?” He said looking at her weird behaviour. “Detective, he is there with your daughter. I can recognise the sound of flickering lighter.” She replied while he turns toward her. “What?” He asked. “The one who stalk me, he is at your place” She replied while he looks at her shockingly. “You catch it very soon. I am impressed” Daksh said over the phone. “Where is Meher? Don’t you dare to do anything to her” He yelled angrily. “Fine, I am waiting for you. Let’s see if you can reach here in five minutes” He smirks looking at his watch. “You moron, I am gonna kill you,” Kshitij said. “Your time start now,” He said while counting while he turned his car.

Advik sighed in frustration while standing near the basin. Though his skin is not burning as coffee is not that much hot but still, it ruined his sleeve. “This is all because of that stupid girl,” He said while opening button of his shirt and start washing that portion of his sleeve. He looks at his reflection in the mirror and then his wrist which gets red because of little burning sensation. He rubbed it under the water while the tattoo of the fancy letter ‘F & T’ on his wrist starts shining. It is designed in a way that looks like number 7 on first sight. He looks on with tears and a contentment smile appeared on his lips.

“Meher! Are you alright?” He yelled running inside his apartment. “Papa, that guest went without meeting you” She replied smilingly while he hugged her. “Did he harm you?” He asked caressing her face while she nods her head negatively. Drishya is more confused that he went without harming anyone, it is not possible that he came here without reason. Daksh walking down on the streets in black hoodie start opening and closing the lighter while she looks on hearing the sound. “He is somewhere near,” She thinks while turning back toward the exit. She runs outside on the streets. “Where the hell he went?” She said while turning everywhere. “Where is that sound coming from? Concentrate on it” She closed her ears for listening to it.

“Drishya, Please be with her for some time. I have to look for him….” Kshitij said while turning toward the door but don’t find her anywhere. “Drishya! Where the hell this girl disappeared ?” He said. “That uncle brought this doll for me,” Meher said cheekily while he snatched it from her hand. “How can you be so foolish to allow any stranger inside the house” He shouts in frustration while checking the doll. “Why are you crying now? I am sorry for shouting on you” He said wiping her tears and took out a note stuck on the doll.

“Did you get scared? It’s just a small warning for you as I have deal with someone else” He read it and tear it in pieces. “Who is this someone else?” He wondered while stroking his daughter’s hairs. “Damn it! It’s a trap” He looks on and dialled the number of Drishya. Now he is definitely frustrated that why didn’t he give tracker watch to her. “Where are you?” He asked. “I am on the left side street from your apartment” She replied. “Didn’t I told you not to went alone? Why the hell you are there?” He shouts. “I heard that same sound that’s why I come to follow it” She replied. “Shut up! Come back now” He replied. He can’t move outside leaving his daughter behind. “Don’t open the door for anyone no matter who is on the entrance? “He said while Meher nods her head. Instead of becoming less, that sound starts becoming dense. ” I think someone is messing with my senses,” She said. “Yes, that’s what I am talking you, idiot. It’s a trap” He shouted from the other side. She realised the presence of someone behind her. She sees the shadow and before he attacks with rod she escaped. “Why are you trying to kill me? Don’t you want that ledger” She said using her final card.

“No, You need to get die for saving Moon.” Daksh blabbered while holding the iron rod. Before he can hit her, they heard a gunshot. “Leave her now,” Kshitij said pointing his gun. “How dare you to step into my house?” He said coming forward while he smirks. Drishya wondered why did he smirk even when he is almost caught. She sees him while moving his hand back and took out something. “Detective, He has something in his hand” She shouts while running and pushed him. On the other second, that needle pricked her hand and she collapsed. Daksh runs looking it as a opportunity while he runs behind him. Kshitij shoots on his arm but he keeps running. “Vishal, Check out the cameras of my house route. You need to catch him at any cost. We need immediate ambulance too” Kshitij said while Vishal moves toward the computer. He runs toward her. “Drishya, Don’t close your eyes,” He said patting her cheek and pick up the syringe. He smells it and that was similar to smell to the drug which he found last time in the construction site. “Secrets swallow the ones who keep them” Anika’s words echoed in her ears.

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