Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 20 (Strangely connected Part 3)

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“You still messed with Shivay after these much warnings……Are you even real?” Kshitij asked. ” I thought he won’t harm me ” She replied. “Yes, You are a psychologist…Right, that’s why you know what is going in his mind?” He said sarcastically. “Because after that day, everything is going perfect. I don’t have a habit to suspect anyone unnecessarily ” She said annoyedly. “Did you just taunt me?” He glared her. “Then What do you think What were you doing sometime before” She counters back while he sighed in frustration. “When did you get to know that Shivay made you his imagination? ” He asked. “No, I just get to know that he is obsessed. He starts behaving weirdly ” She replied.


“Ishu, You will leave me like all…Right” Shivay asked. “What made you think so?” She asked while arranging reports of her patient. “I know that you and that Psychiatrist are engaged, ” He said. “So, Don’t you like him?” She asked. “You will shift with him after marriage,” He asked. “Stupid, we are not even engaged in the right way. He made me wear a ring and I still have to ask Dad about him” She replied chuckling. “But you will go with him whenever you marry,” He asked in annoyance. “Why are you getting jealous? I will come to meet you after marriage too” She said smacking his head.

“But I don’t want you to leave. What if he didn’t allow to come” He asked while she rolled her eyes. “Swayam is not any monster that he will trap me in house. He is very calm and understanding. Got it! ” She replied. “By the way who told you about our relationship?” She asked after writing reports. “I looked you and his picture in his cabin,” He said while she nods her head. “Why did you come here? You should be in his cabin for treatment.” She said. “But I come here to met you.” He said. “I have surgery to do. I can’t come with you now ” She replied. “Fine, I will wait for you,” He said. “Shivay, How long you will going to wait? C- section can took long time” She asked. “I will wait no matter how much time it take ” He said while she look on, getting worried about his behaviour while he didn’t budge from this place.

“Shivay, Where are you? I come here to take you for your treatment ” Drishya uttered while entering his room. She knows that he will definitely response to treatment if she says to him. She can’t forget to take him for his checkup appointment. She wants him to live normal like others. She walked in the corridor after finding his room empty. She heard some sounds from storage and that’s why she went there. She entered but that was a room filled with darkness. She tried to search switch of lights but couldn’t get it. She opens flashlight of her phone and starts looking for him. “Shivay! Are you here?” She asked in a slow audible voice while moving her flashlight.

But what she sees on walls, it shook her to the core. She felt that her legs get chained and she was not able to move them. The front wall filled with her pictures from starting when he meets her. There are sketches for those moments, where he get failed in taking pictures. Some cute random drawings are scattered here and there, but that time it looks creepy to you. She bends down and picks one of them, he draws three-person in that drawing himself, Maya and her. If she was any normal person, it would take time to believe what she was seeing with eyes. She noticed that some bloodstains on walls. Some are fresh and some get dried. “What are you doing her Ishu?” Words get stuck after listening to his voice. She never felt that much scared from him, he was an innocent friend for her but now she doesn’t know what she will consider him?

Realising his footsteps she, calmed herself. “Shivay, You were not in your room that’s why I come here. Let’s go outside ” She tried to behave normal as much she can while he smiles. “You are not liking this place,” He asked. She looks all around and then on his face. His eyes were getting red in anger. Any person on her place would get fainted instead of calming herself. “No, I don’t like darkness.” She replied while he chuckled. She looks at her manic behaviour. “Then why did you step in my life? You know that my life is full of darkness and I love it” He said while her face gets pale. “You shouldn’t come here. Look at you now, you are getting scared with me” He said looking her horrified face.

“Shivay, I know that you are not like this intentionally. I will help you in overcoming this darkness. Let’s go for your treatment, you will get fine” She said and tears rolled down from her eyes. “You know that I hate people when they give this sympathetic look to me. Am I trash that you are looking at me like this?” He said signing toward her eyes. She knows that she gets badly stuck from where she can’t return back. “Who’s blood is this?” She asked signing toward the wall. “What do you think? Who’s blood it can be?” He ask moving toward the wall. Her mind gets blank and she is not getting any way other than running. She runs toward outside but to her shock that storage room gets closed my own. “Where are you going Ishu after leaving me?” He asked while she turned and see him playing with the remote. “I need to go home. My sister might be waiting for me” She said in a pleading tone.

“What about me? Who will care about me?” He asked while she immediately dialled a number on her phone but on the other second some sharp object hit her hand and her phone fall down. “Look, You got hurt. I don’t want to hurt you. Why did you try to do that?” He asked smashing her phone under his shoe. “You are a blo*dy Psychopath who doesn’t even deserve my sympathy” Drishya shout, unaware of the fact that she provokes him instead of calming him. He holds her neck and pinned it to the door. “Did you know how psychopath behave? Did I ever try to harm you like them? You only are provoking me to hurt you” He said helplessly leaving her. “Let me Go. What do you think that you can get from all this?” She asked.

“These people outside deserve to die. I know that you are like me then how can you live with those monsters.” He shouts making her flinch. “I am not like you.  You are an ungenerous person who hates all people because of some. We got this life for loving human not for hating them. Did you get it? You are not sick because of your mental condition, you are like this because your heart is filled with grudges. You are punishing yourself by distancing from others ” She shouts giving him a reality check which he badly needed. He looks on with tears and gets lost for some seconds. She picked up a vase and dash on his forehead. He looks with hurt in his eyes for that betrayal which she gives him attacking him and collapsed. She snatched the remote from his hand and open the door for running outside. “You are a blo*dy psychopath who doesn’t even deserve my sympathy ” Her words echoed in his ears while tears rolled from his eyes.

“Swayam, Please save me. I don’t know what happens to Shivay. He never behaves like that. I think someone messed up with his mind and triggered with emotions. Please save me! ” She said breathing heavily over the landline. “Ishu, Where are you? I told you not to be with him.” He said panicking. “I am in his house” She replied crying. “What are you doing inside? Run outside now” He shouted. “His main gate has a passcord. I don’t know what to do” She replied. “I am coming. Try to crack that password” He said while entering in his car without disconnecting the line.

“Try to remember it calmly. You can easily crack it” He said while she closed her eyes. “What can be the passcode?….” She muttered while searching in her memory. “Maya” She opens her eyes and types it while it gets unlocked. She senses footstep behind her and looks at him after turning. “How did you break it,” Shivay asked holding his bleeding head while she runs outside without wasting any second. “Ishu, You can’t leave me like this” He shouts while following her. Drishya lose her all sense where she should go or what can she do? She runs toward that dense forest while he followed her. “Why are you hurting me like this? Please come back” Shivay said. Suddenly she gets to stop because of the cliff in front of her. She turned and found Shivay in front of her.

“Let’s talk calmly.” She said while he moves forward. “Don’t come close to me or else I will jump from here?” She said while moving back and he looks on horrified. “Don’t do that…” He said moving backwards but she gets disbalance. He tried to run toward her but unfortunately for saving her, he falls down from there. “Nooooo….Shivay” She shouts while trying to hold his hand but he already gets vanished.

****Flashback ends***

Kshitij sighed looking at her. “Why didn’t you inform the police? ” He said getting up and keeping another glass of water for her. “I thought they are not going to believe me and will lock me up for murder” She replied. “Then why should you think that I can believe now? ” He asked while she looks on. “I never say that you should believe on me” She replied while drinking water. “Did you have any special attraction toward troubling things?” He asked.

“Shivay was not a trouble. It was my mistake, I can’t able to handle him. If I decided to help him, I should stand until last beside him instead of running like a coward ” She said and tears fall down from her eyes. “What? Any sane person would do this at that time” He asked. “No, Just because I see his little dark side, I abandon him by saying psycho. I know that anyone on my place would do same but I was the one who starts efforts for making him normal, then why did I leave him. If I tried to fight with his dark side, he must be living a comfortable life. He did that because of his condition but what excuse I will give for my behaviour ” She said while he leaned back his head for calming himself.

‘What type of unpredictable person she was?’ She herself was telling her mistake. “Whenever I think you are wrong, then you did something good unexpectedly and whenever I tried to consider you as right, you yourself put your mistake in front of me”, He asked. ” I am neither right nor wrong.” She replied while he chuckled on how she end up discussion with a single line. “Correction…Neither Shivay is right nor you are wrong. The thing is that you should consider Swayam’s advice before working on Shivay’s condition. But not at all you love to solve everything alone and still you didn’t change a lil bit. Today also you put a tracker on culprit without informing me. I will consider this as a suicide in which you probably provoke problem” He said crossing his hands.

“I know that your effort took the wrong turn but your intentions were not wrong. Not everyone took a step for these type of things. I am glad that you tried to help him no matter how your efforts turned out? So, better not blame yourself and it’s my last warning to you. If you again tried to pull this type of stunt alone, then I will lock you behind bars. Do you want to die that you keep messing with these type of dangerous people?” He said while she nods her head negatively. “Are you sure that Shivay was just obsessed with you? When did you get to know that he is alive? ” He asks. “I got to know that before but I will never try to cross him again. I am sure he never mixed up me and Maya in past ” She replied. “Then what happens that he mistook you as Maya? Did you know anything about it?” He said while she nods her head negatively.

Anika wipes her face and moves toward the corridor for going downstairs. But she heard some sounds and she follows the sound. The floor gets slipped beneath her feet looking at that black masked person who blackmailed her with Swetlana. She peeped inside and move closer to hear their conversation. “That girl Drishya make us suffered from great loss. Once Boss gives the order, I will bury her alive ” He said angrily while Anika widens her eyes. “Calm down, we will surely get a chance for teaching her lesson.” Swetlana said keeping a hand on his shoulder.

“How things are going here? What about Anika?” He asked while Anika looks on after hearing her name. “DNA reports already made difference between them but looking at their trust, it took some time to tear both the sisters apart,” Swetlana said while she looks at her shockingly. Tears started brimming in her eyes. Is their relation is anything that people keep toying and using it for their own purpose? She starts to feel the fury over both and she probably wants to choke them to death. How dare they to do this. What is happening between her and her sister, it’s their own personal problem. “Keep doing that. You know when we can’t defeat people together, then turn them toward each other. Let them fight and get die” He laughed while she looks him with rage.

Anika moved back and she gets collided with showpieces outside the room. She looks on and runs inside her room while locking it. “Is anyone heard our conversation? ” He asks. “No one is in the house.” Swetlana said while he looks on. “There is one from both tigresses. Let’s find who is it – Drishya or Anika?” He said moving outside. Anika picks up her phone and dialled Drishya’s number but it was turned off during the investigation. “Anika, We know you are inside darling. Open the door or else you will regret” She heard his voice. Her feet start trembling, she took out a scissor from the medical kit.

“Hello, Detective! Please save me. They are here” She said over the phone. “Who? Where are you?” Kshitij asked. “Those who kidnap Mumma.” She said but someone snatched her phone. “Are you there? Anika! Can you listen to me?” Kshitij asks while Drishya gets shocked. “What happened to my Ani? Please give me your phone! ” She said panicking and tried to take his phone. He holds her hand tightly and stopped her. “Shut up! Your sister will going to pay for that stunt which you done with them” He shouts making her shiver.

“You Moron, Give me my phone back,” Anika said pushing him. Svetlana slaps her hard and holds her cheek. “Don’t try to struggle more! ” She said while Anika slapped her back in wrath. “What do you think you can scare me? I will never forgive you for playing with me and my sister” Anika shout. “I will make sure that you even won’t get a place in hell…..” She added while pushing her and tried to run when he clutched her hairs. “You are same as your sister and you are going to pay for the loss which your blo*dy sister made us,” He said gripping her hairs. “Do you think that you get escape after all this? You don’t know when anyone tries to mess with my family, I will turn his life in hell.” She said and stabbed scissor in his hand. “Ahh….” He groaned in pain while she runs outside. “What are you doing? Do catch her” He shouts on Swetlana while she follows her.

“Where do you think that you can run from?” Daksh said and bang her head with the pillar. “Do you know what it is this?” He asked taking out a heavy and round iron ball-like weapon which have sharp blades all over. “When someone made me really angry, then I will show him his place” He starts laughing like a maniac. “Do ask from your sister? She will remember for sure how painful it is ” He said caressing her face and hold that to hit on her head. She closed her eyes, but before he hit her someone stabbed his leg.

He looks and found a small child with a knife who even don’t reach to his waist. “How dare this little insect to stab me?” He asked in rage. “Raghav Run, from here. You have a long life ahead. I said run…” Anika muttered with tears while he nods his head negatively like that he really listens to her words even though he is deaf. “This stubborn child….” He shouts kicking him. Anika holds his collar and a slap land on him. “How dare you to hit him. You are inhumane! He is a child” She shouted.

“Please drive fast! ” She said this thing more than ten times from the last five minutes. “Do sit quietly or else I will leave you here?” Kshitij said. “Why are you not getting that my sister is in danger? ” She shouts. He glared her and stop car outside the mansion. “Do seal this place from all corners. Make sure, he can’t able to get out” Kshitij said while Vishal ordered other officers. “Raghav” Drishya shout looking him. “Palak, we need immediate medical service,” He said over his walkie-talkie. “Where is Anika?” She asked to Raghav but he gives her a paper which is almost soaked in blood.

“I hope you like the surprise. If you want your sister to be alive, bring that ledger. Make sure to bring it fast or else she ends up like you” She read and sit with a thud. “Vishal, Please took him to the hospital. We can’t wait for an ambulance more” He said while Vishal picked him and walked out. “What is written on that?” Kshitij asked snatching the paper from her hand. “That bastard…” He cursed while folding the paper in his hand tightly. “This all happen because of me,” She said. “Hey, Stop uttering rubbish.” He said.

She looks on and everything disappeared, it is dark all around and she is not able to hear anyone voices. “Why did you make me go through so much pain?” She sees the same girl child with injuries. “Look you again killed someone….It’s your sister” She mocked her and laughed. “Shut up! You are lying ” She shouts closing her ears. “Drishya, Are you alright? ” He asked shaking her. “Not this time….Please” She muttered and get fainted. “What happens to her suddenly?” He asked patting her cheek. “Palak, check her now,” He said looking at her who just entered.

“Drishya, Open your eyes. ” Palak said while sprinkling some water on her face. “Sir, her breathe and heartbeat get stop,” Palak shout worriedly while he looks on. “What crap you are saying? She was fine a few seconds ago” He said holding her hand to check pulse. “Admit her in the hospital now. Nothing can happen to her, she is important link of this case” He shouts while she nods her head. “Vishal, Palak will make both of them admit to the hospital. Track down all the cars which move from here. Anika is in more danger ” He said to him while looking at the paper. “Which ledger he was talking about?” He thinks.

Precap – Mrs. Khatri gain unconscious….Anika in danger.

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