Zindaan- The Golden cage Chapter 2 (Meeting)

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Anika was seeing time again and again. “Bhaiya, Can’t you increase the speed?” She said to auto-driver while he nods her head negatively. “That car is unlucky. I am not going to use it after this” She frowned. Finally, She reached on her destination. She gives money to auto-driver and almost runs toward the building.

“Where are the interviews for fashion designer going on?” She asked huffing while receptionist guides her. “Thank God, I reached ” She sighed and entered in the room. She saw a man, collecting designs from everyone. She rushed inside with her designs & keep it on the table. “Sorry, You are late,” Khanna said swiping her designs aside. “What! I am just late by five minutes ” She replied. “We are not accepting designs of late ones,” Khanna said while keeping other designs in orders. Anika glared him angrily. “What type of rule is this? My Car get broke down in the middle of the road that’s why I got late” She said angrily this time. “Sir don’t like fake excuses. Please, you walked out from here” He said. “I swear if he makes me more angrier, I will break his Sir’s head as well as his, ” She thought in her mind. “Cool down, Ani,” She said to herself.

“I am not giving any fake excuses. Moreover, your receptionist only wastes my five minutes for telling direction” She said controlling her anger. “I can’t do anything. Please leave” He replied. “Where is your boss? I want to meet him. How can you waste my hard work ?” She said angrily. “What’s going on?” Shivay asked after listening to sounds. She turns toward him & looks at him. He was in a grey colour business suit and well-gelled hair. “Sir, She came late and when I ask to leave, she is not ready to do so” Khanna replied. “We want punctual employees here. You can leave ” He said to her. She moves toward him while he just stops her there, by showing his hand. “I am not deaf, You can talk from there,” He said. “I got late because my car gets break down. I can give you proof if u think it as a fake excuse ” She said calmly. “It’s not our matter. You are late and that’s it.” He replied while she deadly glare him. “Calm down,” She thinks in her mind & fakely smiles. “You see my designs once, then you decide,” She said calming herself. “I don’t want,” He said while turning back. “Please once” She insists while holding his hand while he jerked her hand. “I told you to stay away.” He said glaring her. “Huh…I just hold his hand. Why this guy is overreacting?” She thinks in her mind. Her face gets covered by disappointed facial expression after his rejection. Shivay looks on and reads her face. “Collect her designs too and Miss you learn punctuality,” He said before turning back. “Thank you,” She said cheekily while he walked out.

Shivay was sitting in his cabin and checking out the designs. “This one, ” He said while picking out a design from the bundle. He turns to design and read her name.” ‘Anika’, Appoint her” He concluded her answer while Khanna nods her head. Khanna told him about other meetings & his whole day plan.

Anika was standing beside her car while the mechanic was checking. “Madam, Now you can start your car,” He said to her. She moves toward her car and starts it. She thanked him and paid for Car. Suddenly, her phone starts ringing and she received it. “Congratulations, You got appointed in Oberoi textile” Khanna informed from the other side. “Really, Thank you,” She said happily. “We messaged your other details,” He said and cut the call while she starts dancing inside the Car in excitement. She comes in her senses by listening to the horn from the car which is behind her car. She patted her forehead & drive toward her home.

She enters in her house & shouts her name excitedly. “What happen Ani?” Drishya asked coming downstairs anxiously. “I got selected in Oberoi textiles,” Anika said giving her biggest smile. “God Ani, You scared me,” she said. “I am so happy today,” She said dancing madly & spinning her too. “Ani, Stop it,” She said stopping her. “Don’t behave like that you discovered life on Moon?” Drishya said while rolling her eyes on her overexcited behaviour. Anika looked at her annoyed while twitching her eyebrows. “Don’t get angry now. Congrats ” She said hugging her. “Thank God, Dr.Drishya aka Miss boring appreciated me,” Anika said while she smiles on her cuteness. “Where is Daddy? Let me tell him also” She said excitedly. “Dad is not at home” Drishya replied and her face fell down. “He didn’t return from yesterday.” She said annoyedly. “He was might be busy in his business” She replied to cajole her. “He forgets that he has two daughters in his business.” She said while sitting on the Sofa sadly. “He is doing this for our comfort,” She said caressing her face. “Am I looking a child to you whom you give false hopes. We want love, not comforts. You are a well-known gynaecologist and I also start my job, then What’s the need of doing business now? ” She said jerking her hands. “We spent our whole childhood like this and now when we are capable of earning then also he is busy in his business” Anika added while Drishya looks on worriedly. “Why are we upsetting our mood? We need to celebrate this. What about going to your favourite restaurant?”Drishya said cheering her up while she smiles. “Yeah, I am ready. You also got ready ” Anika said cheerfully.

Shivay sees the time on his watch & walked out from his cabin. “Sir, there is a meeting left, “Khanna said to him. “Didn’t I told u to not plan any meeting in the evening?” He shouted. “Financers have no time that’s why I scheduled this.” He said. “I don’t care. Cancel it now” He said & move toward the exit. “What’s wrong in doing a meeting for the single evening, ” Khanna think.

“Maya! Maya! ” He shouts her name while entering in his villa. He starts searching for her by running here and there. “Where were you gone now ?” He said. “I am here only,” She said from behind while he turns toward her. “But you were not here a few seconds ago.” He said. “You notice me now only,” She said with her alluring smile.

“I thought you maybe get angry because I get late,” He said holding her hand. “Well, I am angry but I never leave you,” She said while staring with her big eyes. “Are you feeling hungry, Let’s do dinner together?” He asked offering her. “I already did Shivay” She replied softly.”Why don’t you accompany me to the office?” He said while eating a bite from chapati. “I can wait for you” She replied while standing at the same place. “Come at least sit with me,” He said signing toward the chair. She sits there. “You are not going to ask the reason of becoming late,” He asked, seeing her silent. “Why should I ask, when I know that you are going to tell by yourself,” She said smiling.

“Actually I went to Maa, She is not well. After all My life revolve around you & Maa ” He said with a smile holding her hand while she looks annoyedly. “I can only become your life, no one else, only Maya,” She said looking at him while he chuckled. “Nope, Maa is also part of my life as you,” He said collecting dishes. “Why are you not understanding that she is not part of your life. You are part of her life. She needs you, your care and you need me. I am your partner in this loneliness, not she” She said following him till the kitchen. “If you don’t feel my importance then there is no need of being a part of your life ” She turns back but he held her hand. “Are! you get angry. How can you say that you don’t have importance in my life? You know that I never talk with girls even in the absence of yours, as I know that you don’t like it” He said assuring her.

“Shivay, I never stop you from talking with someone in the absence of me. I just don’t like when you give more importance to anybody else in front of me. You know na, If I don’t like anything, then I destroy it” She said staring him. “If u like anything, then…” He asked. “Then I filled that with colours” She replied. “Just like my life”He smiles and she also smiles in return. ” Do u want to see the movie?”He asked. “If u want to see, then I will also see,” She said while he nods her head in disbelief.”What was that? Didn’t you have any choice” He said. “Naah, Your every choice is mine” She replied while he smiles. “Let’s go,” He said dragging her toward the T.V area in the lounge.

Anika and Drishya came back in night after enjoying. “Oh God, I am so tired. My legs are paining because of heels” Anika said, before falling on the Sofa. Drishya bent down & remove her heels. “Sometimes I feel that I will die without you Ishu,” Anika said looking at her while she smacked her head. “Don’t use such words?” She said annoyedly. “Ishu, Please call Daddy & ask him when he is going to come. I will feel happy if he comes tomorrow after all my first day on the job” She requested. “Sure, You go & change your clothes. I will call him” She said caressing her face while she nods her head. Anika moves upstairs while she dialled her father number but it was non-answerable. “Dad, Where are you? You know I can’t tolerate Ani’s sadness and this time is the reason is behind her sadness is you. Please come back tomorrow.” She leaves voice note for him. Suddenly, she sees someone shadow outside the window. She runs outside to check. “Who is here?” She shouts but no one answers. Someone taps on her shoulder while she shouts. “Ishu, It’s me,” Anika said calming her. “You scared me” She replied. “What are you doing here?” She asked. “I felt that someone was here ” Drishya replied looking here and there. “Look, there is no one. You must misunderstand. Let’s go” Anika said with a smile while she didn’t get satisfied with her explanation.

He was wearing a watch while standing in front of the mirror. “Good morning, ” She said from behind. “Good morning” He wishes her smilingly. “You are getting late. Do hurry up!” She said while he nods his head. He comes downstairs and sees servants arranging the table for him. “Sir, Your breakfast” Servant said to him. “Where is Maya’s breakfast?” He said looking at the table. “Where is she?” The servant asked him while he looks back but she was nowhere. “You have to prepare her breakfast despite of the fact that she was here or not,” He said glaring him in anger. “Sir, He is new here. Don’t worry, I will tell him rules of this place ” Sharda, the cook replied. “You better tell him,” He said eating his breakfast.

He was searching for his important files when he felt her presence. He turns back. “Should I search it for you?” She said while he nods his head in negative. “Where were you? I was waiting for you at the dining table” He said complaining. “I was busy na” She replied. “What is that important work?” He asked with more annoyance.”You know Shivay. I don’t like outsiders. There are Animals in the disguise of humans, in the outside world. You have to become animal like them to deal with them. I don’t want to become like them” She replied staring him. “Don’t worry, You never become like them. I also don’t like outsiders ” He replied holding her hand. “But you like me na,” She asked. “There is no one whom I can love more than you. My life looks useless without you” He said staring her lovingly. “That’s why I don’t want to go office, leaving you alone here ” He insists her. “Not at all, You are getting late. Go now” She said slightly pushing him. “Why you always did this? ” He frowns. “If I will always be with you when you stop giving importance to me.” She replied. “That’s a very bad strategy ” He complained while she giggled. “Go now,” She said sternly while he nods his head.

He moves toward downstairs & walks outside of the house. He turns back toward his room window & finds her looking at him. He bid her bye moving his hand while she smiles. Servant, who was cleaning outside look toward the same direction but don’t find anyone. He looks horrified on his weird behaviour.

Precap – Anika make Shivay angry….A masked person attack on Drishya

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